Ha… You’re on a roll :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


okay then… send a pic of this black paper that you claim to have :eyes:


The sky and the ocean isn’t the color we thnk they are


Well technically nothing has color it’s just different light wave frequencies that our eyes just perceive as color. Hence the reason when it’s dark everything is grayish black since there is no light. But we don’t even see all the colors because bees and butterflies see colors we can’t see.


Lol, and with that you have won


Can’t. It’s at home and I’m not


Lol i just love science :joy::joy:


That’s very convenient for you lol


At school?


Science and math are my favorite subjects… more so math than science




It really is


lol, then I revoke my challenge


Thought so :joy:


Same but more so science than math since I’m really disliking AP Calc BC


Lol, I don’t know why but I’m just good with numbers… (this would have been the perfect opportunity for a pick up line lol)


Hahaha it would be :joy: For me I’m good at it I just lack the confidence to trust myself that I know how to do it. It slows me down and I do a lot of second-guessing and overthinking that screws me up :joy:


Yeah, I know what you mean… sometimes I would find myself second guessing even the simplest of things… Heck I would even use a calculator on something like ‘10 - 6’ just to make sure