Fulfil my desires for something to read!


Hey everyone!!
I’m looking for stuff to read, every time I go to discover I find that nothing under any of the genres actually appeal to me, so I figured I’d ask here instead. I’m going to follow the guidelines to a tee, so here is what I’m looking for:

Language: English!

Length/Story size: I’d prefer MORE rather than less please!

Specifics: I like LOTS of genres, I also write a lot of genres, so I tend to like most things. Basic teen fic is something I don’t always appreciate very much, I also don’t like most fanfiction as if I wanted to read some, I could look elsewhere. I would totally be done for something horror/thriller, very intense or very dark and twisted. I love action and violence. I also love a proper awesome love interest and stuff but I’m not always super keen on JUST romance books.

Honestly, post me your blurb, tell me something interesting about your book or your favourite character and I’ll give it a shot.


Hi, I don’t have very many chapters on my horror novel so far, but if you like it then I update fairly frequently so it’ll grow pretty quickly. I will warn you however that it is relatively slowburn and so it won’t seem much like a horror to start off with.

Blix had never experienced true fear until that night. She had never felt dread curdling in the pit of her stomach. She never wanted this, it was beyond even the worst of her nightmares. And yet, there she was. Blix had never needed saving, but if she wanted to survive, there was a lesson she needed to learn. Fear is a powerful thing, but then again, so is love.



Have you tried Storm and Silence?


Hi there! Hope you don’t mind my reply… I had a little look and read through the first chapter but I think personally you need to go through and edit it before continuing with the story. I would read what others have commented and offered help with sentencing and stuff. It seems like you could have a good story, you just need to work on it a little first. Thanks though :slight_smile:


If you’re not interested then that’s absolutely fine, but I won’t be editing it until it’s finished. I haven’t received any comments as far as I can see about grammar issues so I’m not really sure what you mean. If you’ve noticed any then it would be great if you could let me know as I haven’t had anything apart from pointing out a few typos.


I noticed a lot of comments on the first chapter being that certain people are unsure what you meant by ‘this’ or ‘that’ and that some of your sentencing and descriptions are a little awkward. That’s more what I meant than grammar. It’s entirely down to you :slight_smile: I tend to write a first draft of a chapter, re-read it after and edit it, then after I’ve done this with five chapters, I go back to the start and re-read and edit again, if need be. That way I’m constantly improving and keeping my eye out for any issues that I may have missed before.


A young heroine fights to fulfill her dreams and win the heart of her soulmate.
This entertaining novel works on multiple levels-both as a thrilling and inventive tale and as a more personal love story. The main reason for this successful dual narrative is the depth and complexity given to both the characters and the setting. Hope’s journey transports you into a world that has a familiarity to it, while it surprises with its innovation.

Click here to read OUR HOPE



I agree that some of the sentences need to be read carefully. Skimming through is naturally going to create confusion. I’ve had some people confused, but I’ve also had plenty that weren’t at all. I think writing is so subjective that everyone is open to their own opinion just the same as people all have their own writing methods. Personally, I’d much rather spend four hours writing a chapter and get good quality feedback than re-writing it several times and spending eight hours on a chapter, thinking that I’m improving when I’m probably not. Also, there is the natural problem of serial writing. Many of the things that people have told me they were confused about are explained and clarified later on. However, those chapters aren’t always available yet and lots of the comments are from reviewers who will have only read the one chapter anyway.


I’m sorry, but the stuff I’m reading/looking at is the sentences themselves, nothing to do with things that will be added later on or that need conclusions drawn from them. I don’t spend eight hours per chapter either lol. That seems a little excessive. I don’t even spend four hours on a single chapter at a time. Regardless, as I said it’s entirely down to you how you decide to write. I wasn’t telling you HOW to, simply sharing my personal preference to how I write. I’m a firm believer of writer however you want and about whatever you want; but of course if you’re going to post online, people will have opinions :slight_smile:


Wow, you’re lucky if you can write a chapter that quickly. I struggle desperately with writer’s block. I totally understand that people online will have opinions. That’s why I post my work online. What I’m trying to ascertain is more detail on what you found wrong with the story as if it’s something I can improve then I would like to. It can be quite frustrating for me as a writer when people say things like I think you need to edit this, as I don’t know why it needs editing. If I did, I would have sorted it in the original draft. Does that make any sense? I’m sorry if that came off in any other way. I hope you don’t think I’m being rude. I’m not always very good at expressing myself.


Mine is a werewolf story and it has a strong romance arc, but the plot is filled with action and violence. The main character is an antihero so that might be your thing.

Here’s the blurb and link:

Helena, a rogue wolf with a past written in blood. After years of exile living in a remote community, she is treated as a monster by the local wolves. A wall surrounds her home, and children are warned to stay out.

When the Montis pack arrives, they bring with them the last thing she ever expected to find; her mate. Now with her lonely existence tipped on its head, she will find the joy and kindness in life once again. But things are never that easy and with Helena standing out of the shadows, she brings many of her troubles with her. Enemies, old and new, are at every turn, threatening the world Helena has fought to protect.



I don’t know if my book Nightfire would interest you at all. I don’t know if you meant you didn’t want fewer posted chapters, or shorter stories by ‘more rather than less’, so no worries if my story isn’t as far into posting as you were looking for. But it is going to be a pretty hefty book by the end, if you meant the other :sweat_smile: It’s not a horror but the demons are pretty grim, haha

*Fear the dark. Bar the doors. Don’t breathe a word. And wait for the Hooded Men to save you.

The people of Nictaven live in fear of the night; governed by magic no one save a few can control, in a land plagued by demons and cannibal tribes, and isolated from all other worlds for centuries, they’re right to. Only the Unspoken, a secretive guild of warriors linked with the land and its magic, provide any safety when darkness falls. For centuries, it has stayed like this.

But in an abandoned crypt worlds away, Jordan Haverford is about to change that.

It wasn’t quite the holiday he had been hoping for.

Plunged into a world where who you are and what you believe can kill you, a world of demons and myths made real and knives in the dark and wars fought from behind the doors of the rich, Jordan’s gentle Oxford upbringing isn’t quite sufficient preparation. Instantly a pawn in a political game, he finds himself in the company of an Unspoken who has an uncanny knack for finding the Gifted - and Jordan can’t seem to get rid of him.*



Hi there, I am writing a story of which I’m very proud and I think is interesting, but I’m the one writing it, so if I didn’t think that that would be a problem. The story is still ongoing but if you find it interesting, it will be uploaded every Wednesday.
It’s under adventure but it’s a mix of a lot of genres.
Synopsis: We are Inferiors, protected by the Supreme. We can’t live for over 18 years. After that, we become ill and die a terrible death.
That is until the Supreme found a medicine for us that could bring us to the Everafter. Everafter is a place where we can meet our friends and family again. The Supreme and the Inferiours have each their own rules and way of living. But the Supreme can punish the Inferiors when they break those rules by deciding to not give them the medicine that can bring them to Everafter.
When two siblings, Erin and Silas, find a ring of a Supreme hidden away in their home, Erin warns Silas to throw it away. Not listening to her advice he keeps it and tries to sell it, but gets caught. The two siblings are torn apart and with only a few months until Erin receives her medicine.
Will she see her brother ever again?
And what will Silas find out when he finds himself surrounded by Supremes and discovering more about himself and the country he’s been living in?

I love this world and the culture these people have. I hope you enjoy reading the story, if not, that’s fine as well!


Heya! Idk if you are still looking but I am just gonna add my book, I am so sorry if you are no longer looking! Yeah it’s a dialogue book as well…Yeah bye I get it if you don’t wanna read it :smiley:

❝ Heeeey Valeria, uhm, are you there? I knoooooow you are you picked up the uhm, thing midgy so you are. ❞

❝ Uhm, who’s this? ❞

─ ·❆· ─

A heartbroken boy gives a failing physics student the inertia she needs to keep up her “ever crippling procrastination problem”. Maybe sometimes the wrong number can lead to someone right, even if they’re running on spite and caffeine.

Link here if you do decide to check it out…


I’d be thrilled for you to check out my ongoing novel, The Boy in the Tunnel. It’s a college/coming-of-age story with some weird fantasy/sci-fi twists to it (no hard sci-fi and no elves or dragons - it’s more in the vein of a Twin Peaks or Lost). And there is certainly more of it - there’s around 75K words posted now, and it’ll probably be 200K by the time it’s done.


Fall semester. 1997. At a strange Southern college, freshman Tim’s eerily prescient Student Handbook tells him he’s going to fall in love with 6’6" sophomore Joanie. But Joanie has more important things to deal with than a weird crush - like a creepy English professor, a hallucinogenic drug that’s chipping away at her sanity, and a war between rival secret societies that could destroy the University before Tim and Joanie find out if their love is real, or just fiction.

Recommended if you like: impossible architecture, books that can tell the future, made-up games with overcomplicated rules, portentous graffiti, secret codes, first love, intense hallucinations, 80s and 90s pop culture, a world that’s just a couple degrees off from reality, and a coming-of-age story set in a manufactured community that lets you try on different possible futures - aka college.

Longlisted for the 2018 Wattys. Updated every Monday and Friday.

Read it here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/155579548-the-boy-in-the-tunnel


Very dark and twisted! Gurl, I like you. But are you up for a psychological horror that makes go both aww and eww?
My story currently has 37 chapters. It’s ongoing. Ending pretty soon.

Here is my story’s description:

Kidnap, torture, abuse, kill, repeat. That’s how this serial killer rolls. Now, what will it take for one boy to escape his horrifying captivity?

It takes guts!

#1 in HORROR on May 15, 2018
#16 in MYSTERY/THRILLER on Feb 28, 2018

Kevin and Josh are college best friends, trying to launch a chemistry startup. Their lives turned into a living hell when Kevin’s bad luck drove him to the doorstep of a serial killer. While Josh was freaking out and trying to solve the mystery of his friend’s sudden disappearance, the psycho killer was enjoying torturing his little prey in every possible way.

However, there was one thing that the killer didn’t know; he picked the wrong victim to mess with.

And here a link to it:

Here is the cover:

And here are the readers’ answers when I asked them "Why do you like Got Guts??"

:black_circle: “You got yourself a male MC, and a male antagonist. Don’t see those a lot. You don’t go for the cliches, like Stockholms. Furthermore, you’re not afraid of harming your precious MC. This keeps me intrigued because anything can happen :)” @Shimaira

:black_circle: “I love how your plot is unique. There are tons of books about kidnapping that deal with chicks getting picked up by hot serial killers . The chicks always fall for the hottie and they don’t care anymore that this person violated them and their rights. Kevin never sees Duke this way. He knows he’s crazy and seriously needs help… Duke has violated him and he’s not going to forget it.” @geekyfangirl17

:black_circle: “Because you made it so it gives a cinematic experience while also having the book that actually tells the story… I think it’s cool how you’ve done the ‘episodes’ thing, I don’t know if anyone else has done that…” @NinjaWolfy94


:black_circle: “The passion, dedication, and skill put into the story is remarkable. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.” @quidmitch

:black_circle: “its a beautiful, weird, creepy ass story… You keep readers wanting more and have a good way of presenting all the characters.” @ZarahZara

:black_circle: “it’s definitely well written… Cliffhangers are the best thing ever because it makes people want to kill and restrain themselves from killing you. It’s always fun and it shows that people care! You are so evil…” @ReynaDiAngelo1

:black_circle: “I like the fact it’s not cliché nor is it just an empty useless story… it has depth and the characters are very relateable -except Duke , I still hate him with passion- not to mention that the amount of plot twists is insane and awesome.” @gh-2016

I hope it’s what you’re looking for :wink:


Hello, a couple of my stories below have dark, suspenseful, paranormal themes, etc and there is violence and all kinds of things happening lol. Hopefully, they’ll pique your interest!


Waxahachie, Texas, 1970: a woman brutally murders her cheating husband, his mistress, and her two kids, before killing herself. Flash forward to the 1990s. A new family moves into the murder house.

Paula Harris is determined to start a new life with her family in Waxahachie. The realtor and neighbors warn Paula and her husband of the tragedy and rumored hauntings, but they write off the stories as small-town gossip and move in any way.

Weeks later, evil spirits torment them. It starts with voices, footsteps, shadows, and progresses to apparitions of the murder victims. During the day, the home sits quiet and peaceful, but at night the evil spirits possess one of Paula’s children. The family is horrified when the evil spirits try to kill them. The matriarch of the spirit family transports Paula to 1970 to witness the long-ago murders.

Through painstaking research, Paula learns that every family who has ever lived in the home has either fled in terror or mysteriously disappeared. Unable to leave because the evil spirits attached themselves to her family, Paula desperately tries to destroy them and rid the house of their presence. She knows that if she fails, her family will die.



After committing a murder with her friends, Andrea’s only now regretting it. The others don’t feel guilty, and they all agree that the crime would never be solved, so they put it all behind them but not for long.

A stranger from cyberspace reaches out to Andrea, and her nightmare escalates. A drive-by-shooting attempt on her life gives credence to the death threats.

After two of her accomplices turn up dead, she realizes that a killer is intent on picking them off one by one. Whoever it is that has their sights on them has to be close to her, because they know way too many personal aspects of her life. She has to make a choice: Kill or be killed, but first she has to identify her target.



I don’t know if you’ve gotten any, but I have a YA dark urban fantasy with elements of horror, if you want to check it out.

Click here to read Luma!

When seventeen-year-old Abbey learns an underground club has popped up on Majestic Isle, an abandoned island amusement park, she drags her best friend, Callie, out for the night of their lives.

Unfortunately, it might be their last.

The club isn’t the haven for misfits Abbey hoped for-it’s a buffet, and the clubgoers are the main dish.

Stragglers from the gritty club disappear, as shadowy creatures race through the broken-down roller coasters and rusty bumper cars looking for leftovers. There’s no cell phone signal, the ferry is missing, and one by one the constant screams fall silent.

No one is supposed to survive the night, and escape seems impossible. All Abbey wants is to go home and forget, but while trying to escape her promised death, she receives a gift that may be the key to preventing an infestation of these creatures, creatures with an insatiable appetite for human flesh-as long as Callie doesn’t stop her.

Home, if Abbey reaches it, is just the beginning. Monsters are real and they’re coming.




YA-Aimed Sci-Fi, Humor, Romance

In a cash-strapped universe, the no-nonsense JG Hull finds her niche maintaining outdated starships for barter by using her skills, bare hands and her decommissioned drydock, the Katanga Bay. She is so successful that her business cuts deep into the profits of the shady Dockmaster, who holds a monopoly on shipbuilding and maintenance across the universe and will stop at nothing to put the one-woman show out of business, by hatching a series of plans they will soon regret.

A new Chapter every Friday.


I love this because I’ve also found some good stories to read, so thank you!
I’ve been working on a fantasy that’s a bit of an adventure type fantasy with a bit of action/violence in it. Not sure if its your thing but check it out and let me know what you think xx

Ara Landvik finds herself in the most unlikely of places. The Faery Realm, where all creatures of legend are confined to and can only cross back into the Mortal Realm with the magical influence of a full moon. Discovering she is part of an ancient blood line Ara and her brother must survive this new realm and find a way to get home safely.
Hunted and sought after by enemies and terrifying creatures, Ara must choose carefully who she will trust in this dangerous magical realm. For everyone knows that fair folk do not see good and evil the way mortals do.