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Noice. Found any books you like?


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Wilkommen. Have fun browsing through the books. Some are surprisingky good.

What do you like to read?


Books with adorable characters I can fall in love with and ships I can ship


I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring!

I grew up in Washington state, USA, where I learned the ways of wearing flannel and hating the sun (No joke, we once went so long under cloud cover that I had an allergic reaction to sunlight when summer came around). I love to surf! I used to write when I was a smaller human, but I had a lot of anxiety about it so I stopped and spent all of high school doing more stupid things. I got back into writing last summer after some health problems made it difficult to leave the house and I wanted to do something other than play Skyrim all day. I love all things Scandinavian! That love partially inspired the story I’ve been writing.

Super-vague baby summary: Hala gets a face tattoo and puts her friends in serious danger.


I wrote my first novel when I was 10. My teacher at the time loved my creative writing assignments and provided me my first empty journal. At the time, Laura Ingalls Wilder was my idol and she told me I had potential to be just like her. I am not sure if I am anything like her but my teacher’s compliment gave me the courage I needed to write my first novel. It was short and I look back on it and cringe a bit but that was the first step in my writing career. I have written 13 novels since then and I have been an avid wattpad reader since I was 14. I have always wanted to try to publish here but I was always afraid too. About six months ago, I turned one of my novels into an episode story on the episode app which motivated me to put a novel on here and see where it goes. I love to write, its my passion and its when I am my happiest. Its my escape from college because sometimes the stress is a lot. I’m a math major so the tension and the work load is always high so writing helps. I am also a huge Disney fan and I play the flute. That pretty much sums up me!

Link/Book Cover:
I am a new forumer and I cannot post links or photos but the novel is called Bounded by Theresa Guthrie.

To have a fate means to live…

To not have a fate means to die…

Meet Lilly and Avery, a pair of special twins.

Lilly is the fated one, the one with great power and great responsibility.

Avery is the fateless one, the one who is sentenced to death after he was born.

To ensure Avery’s survival, the twins are separated at birth.

But a costly mistake is made….

And the twins are brought back together…

Now Lilly must protect the brother, she never knew, from the death sentence he was given.

The catch?

To do so could mean cosmic destruction.


Thank you! It’s great to be here : D


About me: I’m a full-time single mom and an executive sous chef that runs a tight ship in a disastrous ski resort kitchen. I’m only 22 and that shocks most people because I’m intimidating and I am good at making decisions. The fact that I write stories, especially romantic ones, shocks people even more (probably because of the intimidating thing). Writing in a part of my self-preservation, but it would be cool to make a book deal and become a millionaire and never have to bust my ass in that kitchen ever again!


Summary: Onyx has always lived a simple and quiet life with her coven in Portland, Oregon. When she meets a man, Jasper, from another coven, she is introduced to a new sense of life without limits. For the first time, Onyx is able to freely be herself. She can’t help but wonder why her family ever banished the use of magic in the first place, or why they are so wary of her new friends in Mount Hood.


Hi! I’m Kristin, and this is my first time on Wattpad! I would love to hear your feedback for this story I’m working on. It is a mix of paranormal, teen fiction, and tragedy.

Only months ago, Nathan was in a tragic accident that left four dead, including his brother Benjamin. He tries to keep himself occupied, to forget about that night, but the thoughts of Ben follow him everywhere he goes. Nathan then becomes obsessed with finding ways to communicate with his brother but little does he know, Ben never left.

It is a different kind of story, and in the point of view of Benjamin who is now watching over Nathan.



LOOK OVER HERE :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Hi. I’m Eirinn and I want you to read my book. I’m older than a lot of Wattpaders, juggling writing with a full time job in China as an ESL teacher. I’ve been writing since I was fourteen and have come a long way since then. Believe my stories used to be AWFUL, now they’re readable at worst and an enjoyable slice of life at best. I love long walks on the beach, street food, and people commenting on my stories.


When seventeen-year-old Alice’s mum falls into a coma and Alice is moved into a group foster home, she sees it as a temporary blip in her otherwise happy life. The Murphy Group Home is a world away from Alice’s privileged upbringing; It’s here that she meets Faith and Ralph, two troubled teens who greatly shape Alice’s journey into adulthood.

IT’S CALLED: The Care System

Read it here



I just received the ability to post pics and links so here is the book cover and link for my novel!!


Author: insanesoul1a2e

Bio:Yo folks Anjali here.

    'The first thing you probably want  to know is where I was born and wat my lousy childhood was like and how my parents were occupied before they had me and all that David Copperfield kind of crap but I don't feel like going into it ,if you want to know the truth....


Hardcore reader😍

Foodie by heart and tummy​:poultry_leg::meat_on_bone::hamburger:

Hobbies- reading funny memes😂

I say I don’t care but deep down I actually don’t care…:wink:

I’m a conflicted contradiction…

All in all I’m just another weirdo and I like that​:grin::pray:

Story summary:I’m the last thing she wants in her life. I’m an army officer and I don’t think a rescue officer should love a victim.

But true love comes quietly without banners or flashing lights…

I could not resist…

She’s a maze with no escape and I was a puzzle with missing pieces which she gathered and gave them back to me in all the right order…

And all I want is to wake up at 2am, roll over, see her face and know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be…

This surely is the most messed up love story… But this is my story so it would be just perfectly messed up…




Yep, I’m still dead and yep I’ve read through all the books between posts 66 and 100.

If there’s anything that distinguishes these books from the previous batch is that most of these books are well written, with attention to grammar and detail. Thank you, the grammar esthetician in me is pleased.

However no books made the list.

I want to make a note of the nature of this list. It is purely subjective to me.

I’m looking for presentation and a clear voice of narration. I’m looking to get attached to a character immediately. Or something that truly invokes emotion and challenges my thought process. I want novel concepts and something to believe in. And that’s why a fairly “average” book may make the list and a “superior-in-every-way” book might not.

Four slots remaining.

Jojo is reading. Always reading.


Username: nilzane
Book title: Three Deadly Regrets

Book description:

This is not a simple diary where I talk about my life.

This is more than that.

I was tired of keeping all my mistakes to myself, they have consumed me killing every bit of me, bit by bit and I could not remain silent about them.

This was the only way to tell someone without being judged because I hope this diary is never read.

The three mistakes I made that I regret every day.



Thanks for the earworm. :roll_eyes: :notes:Just give me somethin to believe in…:notes:




Hi! I just want to make sure you would be willing to read a fanfiction before I make the whole blurb, bio, etc. I know that sometimes it is tough to read a fanfic especially if you’re not in the fandom. For this particular story, Supernatural being the fandom. Would you still be willing to read or no?


Sup :slight_smile:

I’m a Vietnamese blogger, translating my work into English and looking for English audiences! Would love if anyone can help out!

A long time ago, there was a ‘type’ of human existed in this world, and they were called ‘women’. Our generation will never know what happened. None of the remaining public documents mention why ‘women’ have gone extinct, and it seems the people of later generations have done so deliberately. And I found a so-called last of their kind.


Sorry that the cover is in Viet, it’s taken from the original version :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. All books will be considered regardless of the genre.


About Me:
Hi, my name’s AJ. I am an obsessive maniac of Supernatural and other shows that Netflix provides. Along with the story below, I write teen fiction/romance novels, short stories, and poems, most of which I have not published due to my rabid anxious insecurities of my work not being perfect. I’m a senior in high school who is in yearbook and student council, so finding time to write is always a challenge. I play four instruments: guitar, drums, uke, and violin, so when I have a writer’s block, I play and it just comes to me. I am generally a joyous person and like to volunteer. I think that’s about it.
All Arielle’s ever known is motel beds, fast food, and creepy creatures. After 9 years, she finds someone from her past: Dean Winchester, the only man she’d ever given her heart to. Before she knows it, she is pulled into the Winchesters’ quest to rid the yellow-eyed demon. Arielle soon finds out that the battle of demons is not the one she has to worry about; it’s the battle of her mind versus her heart.