Fun Topic(Rate Your Character’s Trust Level)

Alright, now we have all written god knows how many characters. I have seen threads about pretty much everything, but never once this.

Ranging between 0% and 99% gauge how well your leading character trusts another. The distance between 0% and 99% will gauge the likelihood of them cooperating, with 1% being always that chance where they may not be able to work with them in a specific case, even if they are very close. So there will never be 100% chance.

Also in case of events where they have to work together, even if they don’t trust them, feel free to still rate it 0%, if the character you know later down the line does not get better to have their trust. 0% while working together simply means that the leading character is on full alert.

I will start from Book 1

I will just give the names without any spoilers.

King 30%

Queen 50%

Prince 40%

Anya(Princess) 80%

Vampire(starting out) 5%

Vampire(later down) 50%

Richter 15%

Lucia 12%

Raphael 12%

Magi’s(starting off) 40% (later down) 0%

Greed 0%

Lust 0%

Wrath 20%

Envy 80%

Hades 0%

Rose 50% (later down the line) 70%

Iguana 90%

Valor(old friend) 99%

Everyone else 1%

Book 2

Ryan 50%

Valor (starting off) 20%(later down the line) 99%

Alastor(father) starting off 20% (later down the line) 75%

Reynas(mother) starting off 50% (later down the line) 99%

Argent (starting off) 50% (later down the line) 99%

Odin 0%

Freya 30%

Ares 0%

Artemis 0%

Chronos 0%

Reed (starting off) 20% (later down the line) 0%

Ultima 0%

Ardin 0%

Maria 99%

leviathan 99%

Everyone else 1%

Book 3

Rick 50%

Kain(starting off) 50% (later down the line) 99%

Martha 50%

Other friends I can’t seem to remember 50%

Freya 70%

Ryan(starting off) 30% (later down the line) 70%

Valor(starting off) 50% (later down the line) 99%

Odin 0%

Chronos 0%

Ares 0%

Artemis 0%

Ultima 0%

Loki( starting off) 0% later down the line 50%

Hel 0%

Hades 0%

Lust 0%

Wrath 20%

Envy 80%

Greed 0%

Argent(starting off) 50% (later down) 99%

Everyone else 1%

Now I probably missed some, but this is the general take on things :joy:

Alright, so your turn peeps.

I currently only have one main character and her trust for other people is like 2% (she has good reason thought)

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Pretty much the same for most people with mine :joy:

Though that’s more like 1% as stated above. They don’t trust easily, and three books will make it clear why, specifically the second one :dog2:

My mc’s reason is more obvious, she’s a prostitute :joy:

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Well, I would question things if they didn’t have trust issues in that line of work :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah, she really brings herself out as a realist. I don’t know how I write her; we’re so different.

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In my most recent novel:

Nick: 2% (almost impossible for him to trust anyone. He can work with them if he has to, but he won’t put trust without strong skepticism.)

Addy: 69% (she likes to believe people are generally good or at least reliable most of the time, but obviously, she can be skeptical at times.)

Rowan: 1% (it’s not that he has trust issues like his brother. It’s just that he doesn’t think people deserve trust.)

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Here is the character list from one of my stories:

Dyako Ayala: 52%

Atlas Havoc: 7%

Camari Turner: 29%

Tai Nouren: 5%

Zoë Zohar: 40%

Waverly Maxwell: 76%

Orion Hale: 98%

Pepper O’Harris: 75%

Lilac Carnisp: 44%

Leilani Carsnip: 44%

Dante Grace: 75%

Samara Weaver: 70%

Yazmin Carlis: 57%

Kiarah Moore: 62%

Alisa Turner: 80%

Xia Zohar: 4%

Blaine Moore: 95%

Quinley Weston: -5%

Isla Waters: 43%

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It’s that bad :joy::joy:

Let’s just say that if you could actually go negative with trust, she would be the first one to do it.

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Fair point, whatever I listed as 0% wouldn’t be scalable in that sense XD

0% is a good enough indicator on trust level.

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