It was nice to meet you too. I hope you sleep well.


That’s cool :slight_smile:




I would like to think so. But I have a long way to go to be a good writer.


@lunaetic I finally measured myrself and I’m roughly 5’5 :smiley:


Same XD


Dammit… Still taller then me…


How tall are you?

I used a ruler so it might be off by an inch, give or take.




Hi all


god, i had such a scary dream :frowning:


Do tell.


it probably doesn’t sound scary, but i get scared easily
So, i woke up in some sort of maze, and all my friends were with me
Then all of a sudden some creatures attacked (if you’ve seen “a quiet place” those ones) and they killed all my friends and then i was running and they were coming after me and then they caught me
That’s when i woke up with my heart beating like crazy
i’m just glad i’m safe now


i also have to go now, bye :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: I’d say that’s a scary dream!

Aww, bai ~




Hey! Thank you for the tag!


Good morning, good morning people!


Thanks for summoning me!