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Queen (A Werewolf Story)
She wasn’t supposed to be human, but she was.
(Was she?)

They weren’t supposed to do that but they did.
(Did they?)

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this but it did.
(Are you sure?)

Jillian Mortier was human… or she thought. Before her older brother Kane’s Alpha Trial, she was fine. She trained hard and kept to her family and friends. But after the trial, she started having weird dreams and an odd sense that her life is about to change. The need to protect her family was overwhelming and the desperation to prepare for an attack increased. Jillian had an image, a certain expectation of how her life will go. But as life continues, it wasn’t what Jillian expected… and nothing could’ve prepared her for this.




The Golden Awakening:

History is bound to repeat itself if nobody recognises what occurred in the past, a buried past, as power can blind people and societies of their own actions.

Sarah Wilson is abruptly catapulted into a world she never knew existed.

However, this is a story which is seen through the eyes of not only Sarah, but the people around her, as they go through loss, happiness, love, truth and deceit.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/167060085-the-golden-awakening


Hi there,

I have a completed story called Trial 017. Here’s the cover and blurb:


Charlie doesn’t have powers, but everyone else does. Growing up in the shadow of his brother’s genius, Charlie has always been perpetually alone, never fitting into a society built for the able-bodied.

When an innocent visit to his brother’s school thrusts him into the middle of an international crisis, Charlie finds himself in the center of an intense struggle for survival, stranded on an alien planet and hunted by a mysterious organization that seems bent on capturing him alive. Separated from his brother and on the run, Charlie must learn to survive if there is any hope of finding his family and making it home.

It’s a completed story, full of action, superpowers, and intense worldbuilding. Also, the story is told in flashback form, so the narrative is seen as a collection of memories. The main character is first-person, the secondary characters are third-person. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for your time,
John Hobbes


Just started writing a book recently if you want a book that you can follow from start to finish! Its called San Moirae: City of Fate heres a blurb bellow! Enjoy!

Nine people, four districts, one city.

San Moirae is the City of Luck and barer of good fortunes. It’s home to more than 5 million hopefuls willing to place their lives in the hands of the fates, who seem to favor San Moirae over any other city in the world. Nine lives will become one, in the heart of San Moirae. Now that the web is woven, all that’s left is to watch all the pieces fall into place.

-Veronica, an excitable college graduate still looking for a story to write and hoping to find it in the city.

-Cammilea, A newly wedded wife with a nauseating fear of commitment

-Heath, A newly wedded husband and an ambitious business man, ready to start the next chapter of his life. Which will be harder? A new business or a relationship?

-Nina Glover, far-from-recovering drug and sex addict that has gotten herself way to connected with very wrong people. In her drug induced haze, will she find a way out?

-Ren Glover, trans girl struggling with the disapproval of everyone around her, but the transfer kid in her 7th grade class might not be the worse thing that’s happened all year.

-Tate Glover, over protective twin to Ren but at the cost of all his other relationships. The son of the city whore and sibling to the ‘confused boy’ Tate’s beginning to feel the crushing weight of the Glover name.

-Ezra Moore, a runaway whos trying to lose his identity among the faces and the names of the city so hes not returned to the torture house that was stripping him of his identity anyway.

-Greyson Ferris, one of many trans kids that are banished from home. Abandoned with nothing but their identity, Greyson is determined to make a name for themself as long as social services doesn’t come looking for them.

A/N This book will be a lot about relationships, friendships and identity and I’m trying hard to represent all of you. I hope you can find yourself in these characters and moments. This is a book about everyday human lives. Every life has an impact on other

Thanks for checking it out. Link’s here : https://www.wattpad.com/story/169760203-san-moirae-city-of-fate-previously-in-the-heart-of



My story is a thriller/teen fic. It starts off more as a teen fic, I’ll be honest, but then it builds into that ‘thriller’ concept further on.

Here’s my blurb:

Her strength has become her identity, but pain is her unseen reality.

Nina, someone with a dark story behind her and an unfortunate looking future, has her entire world brought upside down when she meets two unique people. Zachary - a sweet boy with a bright smile who gets closer than she originally thought, and Lena - a bit tougher than most - are involved in a lot more than they originally put off.

Nina finds this out as she begins to spend more time with the two, learning their story, and that it has a clearly drawn out villain. Only when it’s too late, Nina realizes that her relation with Zachary and Lena might make her an obvious target for someone who’s harsher than she’s ever known.

It’s called ‘Strength and Scars’ btw, and I’d love if you were to check it out. Either way, thanks!



Hi there:)
Try this:
Status: On going (39 chapters so far)
In this romantic-messed up-dramatic novel, young dancers cross each other’s paths, troubled with their limitations and traumas, putting their feet on weak beliefs and hoping they won’t fail this time. They want to escape from dark pasts and confidently reach for an unknown dream, guided by the passion for Music and the urge to Dance.
Yet their inevitable personality will trick them and raise their worst fears. In this long story full of crashes, crushes, wrong convictions and strong steps, each will mark their presence with a peculiar and precious signature.

The first victim of this rollercoaster is :purple_heart:Gwen, a sensible, introspective and bombastic girl. Addicted to drama, she is an easy and inevitable target. Little they know that dealing with her might make their life a passionate hell, where love and hate come hand in hand.
“He is ice, and the other is fire, I’m drowning in the flames. :billed_cap:Blue and :fire:Red driving me so Purple.”
“So what’s the next step? Can we break our masks and dance together, 'cause I can’t keep up like that.”

Status: Completed (85 Intense Chapters)
Traviz is wild and rebellious, and this impetuous spirit will take him far, but maybe too far. His world is tragic, marked by other’s accidents, so he makes his own, triggered by love and hate. The kid is innocent, the boy is angry, the guy is invincible. But he won’t stop bleeding.

The salvation?
He’s got a heart that needs a beat, a will to move his feet, and a mouth so he can spit.

This is the birth of Traviz O’Brien, one of the main characters of “Play With My Heart”.

Give it a try!!


The Hidden Avalon

Nyssa Mann found herself in a zombie apocalypse that claimed everyone she cared for. In search for a safe haven, she met a stranger who promised just that only to be tricked into a fantastical world where she will face a new kind of terror.

Albion, a realm trapped within a globe by a powerful ancient druid, would soon become embattled in a war between evil and good where even victory could still mean certain death for those imprisoned here.



So there’s this new book I’m currently working on which is mostly Mystery/Thriller/Romance.

It’s called,


The story of a young man captivated by the beauty of Katherine who is used to this…then why was this time different?

What made her want to seek revenge? And how is he related to all of this?
A story filled with characters you’ll hate to love and love to hate.
A story so dark and twisted it messes with your head.
A story where each chapter comes with a surprise only to confuse you more. Clues to unveil secrets can be found it if you know how to join the dots.

Questions are important, even the unanswered one.

If this interests you…do check it out.

Thank you.


Gracie (Grace) Anderson stops believing in fate and soulmates- when her 4 year relationship ultimately falls apart within seconds of being in a bathroom stall. When she craves revenge on a drunken whim- She falls victim to divine intervention and an unexpected surprise from her own mistakes.

I hope you decide to check mines out <3


I hope you will read my story.


They arrived without a sound, yet from my cage thirty five stories below the ground I knew they were there. The ships of the Rougarian Empire gave the people of earth no chance to negotiate, no chance to ready their defenses. Within an hour of settling into orbit they simply attacked.
Within a week of the offensive, earths military was reduced to a shadow of their previous power. Broken and reeling earths defenders fled into hiding, trying desperately to stay alive. That’s where I come in, created to take the place of hundreds of soldiers. I am faster, smarted, stronger, and better trained than anything this planet has ever seen.
But I’m not enough and I know it, I can barely hold my own against one of them, let alone the millions that are now on the planet. But there is one who can, I’ve seen him in my nightmares. I only hope he’s not to late.


Hope these may tickle your fancy:




Since I struggled to find a genre to fit my book - it just might be the sort of thing you are looking for.
Rats in the Pipes is set in the nor too distant future.
Ben, a dreamer with a past and a price on his head, hides in the shadows and trusts no-one until he meets Per, a pessimistic idealist with a knack for landing on his feet. As they realise they are both misfits they come to trust each other and their relationship grows despite the risks.
Mired in corruption and incompetence the city is beginning to fall apart. Every free citizen lives with the fear of slipping down and over the line into debt bondage and slavery. Apathy, exhaustion and fear keep people obedient. Life is regulated by the City Code that governs all aspect of dress and behaviour. Fines and punishments for non-conformity are increasingly severe but people are trapped because everyone knows life outside the City is impossible…
As their lives become ever more precarious Ben and Per start to consider the impossible. Events overtake them and together with an orphaned small boy, they risk everything, leave the City and set off into the wilderness on a perilous journey to find a place to call home

The book is complete 37 chapters and I’ve just started posting the sequel - Cracks in the Spires.
People who have read it - I admit not many so far - have all been enthusiastic and enjoyed the plot and the characters.


Hello. This is my book. The genre would probably be categorized as urban fantasy. It is ongoing but I do update regularly and the chapters themselves are quite lengthy.

Blurb - Distorted and twisted, she broke her soul. The woman was patient, she had waited years for this moment, and now there was nothing in this world that could stop what came next.


Here is a snippet:

Azurae slowly made her way downstairs as discreetly as she could, being careful not to make a sound. She would be in so much trouble if her parents found her here. The last time she did this she was caught red-handed with her hand in a cookie jar.

Her pocket money was cut by half.

Azurae stepped away from the stairs only for her to lose her footing and slip, causing her to hit the floor with a loud thud.

Getting back on her feet, Azurae tried to spot what she had slipped on and touched it. There was a dark smear on the floor. She couldn’t make out what it was. Bringing her fingers towards the light of the moon she looked at it.

It was a warm red.

If you do read it. I would be grateful if you could tell me what you think.:blush:



Teen Fiction/ Sci-Fi

I was hoping buying a new jeep for my seventeenth birthday would be the start to a great year. Things were looking up until I caught my ex-boyfriend Elliot cheating on me at Prom. It didn’t help that I was already facing an eating disorder and trying to overcome the fact that my father left us when I was younger. Thankfully I had my best friend Regina with me at my side.

Life changed that fateful day when I noticed a strange light in the park. My poor judgement told me to visit the park and I did. Little did I know that touching that light would give me a power. An element if you will. I had the power to bring things back to life. This new power completely changed my life. I wasn’t sure if I could trust anyone with my new power.

At best my secret was probably safe with Regina. But Elliot was a different story. In fact, he was already out to make my life miserable. There would be no telling what Elliot would do if he ever knew the truth. The fate of the world was in my hands.

Prologue and Preview Chapter are available. 1st Chapter arrives Jan 1st.


Hey there! Hope you’re still taking requests?


Ether Roots

Ten years of hiding has given Anna Coleman one thing she can count on: anonymity. She’s a ghost, blending in. Forgetful. Forgotten. Safe.

After disappearing under less than ideal circumstances, Anna believes her past and its supernatural horrors are truly behind her. But heritage is impossible to shake. Especially one revolving around a Community far removed from normal society: one where the elements take flesh and blood form and reality bends at the whims of witches and lesser gods.

Anna may pass as a human. She may walk and talk like the None-ether Sensitives filling the streets of New York, but she is far from safe. After one ill-fated encounter reveals her identity, Anna is launched into the center of a desperate man’s struggle that will not only turn the haunted into the hunted, it will bring the Community to its knees, taking her with it in the process.

Genre: Urban Fantasy



Blood and Tines

This isn’t your grandmother’s Beauty and the Beast.

A question to the reader: Do you know how to survive? If your creature comforts fell away and you were forced to endure under the reign of a foreign power, would you live to see the sunrise?

That question has become the culmination of Ria Erfinder’s life. Since fleeing the London fires under the cover of darkness as a child, Ria and her family have fought to remain anonymous. To remain hidden. To survive. That’s how Witches in the era of the Hunts live, but when tasked by her twin sister to deliver a sensitive package to a hidden village, Ria takes a stab at freedom, never anticipating the cost would be so high.

Driven off course by weather and wolves, Ria finds herself trapped as an interloper in a world far beyond her understanding. It will take every scrap of determination to survive, but if exposure and starvation don’t kill her, the pawn she has become in a supernatural struggle raging in Tree Spring will.

Genre: Fantasy Romance



Just Keep Running

Description: What happens when a 16 year old runner sees her undead math teacher on the cross country course. When she gets a call from her mom saying not to come home. When the radio goes off saying their has been a catastrophic event. Ava can’t handle this. She is an insecure control freak and the only thing that slows her mind is running. She knows she won’t survive this but drives to fort Jackson hoping for a safe haven. She trembles when she enters the fort knowing that this place will be here savior or her death sentence.

Blurb from story: When I walked I walked back into the bunker I saw the third thing I’ll never forget. It was this really tall guy taking his shirt off and damn he was ripped. I admired him for a second he had a large scar down his back, and he was really tan. He was standing in front of my bunk too. He started reaching for his pants, and I knew I couldn’t just stand their and be a perv. I coughed and he turned around. That was an even better view. He was clearly one of the soldiers because of his uniform. He had a six pack and his pants where hanging low showing his V. He had sweat rolling down his chest. I looked up and realized it was the guy who saved me Peter?
“Uh I’m sorry I just got back from my shower and was coming to change.” I thought I was going to fear men after the attack but he gave off a safe aura like he was a protector.

Hi so this is my story! It’s work in progress and I’m working on adding a lot to the story. My fav character is Ava because I modeled her after someone like me. It will make more since if you read. It would greatly appreciated!! The link doesn’t work great so you can just goto my profile runnergirl016


Hey there - I have a dark drama in the vampire genre for you. It feels safe to say that my MC is the most human vampire though. Anger-issues meet military damaged personality.

I can also guarantee that there is a lot of action and violence is something that cannot be prevented. Some chapters are pretty intense I’d say. A friend of mine who is an Alpha reader told me that he sometimes need to re-read the chapter just to make sure that this really happened. Not because it’s unrealistic but he didn’t see it coming.

I’m currently at chapter 54 and every chapter will take you around 15-20 minutes :slight_smile:

Hidden Truths - Ethan

London, 1848.
Everybody needs someone to hate. I’m Ethan Vinge, the lord’s first royal guard. I am also Ethan, the Butcher. The blood is something I know very well. To be honest, I am pretty happy about the fact that someone got killed and I finally will be able to do what I can best: Hunting them down.

Never would I have guessed that all my nightmares come to get alive in between. All the betrayal, desperation, wrong turns and of course the blood and death are giving me a hard time, but - and this is important - this is the only way to find out who I am. The real Ethan, in case something like this exists.

Even though Lord Blackwood also suffers under the burden of ruling an unsteady kingdom, I am here. I will protect him with my life and whatever it takes.



This story is a romance drama (nothing fluffy, I promise!) and also contains mystery elements (threats, death, runaways, lies, deceit). It’s called 1000 and More Calls, it’s posted on @leighyeann and alternates phone calls and dialogues with prose.


•Hi there, Im new to Wattpad, my story isn’t up yet but it will be early next year. My story is a sic-fi/fantasy. Its also violent and very emotion to read. At least that what my beta readers say anyway. Please follow me for when the book has been published up in my works if your interested on reading it.

•Ill give you the backing of the book. I do know there are mistakes in it. just step over those.

In a galactic realm home to humans, gifted beings, flying ships, grand cities, mystical creatures and advanced technology; a threat that had disappeared over a decade ago has suddenly returned. Hunters. Who was once a violent group of mercenaries that are now an organized brigade of solders, murdering small isolated villages and town.

But before many worlds become fully aware of their movements, a village in the cotton region, in the world known as Coiz, was brutally ambushed. Where a single eleven year old girl was taken; Dawn Zycrow. However, once in the hands of the Hunters, Dawn is recruited to their training camp with many other stolen children.

Dealing with years of hardship of being with the hunters before finally escaping, taken an unbearable toll on Dawn; making it too much for her, when an unforeseen mystery about a prophecy surfaces. This leads many people to believe that Dawn’s unfortunate past to be no coincidence.

Between her life being in danger since birth, to being chased by the leader of the hunters, all the while with a creed, which seems to have more say in what happens to her then she does; what kind of fate does Dawn Zycrow truly have?

Chronicles of Our Brother’s Creed series


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