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Wassup!! My bio is like really long, so I’ll just paste some snippets from it here.

Hi! I’m Phoebe Buffay. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable✌






So my book’ name is 3 DEALS. It’s a mystery/thriller.


•°•To Possess Is To Destroy All Possibility Of Love•°•

Hailee Erickson :-

A girl with a broken heart. A girl who left her music career just to be with her brother. A girl who doesn’t have a home. A girl constantly surrounded by danger that comes from her own people. A girl so broken that she is beyond repair.

Ryder Montez :-

A carefree happy go-lucky guy. A guy who is infatuated with broken things. A guy who loves the thrill of chasing others. A guy who wants to fix every broken thing in the world. A guy who wants to fix Hailee Erickson.

But what happens when they become friends? The danger that surrounds Hailee Erickson makes a comeback again. Will they be able to survive it?

And here’s the link.✔

Hope you read it. :heart:


I’m a thirty-four year old woman who’s been writing since 1996. I’ve always loved writing, but didn’t start to really improve until after publishing my first Wattpad book series back in 2015. I took a year off after I completed them, figured out what my writing weaknesses were, and have been working hard to improve them. I also learned my writing strengths and learned how to best showcase them.

I’m not very good at many things, but writing on this site gives me a place in life (if that makes sense). I’m not incredible at it, but my love for writing shows in my work.

I do own an auto repair shop with my husband and also work at my family’s jewelry store next door, so needless to say I’m a busy lady with little time to write. I’m also incredibly simple. I live in a very small town, small enough where we don’t need a stoplight or a police officer. I like being simple. It keeps me happy with where I am in life.

(I’d say more about me personally, but honestly there’s not much to tell)

The trials of life and the love of those around you.



How was death like?


Hello! The name’s Rei, and I like tea… and food.

I also like overthinking things. :joy:




An oblivious yet overpowerful male sorcerer and a determined yet firm female exorcist, sounds like a match in heaven… not! During their expeditions to hunt the “Black Cambion,” she discovers he’s more than just the infamous dreamboat with a magic flag!


Absolutely wonderful, but I feel like you’re not ready it yet so can’t recommend :grinning:


Well there goes my plans for today XD


I recognize a few shameless regulars on the SYS thread. Bless you.


Thank you. :clap:t2:

We are desperate people.


Hi! I’m Erin. I’m a 21-year-old Dutch girl studying English Language and Culture at university. I love languages and I’m planning to become a translator. Even though I’ve got cerebral palsy, I lead quite a boring, normal life, although I do have the tendency to now and then end up in the strangest of situations without knowing how I got there. My favorite bands are Nirvana and Pearl Jam and my favorite country is Italy.



A young girl with cerebral palsy falling in love and dealing with how the world really perceives her.
A college guy who can’t seem to move on from the past.
A teenage boy struggling to become a man without the guidance of his parents.

(Okay, this is the shortest blurb I’ve ever written haha, I’m so bad at keeping things nice and concise. I’m actually planning to write a new blurb soon, so this is a good exercise to get down to what the story is really about.)



XD me too


Hi all,

I have recently uploaded the first two chapters in my zombie short “Finding Hope” that I would love anyone to read and provide feedback.

"Humanity is up against a living nightmare, a nightmare they are trying to fight.

With no memory of how he got there, Forest, lost and alone, finds himself awake in an unknown place. Cold and wet with zombies approaching, he needs to find a way out.
Brandon, a scavenger, finds Forest and offers his help, to get him to safety. Is he offering help or satisfying an ulterior motive?
Will the offered escape route be safer for Forest than his current situation? Can Forest trust Brandon to get him to the safe destination or is he walking towards a greater danger.

Together they must unite to see the nightmare through or both succumb to a worse fate."


Love Italy! Except that time I accidentally ordered blue cheese on my pizza. That was terribly unfortunate. Miss the hot chocolate and coffee.


it is boyxboy romance.


I’m kind of like a solar eclipse. At first, you watch it and you’re like “oh yeah, that’s some cool shit i guess.” but eventually you’re like, “yeesh, this is getting wild I should probably look away before i burn my retinas.”
Sometimes i just burn retinas with my existence. metaphorically, of course.


Summary: 12 words? How about 4: Robots and race cars.
What more do you need?


Hahaha. Yeah, the coffee is so cheap there too, I think it’s included in the law that a normal cup of coffee can’t be more expensive than 1 euro. I miss the fresh food, that when you buy a panini for lunch, it’s actually made for you on the spot. And I love their pineapple juice. I haven’t found that drink in another country yet.


My mom’s going there again next year to take a week long cooking course. One of our regular customers is going for the third year in a row and strongly recommended it. She loves cooking, so it really is the perfect vacation for her. I wanted to go, but I’m also closed minded when it comes to food and would rather someone else make it for me. She’ll probably be going with my sister.


Alright then, here goes nothing. I’m Sylvia, or V which ever you prefer. I’ve never had much to say about myself besides the fact that I want to be a screenwriter, love mystery and murder, and can’t live without music.

The Atlas: Season 1 by undefined

Murder + Superheroes = One hell of a roller coaster.


Hey! I’m Chris. I mostly write sci-fi and fantasy. Anything that involves creating and exploring worlds because I’m an escapist at heart. Discovering other worlds mellows me out on a bad day. I’ve always had an active imagination as a kid and I certainly haven’t grown up yet.é-odyssey

Summary: Marschal’s down on his luck.

He’s a remnant of a fallen empire that once spanned several conquered nations. Now he’s forced to struggle through day-to-day life with too many enemies on his tail. But all that changes when a stranger offers to grant him what he wants most.

But at a price.

For there is a mysterious lady who’s looking to embark on a mysterious quest and she needs companions to help her accomplish it. A wiser man would have refused. But beggars can’t be choosers.

And Marschal is about to learn that maybe not all adventures are taken by heroes.

Pitch: Strangers with powers. Strangers with secrets. Embark on a quest together.



That sounds like a dream vacation! I do love cooking, but I’m not that great at it haha. I can make good, simple, healthy stuff, though, so that’s enough to survive. As for trying new food, I can be open minded, but don’t serve me frogs or escargots or livers or anything (one of the reasons why I prefer Italy over France).


We know xD

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