Anyone looking to be friends with someone who has similar interests? Personally, I like music writing, reading and, crazily enough, playing an MMORPG called Runescape (if anyone’s even heard of that). What are your interests? maybe we have something in common?


Vampires, the Anne rice kind.
Play games, mainly Skyrim type things. Online stuff too, immortal night and, ha, a virtual horse.
Like science, why I do horse game. Genetics.
Like Karl Pilkington.
Love tool. Hence my name on here, tool lyric.
Love bill hicks, his comedy changed my life.
Do love and used to ride horses. Don’t anymore but was a massive part of my life.
Umm, struggle with depression, anxiety and whatnot.
Like to cook.
Am in a slapdash band featuring banjos.
Don’t like country despite love of banjos.
Still can’t play an instrument but need to learn bass.
Just made brownies.

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I love music!
I’m connected to nature, given the fact that humans are natural.
I love historical novels and biographies.
I love to write!
Fave books: “Little Women” “Anne of Avonlea”

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I also like music, writing and reading… but so do most of the people on this site. I’ve heard of runescape but haven’t played it- I don’t have money to but games, and I only have a slow computer.

Anyway, here’s mine.

Hello, I go by Iliana Sarigo. I like being philisophical, writing stories, reviewing video games and anime, singing, playing piano (not good enough to learn other peoples tunes tho) talking to myself, listening to music.

Fave anime: Code geass for action, violet evergarden for tears, saiki k for laughs.
Also like angel beats, gundam anime, tatami galaxy, tiger and bunny, princess tutu, kill la kill, punch line, hunterxhunter, yuyu hakusho, love chunibyou and other delusions, and more I can’t recall.

Fave manga: Yona of the dawn, nichijou, idk. Manga I like: voice over, actually I am, the pokemon adventures manga, skip beat, grand blue, blue exorcist, soul eater, etc.

Authors I like: Diana wynne jones, Robin hobb, robin mckinley, jonathon stroud, tui t sutherland, gail carson levine, and more I can’t recall.

I like pixar movies (watched cars, toy story 1, and finding nemo), ghibli movies (watched spirited away, my neighbor totoro and one with an anthropomorphic cat but without subtitles.) and disney movies (frozen, snow white, cinderella, bolt, etc) and the like three 2d animated dreamworks films, I think there might have been one I didn’t see.

Video games: Drawn to life, final fantasy nine, pokemon mystery dungeon even though the gameplay isn’t great, Kirby airride, kirby mass attack, super star ultra, canvas curse, nightmare in dreamland, and kirbys dreamland. Tales of symphonia, the abyss, and graces. Zelda oracle of seasons and ages, zelda spirit tracks, chocobos dungeon 2, chocobo racing.

Music I like: things by Uverworld, Lunasa, solas, dempagumi inc., fear and loathing in las vegas, Lia, etc etc. There’s just too much of it. I also like video game soundtracks, ff9 and tales of symphonia, drawn to life, I also listen to some anime soundtracks like voilet evergardens, but again theres just too much of it to name.

Youtubers I watch: Nigahiga, draw with Jazza, Moonkitti, roger van der wilde, raon lee, eve, musicalbasics, thepedanticromantic, digibro, overlysarcasticproductions, terrible writing advice, austinmconell, the company man, Jaidenanimations, theoddonesout, Petragrey, etc.
That’s a summary.

Cooking is so cool, but I don’t do it much myself. The last time I made something interesting was the vegan-and-date-water hamentashen (cookies with filling) I made for purim. They had peaches for filling and were soo good.

Are you jewish?

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Yup. I’m religious for my mom’s sake mostly, but I’m agnostic.

Oh, cool. I’m also jewish, not religiously, but, blood wise.

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Hi, I love music too, and I love that it can make us feel so many emotions. Apart from music I like writing and drawing too

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Like history, but like ancient history. Civil war stuff meh. Love music! Is my soul. Have wildly eclectic tastes. Currently on folk stuff. Gems on vhs. Smacked out gutter children pouring their pain into music, not bad stuff some of it.
Staples tool and Florence and random stuff like that. Nine inch nails, todoadies… Stuff that’s weird. Bruce cockburn moxie fruvous and barenaked ladies for my Canadian roots.

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Mm. I sort of like shabbos and am vegan (avoiding that whole thing), but a lot of the stuff just make no sense to me as well.

Me too for all of that.

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I like pixar, kids movies rock


Pixar is great. I loved toy story, although I’ve… … only seen the first one… …

Have you seen my neighbor totoro?

Not yet, my partner hates movies in general. Hard to see em

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Yeah, I love animated movies!

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That sucks. I loved that one, and spirited away, though it’s been ages since I saw it.

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Love em, nine was underrated. Still love nightmare before Christmas. Bit upset its in all the hot topics these days

I recently watched a silent voice. It was really different and great.

I love the road to el dorado and that egypt one also by dreamworks. The expressions especially were soo perfect to me.

I liked spirited away too, I don’t remember the whole plot but i do remember chihiro’s intense expressions. And the sound effects

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