What’s up?


Me? Hahah. Jk. I’m currently writing a stupid blog post about Unroll.Me. The email organization tool. I’m getting paid for it, though. So that’s cool. I guess. Losing my mind. Also bored af and looking for people to engage with that may or may not be as unusual as myself. :slight_smile: Wuddup with you @AmnerisTenjo?

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Just watching TV and waiting for dinner. Also, trying to come up with something so I can update my books


What’s for dinner? And whatcha watchin?

Aaaaand, what are your books about, or the genre at least?


Honey, I am home


Nachos. Dragons: Race to the Edge.

And both are fantasy but one is also thriller and historical fiction



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Love nachos. Mmm. Not sure about the Dragon thing, I don’t really watch TV. Lol. I love thriller stories though. I could give you some ideas maybe? Or we can do something to spark your creativity? Lol…always willing to help.


I’m sure something will come to me sooner or later :woman_shrugging:


Fair enough

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What do you write?


hugs i just want a hug
that nightmare was scary

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hugs back thank you :slight_smile:
How are you?

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I’m good, you?

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me too!
I didn’t go to school today!
I just did 2 hours of extension math

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Ooh yay!
Nice! So you do a year higher?

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in math, yes, but i believe it’s 2 years higher
I’m not sure though

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Woah so smart!
I do accelerated maths, think that’s similar?

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i suppose so
i mean, here what i do is called additional maths, other places it’s called advanced maths, some places it’s called extension math (i like calling it that) so maybe!
and thank you! Though you must be smarter!

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