I don’t know XD

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My school does general math, advanced math, extension 1 math, and extension 2 math :woman_shrugging:


points intelligence detector at you
hmm let’s see
IQ level 163! wow!

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hugs back yay mew!
How are you?

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I’m good. How is you? Okay after nightmare?

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i’m fine thankfully
I don’t know why i get so scared :frowning:


Nightmares are normal to get scared about. You know what helps, though?

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what helps?


Hot chocolate :smiley:

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oo can i have please have some?

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gives hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream, and chocolate powder

I can just make another one for me :slight_smile:

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yay thank you! hugs
It’s so yummy!


Glad you like :slight_smile:

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me too!

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It always helps me :slight_smile:

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yeah :slight_smile:

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So, you good aside from that?

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yep, i am :slight_smile:
How is your day going? You have holidays right?

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Yup! Nothing eventful to report

Wait. No. I just got into another argument with a guy I knew in primary school XD

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