fidgets awkwardly

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um… favorite genre for books/movies/tv shows?

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I like action, fantasy and romance most. But I can do anything except horror.

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Fantasy, action/adventure… sci fi. For movies those ad reading those as favorites and anything but horror

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Yup, I honestly can’t do horror.

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I mean I find it more… boring than scary if if it were movies then it’d be the scare factor :sweat_smile:

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Hey Y’all


Huh really? I just get scared easily XD

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XD well then be sure to avoid them like the plague then

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It’s been a while! How have you been?

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Yup it has and I’m doing good in my own way… and you?

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Doing a lot better, hopefully it stays this way. So what have you been up too?

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That’s good… nothing much I guess not in the normal sense anyways… trying new things and trying not to do things

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not in the normal sense? What have you tried new? And what have you tried to avoid?

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Let’s see… tried going to a councilor, studying for once… avoided wanting to rip my skin of my bones, snapping, not going to school… I think that’s it?

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How did it go with the councilor? Why did you want to rip your skin, bones, and not go to school? (Sorry for asking so many questions)

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Totally fine. As for the councilor it went ok, apparently I seem depressed, a perfectionist, and a try hard to the councilor. Also I am not acting how I would like to (have a habit of acting different depending on the person, it’s not something that I can really control) but now I have yet another person asking if I’m ok. Bout the ripping part I get really annoyed sometimes… I don’t really know how to explain it but it 's sorta like a little pressure that you can’t get rid of and it annoys the fuck out of me. Also happens with my arm too… um… school is pretty pointless in my eyes and I’d rather spend my time reading or writing… (wow this is long…)


Hello, how are you all?


is eating maccas No idea

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