Fresh Meat

Hi, it’s me. Back from the grave.

Welcome to Fresh Meat–the thread where you shove your books in my face and I try to read them. Books I find here will be added to “Fresh Meat” reading list on my profile and will, in theory, be read immediately. This will give you a little exposure and engagement but more importantly (possibly) a fan (me). We good?

All genres are accepted.

But you see, this is going to work a little differently from the rest of the stoRy rEquest threADs. We have very clear rules. You must:

1. Include a bio about yourself in your post.

I mean, don’t flex your clout & achievements and certainly, don’t give away your address. Just write about what makes you, you. Shouldn’t be that hard.

Why? Because the whole point of fresh meat is finding the coolest writers around here. Who knows, you might make a new friend or be inducted into a like-minded writing collective.

2. Include a link to your story

Ideally a link to the details/ summary page of the book (not the inside). You’ll see why in the next rule.

Or if you wish, you can just plunge us right into the book. More power to you.

3. Include a summary/ blurb of not more than 100 words. (Extra consideration for pitches below 12 words)

Surprise! You need to write something about the book you’re promoting.

Why not more than 100? Because the “standard blurb” is 100 words honey.

4. Include your bookcover

Thee can useth any promo material thee hast as longeth as it has thy current booketh cover.

Any promos that don’t follow the aforementioned rules will be dismissed unless you’re a genius.
Rule #1 If clout & achievement is what makes up your whole being, then, by all means, flex away
Rule #2 New forumers who don’t have the link posting privilege will be considered.
Rule #4 New forumers who don’t have the picture posting privilege will be considered.
Rules #1 - #4 All rules may be dismissed by schmoozing me.
Books that follow the rules will be read (at least the first two parts or until it bores me).
But which books I read first entirely depends on how well you sell it.
If it doesn’t bore me, congrats! Your book’s added to the list. You’ve got a fan. You’ve made the cut! (Get it? Fresh meat… cut? No? Okay)
I will be reading books until I reach a quota of 8 books for this reading list.
Once I reach 8 books, I’ll be reading new requests selectively. This means not all books may be read.
I’ll be posting regular updates of how much I read and how many books I added. If you doubt I really read it, then feel free to pm me.
Currently read all books between posts 2 and 100
Books added to the list: 4


I’ll start!
Author: PoppyQueen
About me: Konnichiwa everyone! I am poppy, a bl enthusiast who loves creating bl worlds. My stories are inspired by mangas and anime. Bl dramas were recently added to this list, which inspired me to write Crimson Love, a Very twisted bl story. Do make sure to check it out here:
Summary: When your entire world revolves around that one person, you are ready to sacrifice everything, but what happens when your existence itself is pushed to the guillotine?

Love. Lust. Betrayal.

These three words define the life of Mark, an ordinary half-American student in a Chinese university. His life takes a 360 degree turn when he meets Akio, a Japanese transfer student. As time passes by, unusual things begin to happen. First, a criminal racket targets him and after that, his sole best friend dies without any reason. All this was enough to scar him for the rest of his life.

However, These events are the beginning of something catastrophic, like the calm before a storm.


Hi! Welcome to the thread.

Quick question. What’s a bl?

What makes me is what experience made of me.


Summary: Story goes arround Ran, a teenager playing the life game and showing the world what a gamer he actually is at his core.

Book Cover:168233356-176-k856215


Hi, I go by Tempest and I write Gothic Fantasy with unique magic systems and giant monsters.

Courting the Night is a 1,000 word Dark Fantasy Flash fiction that explores the world and magic of the night.


About me
Hello there :slight_smile: I’m Jane, and I write Fantasy, although werewolves and vampires always sneak into main roles. What makes me me is my insane love for writing, books, cats, foxes, and gemstones. Lots of gemstones. I’m kind of a shiny-hoarder, heheh. I mainly listen to rock and EDM, and my favourite artists are Imagine Dragons, Alan Walker, and TheFatRat. All three are awesome and you should listen to all their songs :stuck_out_tongue:


My current WIP, The Alpha’s Flame
A young firefox searches for her momma in a dangerous world.

I hope this suits your fancy <3 Don’t mind the clickbait-y title


Hello! It’s nice to meet everyone :slight_smile: This seems like a really cool thread!

Anyway, I’m Sam. I’ll try anything once. Especially undiscovered things. Books, music, YouTube channels. I love that feeling when you know you’re part of something great but no one else is in on the secret yet.

The Turing Test

Office romance. Murder. Sentient tech. Manipulative evil geniuses.

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I’ll go second :smiley:
Author: make_a_wish071
About: hiya! I am made of sugar, spice and a little bit sarcasm? Well a lot of sarcasm actually XD. I love reading and writing romance, adventure and action. I also do photography as a hobby.
Story title: perfect lies
Summary: Meet Ember Collins, a simple tomboy.
Meet Hunter William King, the city’s renowned billionaire.

She is good. He is dangerous.
She is funny. He is cold.
She is like water calming souls when touches. He is like a tornado destroying everything on his way when passes.
She is innocent. He can do anything for his business.
They are the opposite sides of a knife. One harmless, another cuts.

What will happen when they will be bound by an arranged marriage? What will happen when the secret behind the marriage will be revealed? Join Ember’s journey through love and hate to see what happens.

Nice to meet you! Thanks for making the thread :blush::smiley:


Hi! Thanks for helping us newbies being recognized :smile:

About me: I wrote a lot when I was a kid but lost track of it somewhere during my teens… a few weeks ago I decided to pick it up again and it has been wonderful! I still have a lot to learn, but I enjoy it!

Apart from writing, I like to read (like most of us, duh) and do yoga. I listen to all kinds of music, from Rammstein to Taylor Swift :see_no_evil:

Evelyn Ross and the Prisoner of Azkaban
My story is a Harry Potter fanfic about a teenage girl who finds out she’s a witch. For some reason she was never accepted to Hogwarts. She finds her Mum’s old diary which contains some hints about her and her Mum’s past. She’s determined to find a lost relative and to learn more about who she is



Shoot! I lost the second place :sweat_smile::grin:

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great cover!

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Oof you guys with the pitches are so good!



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Thank you! A friend made it for me. Her name’s @calmwolf


It was so hard to stay under 12 words. Darn xP

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Ha! Exactly the point.

Kinda puts the writing prowess into perspective :wink:

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Couldn’t stay under 12 words😅 hopefully mine
Won’t get rejected for that aha

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I had to cut out some detailing I wanted in. Especially at the end. “… a dark, grim world filled with magic and dangers” became “… a dangerous world” to fit xP


Nothing gets rejected my dear. Just bumped down Jk.


Yayyyy nuuu okki hehe