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i love writing on wattpad and writing in general i love video games also i prefer anime and disney but i really love CREEPYPASTA i write in dutch and english sometimes i write oneshots or short stories but these are not I read a lot so I usually write book by book and sometimes two in addition to a current book I sometimes have an update every week my current books I updated several times a week requests are always welcome

you were a normal girl except that your brother Alex disappeared 8 years ago he played a game Majora’s mask but he claimed it was possessed he did not let you play the game and what was that fuss with cleverbot? what if this strange boy named BEN suddenly stands in front of you? What if you fall in love with him? Worse what if your brother comes back and is determined to kill BEN?




i love writing on wattpad and writing in general i love video games also i prefer anime and disney but i really love CREEPYPASTA i write in dutch and english sometimes i write oneshots or short stories but these are not I read a lot so I usually write book by book and sometimes two in addition to a current book I sometimes have an update every week my current books I updated several times a week requests are always welcome

she is called a witch she is looking for work but it almost ends with death then he comes the prince it is love at first sight but … what if a certain princess wants him too? who wins the prince’s heart?


i love writing on wattpad and writing in general i love video games also i prefer anime and disney but i really love CREEPYPASTA i write in dutch and english sometimes i write oneshots or short stories but these are not I read a lot so I usually write book by book and sometimes two in addition to a current book I sometimes have an update every week my current books I updated several times a week requests are always welcome

Piper is a vampire but never wanted it it is all her friend’s fault aprodite yet they are girlfriends but when piper meets jason everything changes jason is a handsome and popular boy does she ever have a chance? will she dare? or does it remain in the damage?



Nothing much to say 'bout me. I’m an introverted high schooler who should be studying right now! :sweat_smile: I like reading very much though I like writing more.

Sara Stanley is a sweet girl who does not speak to anyone except four: her parents, her best friend and her school librarian; Robert.

Evan Wales has a secret innocent girls usually don’t like and one sure thing is: he gets what he wants.

Little did Sara knew she’d like Evan’s secret.
And, little did Evan knew he’d get what he wanted: Sara.

Secrets will be unraveled,
Truth will be spoken, and…
Trusts will certainly be earned.

  1. Bio
    My pen name is Symon Pude, which is an anagram. I want to keep some mystery surrounding this persona, that’s why I’ll try to keep vague here.
    Hobby author, scientist, connoisseur of fantasy novels, routine feedback giver. My writing is lewd and sarcastic. I deliberately try to break tropes of the genre.
  3. Why couldn’t they just have let me stay home? Now I have to walk with the fucking royal army to fend off some stupid army of orcs that attacks a city I don’t even care about.
    This is not a typo. This cover is perfect to the t.


Bio: Hello, my name is Sara and I’m your friendly neighborhood coffee addict, and cat mom. I write science fiction, partly because I’m a huge Star Wars nerd, and partly because I love space, robots, and the future. If I’m not writing I’m most likely working on my Mandalorian Mercs build, playing DnD, Drawing, or doing homework. :smile_cat:

INSOMNIA story link:

Summary: Veteran braving civilian life faces inside threats and a patriotic dilemma.




Hi there! My name is Violette. I’m 28, I’m French, and a complete freak ^.^ 50% debut author, 50% florist. I write in French and in English, mainly dark fantasy, horror, thriller and erotica (but quirky comedy and romance can sweep in once in a while!). I’ve been studying literature at the university and learning floral art as an apprentice.

Here’s the link to my story:

16-year-old hacker & hardcore gamer Malory tricks her two best friends into a virtual world that feeds on her inner turmoil to shape its lands. She says she needs help to track down a mysterious tyrant–but what they don’t know is that they have to manage before they lose their identity and get trapped in the game forever.



Bio: Hello! I’ve been writing since I was 10 and have fallen in love with it ever since. Every time I come up with a new story idea, it’s always in varying genres. So far, I’ve done Fantasy, Teen-Fiction, Action, Psychological, and am going to do a Psychological Thriller/Mystery soon. I’m also 100% a plotter who outlines every single chapter of a story before writing it, so I never get writer’s block.


Blurb: A Teen-Fiction novella about an egotistical girl and her clique of followers as they tread through the forbidden waters of authority through a backdrop of betrayal, intricate conspiracies, and really salty bickering.



This is my first post, so I hope I’m doing this right.

Bio: Raised by mentally unstable people, I found escape in reading, writing, and in developing the characters I created during my wanderings down dark (metaphorical) alleys. Over the years, I grew obsessed with exploring mental and emotional disorders and the effects of trauma, which led to me developing a YA contemporary realistic fiction series featuring characters who deal with these issues. Although I write stories that go to dark places, I would love to be known as someone who can “take something dark and make something glorious”.

I am currently finishing my first book in this series, with chapter updates twice a week. Link

Summary When Kyle moves back to Indiana, all he wants is to put his past behind and start over. But in a small town where everyone knows humiliating pieces of his life, hiding behind his sexy boy persona is his only way to avoid becoming a social outcast -or worse.
Haunted by recent loss and regrets from the last time she saw him, Kyle’s cousin, Eiden, is driven to reconnect with him. But with too many secrets to hide, being vulnerable isn’t an option for Kyle. And the closer Eiden tries to get, the more both of them have to lose.



Update: I’ve read through all the books between posts 34 and 65.

This crop was interesting to say the least. Noticed common themes of arranged marriages, billionaires, and wolves; were and otherwise. Again, thank you for entertaining me. You guys rock.

I found two special books and writers I’m an immediate fan of! You know who you are.

This brings our total to four in the reading list.

Four slots remaining.

Looking forward to read the rest.


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Thank you! I’ve been reading and liking, and following (i.e. lurking) but this was my first post. :slight_smile:


About me: Hyperventilates
H-Hi everyone! Breaths in air of confidence. I’m Rose (19). I am an aspiring artist. Yes, an emotional artist lol. I love reading and writing. I especially LOVE exploring my tastes with food! (Food is life).
Genre: Werewolf
Summary: So, to cut it short, contains foul language (no can do), violent behavior (war), cliff hangers (oops?), too much hormones (Eyyy, romance!), hangry characters (feed them), and not enough sleep (me right now)…just saying.

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


Is it just me or has someone been typing away on this for hours and still haven’t posted yet? Must be some elaborate post. Bless you, child.

  1. Hiya, my name is Ari (short for Arielle) and I am currently an athlete that is an upperclassman in highschool. I write a mix of fantasy, werewolf (mainly a werewolf writer,) teen fiction, and magic. I am attempting to fix up my grammar (please be patient with me) and I have been writing for ages. Currently I have four books (only three are being posted atm) and I think I’m slowly growing with my works. Let’s see, I love football, have a dog, and I am a full-time athlete. Yay.

  2. Link:

  3. (Oh blurb yay let’s do this under 12.) A twenty-year-old girl is abducted by werewolves as her boyfriend wants her murdered. (It is 15 but whatever.)

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Hey there! I’m K.J. Taylor. I want to be a published author someday and love when people read my work. I love animals and have a bunch of pets <3

Not even death is more powerful than love. Casanuana is a servant who fell in love with a noble and, surprisingly, he fell in love with her in return. But when he dies suddenly her life falls apart. Yet she begins to be convinced he can be saved and she travels to the realm of the dead to get him back. But the realm of the dead isn’t willing to let him go for free - the longer it takes her, the more people will forget her. Including the man she is trying so hard to get back.

Fantasy/romance. I just started but will be updating every Monday ^^




AUTHOR: C.N.DELO @cndelo
GENRE: Mystery/Thriller
SUB-GENRE: Romance
BIO: From Pittsburgh, Pa area. I’ve been writing in different ways for years, but just this last year have I discovered Wattpad. Bartender for the last five years. Mother, musician, creative. Never seem to have enough coffee or time. Sometimes I forget my characters aren’t real people. Sometimes I dream in dialogue tags. Right now I have a hamster sleeping in my lap. His name is Hammy, my kids adore him.
We were young, in love, and fugitives on the run. We thought things couldn’t get worse. Then, we met him. This is our story. And, it’s always spinning.


About me: I’m a twenty-one year old writer studying to work in music composition. I was raised in a multi-ethnic home (Latin father and American mother with French roots), I speak Spanish & English, but I’m also studying Chinese, French, and American Sign Language. I love languages and culture a lot. I’m big on wildlife preservation (I’m also guilty of taking in a stray animal or two -or ten- until I can find them a home). Random fact about me: I have a phobia of frogs… don’t judge me.

Story Link:

Summary: Hayden refuses to tell you anything about themselves (not race, gender, eye color, nada), other than the fact they’re stuck in Japan now, trying to get a recommendation letter from a professor who seems to hate them. Fun, fun, fun.


Hope you check my story out! Thanks for the opportunity to share. Besos & Blessings! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lock Down

Lock Down

454 Reads 55 Votes 15 Part Story

By Hula8888 Ongoing - Updated 3 days ago


Central High School, Princeton, NJ: Trapped in the guidance office while violence rages around them, Gwyn, Alaina, Jacque and Delilah struggle with whether to follow school procedures or find some other way to escape deadly, tauntingly repetitive attacks. As the shooting unfolds, it provides a framework for the individual narratives: Gwyn’s carefully planned life disintegrating around her daughter’s mental illness, Alaina’s spiraling lack of control within her abusive marriage, Jacque’s confusion and guilt about how her mother’s cancer affects her own drive for success, Delilah’s inability to fit in at an affluent, academically competitive school.

I’ve lived in Tennessee, Washington state, Georgia, Kansas, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Sydney, Australia. I currently live in Hawaii, which feels like home. I enjoy reading, hiking, snorkeling, traveling (yes, Hawaii residents go on vacations too), and hanging out with my family and my Sheltie, Koa, who is named after the Hawaiian Koa wood and not the fierce Hawaiian warriors… she’s pretty passive. In my head, I’m always writing.


Author: TalesWithTana / Tana
About Me:
I am a focused student who tries to be a young writer in her free time to hopefully pursue a career in writing one day. I also am a gamer at heart who has the humour of Chandler Bing. Don’t forget the fact, I am in love with pizza.


Amethyst & The Secret of Eviona

Genre - Fantasy
Status - Weekly Updated
Link -

“The young elf-woman Amethyst finds out the truth, the truth that can save the once magical Eviona from its downfall.”

Many years after the disappearing of the fairies in the kingdom of Eviona, a young elf-woman named Amethyst finds out she is not like the other elves in her region, Highland.

Seeking for answers, Amethyst finds out a lot more than why is she is different from the other elves.

Could she save the once magical kingdom of Eviona?


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Genre - Mystery/Thriller
Status - Recently started | Monthly
Link -

“What happens when three Sirens strand into the small fishers town of Sweet River? Can the young men resist such cruel beauty or do they fall hard?”

Sweet River, a small town known for its ancient pirate stories, nowadays more like a town full of fishermen. A place to be for anyone who enjoys the sea and the fresh air floating through their hair.

Jackson Smith, an about to be senior high school student, is thinking about his future while taking a beach walk with his dog Terry during his last day of summer break at night.

He isn’t that excited about his final year like Nathan and Joe Royce. The wealthy Royce boys have plans to go to university like their father did before them and his father did before him and so it goes on. Jackson finds it hard to tell his friends he will be staying here in Sweet River with his uncle Sam to work in the fish industry like any other Smith man did. He accepts his faith, forever in Sweet River where life is deadly normal.

While walking back home, Jackson spots three girls around his age who he has never seen before. He finds them mysterious, especially the one with her beautiful brown eyes. He is lost while looking at them, looking at her. There is something about her.

Who are they? More importantly who is she?