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Bio: Greetings! My name is Bee and I share this account with my friend, Kiki. We both live in Texas and are barely making it through highschool. There’s not much to say about us, we don’t really do much except read, watch TV, and cry because we procrastinate thinking that we don’t care about our grades, but then eventually giving in to societal pressures and realizing that we do. (but by then it’s too late) Oh, and Kiki can play the cello like a violin… just let that sink in.


Two guys. Rival Families. Not Romeo and Juliet.

Book Cover:
Unfortunately, I am too stupid to figure out how to post the book cover D, ;
Just try to imagine it —>
(a rooster)


Welcome to the community!!


1. Include a bio about yourself in your post.

My mailing address is-- oh shit, wait, we’re supposed to do what?
If we’re talking about what makes me, me, I would say it’s at least 65% Oxygen, 18.5% Carbon, 9.5% the good raw star stuff (hydrogen), and a bunch of other miscellaneous elements glued together by the sheer desire to be. Nowhere am I more alive than when I write, so in pursuit of being more than the elements listed above, I make stories. Lots of stories. I’m heavily influenced by the more experimental style of webcomics (Homestuck, Archipelago, Monster Pulse, and Paranatural would be favorites, but I will consume anything) and I greatly admire short stories and animation, even though for some reason keeping myself to less than a hundred thousand words is about as hard as making pictures move. It’s all dark magic to me. I love stories that sucker punch you continuously with every available feeling known to man and then some. I also appreciate the hell out of monsters and power as not only a supplement to a character but an impediment-- that is, the idea that our greatest strengths and our greatest weaknesses can be intertwined and codependent on each other. Comes up a lot.

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Not linking to the summary page, but if we’re going to be honest, I’ve always found it kind of redundant.

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American magical girls. Fandom culture. Escapism. Polyamory. Twins get their shit together.

I did not include the cover for a reason. It’s temporary. Temporary as in probably not getting fixed, but I hope you can judge a book by something besides the front cover, such as the first chapter.




Sure, let’s give this a shot…

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Part scientist and part writer. This makes for difficult introductions at engineering parties.

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I present: The Wild Mermaid

3. Include a summary/ blurb of not more than 100 words. (Extra consideration for pitches below 12 words)

Cora thought becoming a mermaid would be awesome. It wasn’t.

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Update: I’ve read through all the books between posts 66 and 69.

Haven’t added any new books today.

Books in the list 4
Slots remaining 4

Busy day. I’m fatigued. Will get back to reading tomorrow. Keep writing :blush:


1. Bio

I’m a 28-year old electrical engineering student from Finland. Life-long reader of cosmic / weird horror such as H.P Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti. Started writing gothic / lovecraftian horror about two years ago due to reasons too lengthy to go into here. Some more info in the profile.

2. Link

Perennial Sophia

3. Introduction

Gothic / Romantic: A gothic lovestory in horror, a macabre celebration in melancholy. A short story about a luxurious ballroom party where a young lady sees something in the darkness outside.

4. Cover


First of all, you are doing the lawd’s work. :laughing:

1. Include a bio about yourself in your post.
Welp, I am a girl who makes money by being an accountant but with a dream to write adventure/romance novels. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m 27 years old, and I live in a small town currently. I like to play games (Mostly Dungeons and Draygons, tabletop, or Mass Effect, PC) and read and write and sing along with the radio way too loud.

2. Include a link to your story

3. Include a summary/ blurb of not more than 100 words. (Extra consideration for pitches below 12 words)

A lady joins forces with an investigator to solve her brother’s murder.

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Um, do you have to post a story to join this thread, or can we just chat?




You can totally chat. Hi!




Whaaaat? :blush:


I am a fan of your book, I haven’t been able to read much yet but the cover sold me the other day when I came across it on the site itself ^^


Oh wow, thank you so much! It’s awesome to hear that people are seeing it around even when I’m not dragging them kicking and screaming into reading it. :laughing:

I love the cover, hayakiu is a serious cover-genius, I highly recommend her for any of your cover needs!


Wassup? I’m bad at conversation.


Always a pleasure ^^

It is one seller cover :clap:


Then we already have something in common


Cool. What compels you to chat on a SYS thread tho? :joy:


To make fwends with writers of stories I like