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Have you gone back to the counselor? It’s not strange to act differently around different people, I do it every day of my life like I never act the same around different people. Have you told the person not to ask if you are ok? That you are getting help. I can’t help you with the pressure thing, never heard of that before and can’t help you with not wanting to go to school, I show up like 3 days a week to mine


Hello! Hows your X-Files going?

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Just started season 7. Where you at?

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Still on season 1, haven’t been able to watch it the last two weeks

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Yes to the first, no to the second… don’t think I’d ask to stop it’s be a nuisance telling people

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I know, but starting tomorrow I should have time to watch it

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So you did find a councilor you like? Also a thing I do is ignore people when I don’t feel like answering the question, if you don’t like the person maybe try that? I’m not a people person


Yes I guess? Though for other people answering as me it’d be indifferent cause I couldn’t care less. And ya I could try that…

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Yay :smiley:

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Well its good that you kinda found someone. And yea a lot of people think im bitchy because I don’t reply but really a lot of the time I don’t have the effort too


Yes so excited! Would watch an episode now but would fall asleep and be super lost

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Just ignore them more? I dunno… I don’t really talk round people I don’t really know

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Hi, how are you?


Oh I do, been ignoring people my whole life, doesn’t even faze me anymore. I get nervous talking about people I don’t know


Yea and with hulu it keeps playing so I’ll wake up and be like 8 episodes ahead

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I’m good. You?