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Bio: I’m a new writer and a new to these forums too, and I just wanted to start embracing my writing more instead of locking it away hahaha.

Link to story:

Blurb: Siri has a crush-- and she doesn’t want it!

Genre: Teen Fiction/Short Story/Light Romance


Bi-polar, bi-lingual, bi-everything. Cherishing the good days and surviving the bad. Just a guy who likes to write about life; The good, the bad, and the ugly.

General Fiction

Nick returns home from college to his old neighbourhood and is quickly sucked back into a world where drugs, all-night parties, casual sex and crime are the norm. As he struggles to cope with depression and a growing sense of alienation he finds himself drawn to his enigmatic best-friend Terry, an amoral criminal dealing with his own demons.

Over the next fortnight he finds himself drawn into a dark web of desire and revenge that explodes in an act of shocking violence on a Halloween night that no-one involved will ever forget.



I just love the title.


Hi! I post on Wattpad but I’m also a self-published author who likes anime, playing video games, and reading stuff. The story I’ll provide is Sorcery on Ice which has been revised in full. It’s a complete short story, fantasy prequel about two friends who compete in ice skating. The prequel is a prelude to two novels: the Legacy series and the Ice Slayer novel.



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Author Bio: As a young child, I’ve dreamed of becoming an influential author just like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and J.K. Rowling. Now as an aspiring writer myself, I love to indulge in fantasy/adventure/action fiction and create unique worlds from the tip of my pen. I’m always open for conversations and discussions as well as constructive criticism for my stories. Let me get to know you, and let us dream together, build together, and create together!

Want to join in on an adventure? Have a look at my story:)

Title: Elysia: The Wasteworld

Genre: Adventure/Action/Dystopian

Pitch: From the decimated Wasteworld to the earth’s last standing paradise, Elysia.



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(Kinda nervous posting here but excited but anyways thank you for offering these wonderful services :heart:
Also, I only just published this book yesterday, so only the first chapter is up but I’m posting every week haha Anyways soz let’s do this :rofl:)

Bio: My name is Paige & I’m thirteen years old. I really love books, I remember the feeling I had when I was ten years old & I read my very first chapter book (it was Percy Jackson) & I went to the local library & realized I could read anything there - it was the best feeling ever. Anyways, books give me life tbh. They inspire my crazy mind and give me somewhere to escape to, when life is tough. I have been writing since I was eleven and hope to complete a full book one day - (it’s on my bucket list). Anyways, I struggle to write too much about myself so that’s about it :joy_cat:

Here’s my book:

Title: Edel - Book 1
Genre: Fantasy, comedy maybe a little bit of romance???

Pitch: The Fortress; an academy with secrets. Edel; a girl with ambitions = Trouble.


Author: Nicole Goodspeed (SpokenWhisper09, whatever works)
About me: Hey there! I’m Nicole and I’m a little obsessive. If I enjoy it, I’ve obsessed over it. I may not be good at all of them, but it’s a fun time. I love finding deeper meaning in things and trying to see the world in a constantly changing light.


Summary: Caleigh has vague memories of death when she is given the choice to become a guardian angel. In agreeing she’s left with only one memory of her past. Added to this, she runs the risk of dying as an angel and becoming one of the countless and isolated stars in the sky. Now, Cal is forced to realize that her soul remembers darkness well. As she and her partner, Allete, fight their way through training, they realize that the darkness residing in Cal may very well be her end, even before she ever gets back to earth.


I hope you enjoy it, should you read it! Thank you for your time.

-Nicole Goodspeed


Hi, there!

Who am I? Some super nerdy girl who loves painting with watercolors and writing and has an obsession with the color pink.


So what’s the story, morning glory? Well, picture this: a super sheltered upper-class girl meets a future revolutionary and learns about the world outside with the american revolution as the setting.



About me: Just an author writing for hobby and trying to develop and refine my techniques and style.

Summary: In a quiet desert town, all the lights mysteriously turn on in an abandoned house with a bad history. Told through the eyes of the sheriff, his deputies, and the first family to live in the house, lies are told and secrets revealed, and a family is broken forever.



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Do you have a preference for genre?

Well, in case you’re into (failed) romance/memoirs:

Alexis never rebelled in her life, that is until she buys a plane ticket to Mexico without telling her boyfriend. It was an attempt at happiness, but she ends up flirting with prostitution, contemplating suicide, becoming an illegal immigrant in Brazil, and much more.

I feel it is not necessary to give a bio here, since it is a memoir…Right?


Currently, between College and being a young professional. I am a History Major at the University of Arkansas in my free time, and I work in the corporate world 9-5. I have published two small research articles in small historical society journals. However, I want to take my passion for researching history and mix it with my love of storytelling. I was always interested in finding different ways of learning things when I was in primary school. So with any Historical Fiction book, I write with the hope to share stories and facts that may not be very well known and add a twist to it. Maybe with some romance between two unlikely characters in the colonial times of North America or a mystery and suspense as you read about a secret agent’s double life during World War 2. Where ever the pages take you; please, remember that each book was written based on the events of real people throughout history. I will always provide cited resources on what I researched at the end of each book so that you the reader can decide to learn more about the real events behind the stories


1942- part one & two teaser available now.

Book Description:
Olivia Connors is a freshman history major at Hillcrest University, she is a bright student that is holding back ambition and fire. However, she has never connected to the world around her and constantly feels out of place due to her old soul and love for the past. She receives an offer of a lifetime as a museum intern. Shortly after the head curator hires her, he then disappears without a trace. Unfortunately, the person who replaces the role as her manager is none other than her History professor’s teaching assistant Jackson Wyatt. As if to make life more complicated for Olivia; Jackson gives her both a heavy workload in and out of the classroom. In her attempt to juggle her internship and college life Olivia stumbles upon what she thinks is a quaint library nook tucked away in the back of the museum. Only to find out that this sitting area is a secret gateway into the life of Viola Clarke; a young British spy in the middle of World War 2.


I’m late am I? Yes? Okay then. I’m still doing this.

1. What makes me, me?
Coffee, my life elixir. Lack of sleep. Dry sense of humor which no-one understands. I’m also a hopeless romantic when reading books, not so much in real life. I’m supposed to be an expert at marketing since I do it 8h a day for a living - reality: I suck.

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The link. Here. Have it.

3. 12 words summary
Gay AF love story with hot Asian guys in a boy band. That’s all you need in life, right? Right?! No? Okay then. Already started a sequel :sweat_smile:. Also, the summary is 13 words if you separate the AF -part. Sue me.

4. A Cover


Oh, me?:

I’m a goth gamer pigeon wizard girl with a shaky control of my life and mental state. I really really like angels and havin’ a good time. Flex: I’m a published author in terms of ‘someone GAVE me money for my book’. Haha! My greatest heist. Really, it was a heist considering I was 16 and barely understood grammar rules (rip, my editor).

Oh, This?:

One Dead Girl-

A mad prince with a love of parties hires a cursed girl to expose a kingdom-wide demonic conspiracy.

Oh, yeah:

There’s a lot of bespoke (non stolen & original) art for it from myself and my friend…!



Bio: I am a military brat turned gun shop employee turned bridal seamstress who writes fiction on the side. Growing up, I never lived anywhere for more than 2 or 3 years at a time because of my father’s job. This resulted in me living in over 12 states and 4 different countries. My first job out of college was at the gun shop/shooting range, and during that time, I met my wife, who was serving in the Army at the nearby military base. We are currently living on the east coast of the US with our adorable rescue pitbull, Spencer.

Link: Here is the link to my story, Into the Underwood

Summary: The story is about Sylvia, a WW2 era English dressmaker’s daughter who crosses into a woodland spirit world and is taken hostage by the hunter king of German legend, Der Erlkönig, who puts her to work for several years under his tailor to settle a long-standing family debt. One day, she meets his gamekeeper Sasha, another mortal woman from the Soviet Union, and her needlework suddenly takes on a life of its own. As the two women grow closer, Sylvia’s new “talents” come to the attention of the King, who appears to have other uses in mind for them…


Bio: I’m a full-time educated drug dealer, but part-time writer. When my life isn’t buried beneath pharmacy school or work, I enjoy loving on my family of two fur babies and a boyfriend. I love to cook, watch sports, and play video games.


Blurb: Allyson Reed uses her time at college to find herself; however, her southern parents never expected her to fall in love with a black football player.



Hello loves, I’m Moonlight. This is Internet so I won’t use my real name.

I write because for me writing is catharsis and I have so many thoughts and it’s all chaos in there.
I publish because I’m afraid these words I’ve written will get lost in the sands of time. And I’ve been told they are beautiful words, so I dare not do them injustice.

I hope you like Poetry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’d love it if you’d give my little collection a try. It is but a piece of my heart! :wink:

Title: A Piece Of My Heart
Genre: Poetry


Falling in love is a process. So is falling out of it.
This collection of mine has been written slowly over the years.
It contains not only poems, but little tidbits, snippets from my diary, musings, and philosophies of what love is and of how love is bittersweet; love is not all roses and rainbows that media makes it to be.
It explores the other side of love, one that is filled with heartbreak, hope and longing for something you’ll never have.
When the soul weeps, the heart speaks… :heart: And these words are the fruit of my heart’s blood.
I hope what I write touches your hearts, burrows in and stays for life.

Please let me know if you’re interested!

  1. Hello from the vampire castle I reign in. I am an absolute fan of paranormal and medieval stories. However, I suck in the grammar department but hey that’s what Grammarly is for. Anyway, I love getting lost in a good book and falling in love with the character’s so I try my best to create that same feeling with my books.


  3. How does backstabbing friends, revenge-seeking hunter and suspense sound? I hope you are ready for this rollercoaster of a life that my MC Olivia and her twin brother Drax go through. Bonus points if you have a flair for the dramatics. Olivia and her brother have to save their village before its too late while also navigating their lives as teenagers.

  4. isEVHcD

Side note: This book is a sequel book but it can be read as a stand-alone.


Hey! Hope this is still open.
Author: dawnashes
About me: Hello! I’m Dawn Ashes, and my real name is [CLASSIFIED]. I’ve been mostly writing poetry, but I started to get a kick out of writing allegorical short stories (under 10 minutes of reading time) with plot twists. They’re often blends of horror and humor. Currently, I’ve been writing the second draft of a psychological fantasy novel, called Where Eggs Bleed Brimstone, that literally talks about fresh meat.

Would you murder a man for no other reason than to devour his flesh? Would you skin a dozen women alive to fulfill your greatest desire, be it love, fortune, alleged justice, or a base want no one dares to name?

Jane was guilty of all these crimes - so gruesome that they inspired horror tales to be told for generations to come and so cruel, unorthodox that the Kingdom only remembers her as “The Witch”.

Gloomy and satirical, this fictional biography of Jane explores her psychological evolution from her birth to her execution.

Note: The cannibalism in the story is only inferred and lightly described (with the eating part excluded). There is no heavy focus on gore in the story as a whole. There is also no smut. (See Disclaimer for more details.)