Fresh Meat

Well, I’m defiantly not a genius, and my schmoozing skills are at the very best adequate. (You know what’s way above average though… you :wink: ). I guess I ought to actually follow the rules then.
Well, usually I would start off a bio with my actual name, but considering the circumstances, I’m Sloth Thoughts. By the way, I came up with the name because there’s a huge sloth sticker on my car. I’m a college student. Uh I love mangos and the smell of gasoline. I’m terrible at grammar and spelling, but I promise if you actually read my book, there’s a bit more effort put in. Also, and most importantly, I wait restlessly to know what you think of the book.

On to the book!

Chasing Trains
When Summer’s abusive household becomes too dangerous to bear, she has nowhere to turn. That is until she finds a place that she’s able to hide, called Camp. The rules are easy, help keep the place running and don’t cause trouble. In the beginning, it really was just that. But the longer she stays, the less she can ignore the subtle abuse happening to its members and her ability to fix things. Soon, she will be faced with a choice that will not only affect her life, but everyone’s around her.

Read here:

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About me: I’m an average dope that’s been writing dark comedic fanfiction for years to hone my writing, and now I’m finally attempting to write a story I’ve had kicking around in my head for years. My other hobbies besides writing include digital painting, hobby game design and game modding, and if there’s anything I can talk endlessly and confidently about in this world it’s flarking video game mechanics. I listen to vaporwave mixes while I work. Otherwise, I can’t work. Someone I had barely just met called me a misanthrope once, and it’s the only insult I have never been able to fully live down, because I’m afraid they might have been right.

Summary: A boy inadvertently dooms his world with a single just act.

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So many stories… I must get reading.


About me: Lol I don’t know why this part is so hard for me, but it is :sweat_smile: I’m a full-time graphic design student, writing in my free time. I’ve been writing poetry for years, but have recently decided to turn my love for dc and wide imagination into something more. As a result, I began writing my first books!
Book: Tunnel Vision
Summary: The evolution of the notorious Joker developing emotions
7KlJ8Yu .

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I just released book one of a three part series called; Synth Severed on Wattpad, and would love to hear some honest opinions on it. What makes this book so interesting, is the fact that I had an incredible coauthor, and we wrote the book in two different time zones, for the two different characters.

The Title Name: Synth Severed
Status : Completed
Genre : Young Adult/ Romance/ Teem/ Drama
When Poppy invites her best friend Mila to come spend two weeks with her in L.A., Mila believes they are gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime. But soon after arriving at the mysterious place Poppy suggested for their reunion, the best friends find themselves questioning their friendship - as they are quickly wrapped up in a world of love, dreams and danger.

Check out a couple of Chapters and let me know what you think. On my profile now!!

Hi, I’m Sonic! Nice to meet you! I’m a Creative Writing and Psychology graduate and Fantasy/Romance writer. I’m a pretty simple soul: I like animals, gaming, reading, and food.



"His warm fingertips glide across my back. I hold back a shiver and try to breathe slowly so he doesn’t feel how wildly he’s making my heart beat. ‘You’re still incredibly beautiful,’ he says, looking over the scar."

Sonya’s home was burned to the ground. Everyone she knew was slaughtered. She doesn’t want to be alone and homeless anymore. She wants a family again, somewhere to sleep at night, and even a little something in her money pouch. And she’s heard that people can earn themselves a fresh start in Ceran Village.

The price? She has to kill the same monsters that destroyed her home.

Read Here:

Hope my book makes the cut! If not, thanks anyway for taking the time to read my post!

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##Based on a true story

Professional armed-robbers. An inside man. The perfect heist. A gang of London criminals and two ex-IRA men think they have struck gold when a disgruntled security-guard offers to help them take down an armoured-car carrying millions of pounds. Together they formulate a plan to hold the van-drivers family hostage and make off with the loot. Easy money. Well it might be were it not for the fact that one of their crew is a police-informant.


I’m 20 years old, female. A total bookaholic. Stil a student with absolutely nothing planned for the future. Not that it bothers me. I believe that life should be taken easily. Step by step. You have to live for today, learn from the past and be excited for the future. Been a novice writer since 2015 but never had the courage to reach out to people. A passion is still a passion so here I am now.

Story link: www.wattpad(.)com/story/185011805-i-am-persona-memoires
I don’t have privilege to post a link yet.

Just the right dose mystery and romance for you to enjoy

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I used to write on Wattpad like two years ago, but then I stopped after getting into a big and really stupid fight that I just kind of vaguely remember there reason behind. I’m not sure if I count as “fresh meat” then, but I have started writing a new story that I’ve been putting in a lot more focus than my previous works.

The blurb is on the story so idk why you need it here.


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HELLO! My name is Ava and I am the definition of Fresh Meat. I’m a wide-eyed high school aspiring writer looking for some feedback. All of my books are written to make a lasting impression on the reader. With each book, I like to communicate a specific message.

The story that I hope you can read is called, The Third Eye. It’s an original fantasy story that is my brain’s way of making sense of the world. Here’s my five good reason why you should read.

  1. It’s an original fantasy book (that’s kinda rare)
  2. it has a great balance of humor and action
  3. its themes are prevalent to the real world
  4. it has a charming romantic subplot that isn’t too overpowering
  5. all of the relationships are healthy (just as the world should be tbh)


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Hey guys! I am Bidiya.
I am an Author, Bookworm, Orator, Poet, Potterhead, Psychologist and a Scientist.
Quite the mouthful, yeah I know.
I’m also slightly crack, and my first love is chocolate.
And who can forget Pizza?
Currently I am writing a romance novel - trilogy thingy.
I hope to be the next Sylvia Day :wink:

#287 in Romance # 791 Chicklit # 657 NewAdult # 193 Contemporary
#1 in Childhood Abuse # 2 Icarus

Cara, a broken girl is forced to marry Neil Nolland, the ruthless billionaire.
Having faced torturous treatments before, she is sure he is going to hurt her.
But as opposed to her belief, Neil isn’t going to hurt her.
He might even be in love with her.

But will she accept him, knowing his dark past, crushed by her own?
Will she fall for this self-confessed monster?

Burn For You:

Copyright © 2017 by Bidiya K Damian

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Hello There!
I am writing my first book. I do not have experience in writing, just living in a fantasy world and wanted to share it with you.

Description: This is a story of fear and hope. A story of three man and three women that faith bond together. It is partly fantasy and horror.
You might be surprised.
Only for those who don’t afraid to be curious.

Author: EjayOtaku
About me: Migwa! I am Nigerian-American. My first name is Ese-Oghene-Oniovtevwo. You can call me Ese or Essay. My stories are usually obscure in some way. Currently, I’m writing a book of short story collections. I write because I want to be remembered.
TEENAGERS by undefined
Summary: ¨I have 1 less year to live, thanks for reminding me. What I said earlier, not true. Sorry, mom. I know I get on your nerves sometimes. I always like my coffee iced, liquid nitrogen, iced. That way, it can be okay even when it gets hot. It’s preserved and I can drink it later. Maybe with Alex.¨

Cynthia, a young girl, shy 1 day from her 16th birthday decides to freeze herself. Alex, a girl who’s 15 and 6 months, is under heavy pressure, and gets a little rebellious. Tanner, a slacker, finally has enough money to get an intelligence implant. And also 27 other teenagers.

In the year 2042, teenagers are given more responsibility, and they are viewed as adults. This can vary from anything to cars, drinking, and technology. Cynthia, Tanner, and Alex, all face great trepidation. They separate from their family, and hide secrets such as pregnancy, grades, and depression.

Suggestions; review brutally.

@JojoDahlia1- I often find you giving me reviews and critiques Many thanks for helping me and others!

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Hi there!
About me: I love good books, cosy tea shops and writing stories. Besides that I also love to meet new people, hang out with friends and tell everyone my bad jokes ( if you want to risk it just send me a message :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

My story:

Summary: August Young was living the life she wanted with a job she loves and a clear future ahead. But life can change in just one split second and she now knows how that feels. She has to find a new job soon or her plans for the future will be forever gone.

Colin Donovan is team captain of the USC football team, although football isn’t meant to be a part of his future. For the moment he just enjoyes the privilege of getting every girl he wants, including the ones he actually can’t. August Young is definitly forbidden territory, but a steamy encounter with her makes him believe that something forbidden might be just the thing he needs.

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Author: SeriouSeerat
About Me: I’m foremost a reader, hardcore lover of book heroes. Now I write those heroes who can love the heroine the way I like.

I love to read and write fantasy.


Blurb: In this fantasy romance, King Zuhfeh keeps having visions of his past lover ‘Kymsheh’ and gets desperate to find her. On the other hand, our law breaker heroine ’ Kymsheh’ forsees her husband in her dreams and realises she’ll be the next queen. Read story to follow their story.

Note- I’ve only put up 1 chapter. So, Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Author: Kiersten (xXkrislynnXx)
About me: I love reading and writing (obviously!). I’ve been writing since I’ve been twelve years old(I’m 22 years old now.) I joined Wattpad back in 2009 when things were way different. I also took a long break from Wattpad for a while but came back to share my work and hopefully find people of like minds. :slight_smile:

Blurb for Prey: The Eden Waters Series Book One - Eden Waters is part of the Paranormal Crime Division. She is working with a master vampire and an alpha to try to find a person who is murdering women.

Blurb for Untamed: The Eden Waters Series Book Two - Eden works with the alpha, Nathaniel to find a young shifter named Tommy who has been taken.

Link to Prey:✔

Link to Untamed:


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We all find ways to escape from the harsh world we call our home. Two young outcasts find each other after having the same bullies in common. You’d literally have to tear them apart to separate them, but that’s just what they did. But how could people be so cruel? You’d be surprised at what people could do, from simple shoving to not so simple homicide. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, don’t blackmail someone five feet away from a cliff…

So… this topic is about to close in 4 hours.

I’ll still give all (eligible) books a shot even after it closes.

You guys are truly shameless amazing.

Thank you, and bless. :pray:

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