French Writing Discord Server / Serveur Discord d'écriture français/francophone

Hello !

I am part of a French writing Discord server that I really like so… I guess I’ll make some publicity for it. If you read or write in French, if you want to learn the language, this server is for you. They organize contests, they help each other with stories, there is a small book club… etc.

Link :

Bonjour !

Je fais partie d’un serveur Discord français d’écriture depuis environ quelques mois et j’en aime beaucoup l’ambiance. J’en ai testé plusieurs, mais celui-là est vraiment bien. Je me suis donc dit que j’en ferais un peu la pub pour recruter de nouveaux membres. Les membres organisent des concours, il y a de l’entraide et un petit club de lecture. C’est vraiment idéal pour connecter avec d’autres Wattpadiens (et c’est aussi une communauté Wattpadienne francophone bien plus active que sur le forum).

Lien :

Au plaisir de vous y voir en grand nombre !

Just a FYI if I was you I wouldn’t put a link to the discord I hear that the mods will Cloe this thread for that. You can not link discord but you can tell them to message you if they want the link

No, now we can put a Discord link if it’s a writing server :slight_smile:
It’s a new upload to the guidelines x)

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Really that is new because I was told you couldn’t

Yeah you can see it here : Offsite Links: Allowed or Not Allowed? :slight_smile:

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I’m glad they did that now

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Yes ! I’m glad too ! :smiley:

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Hi there :wave:

As this is writing group related, your thread is better suited to the #story-services:writing-groups category. I’ve moved this thread there for you.

Thanks for understanding,

Hollie - Community Ambassador :azanthiel:

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Oki, thank you !

Why are the categories so difficult to understand on this forum ! Hahah !

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No worries :blush:

As you’ve mentioned, the discord link thing is pretty new - generally when it comes to writing servers the related links/ threads are better suited to the Story Services categories :wink:

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