There was something wrong with this I think (why it looks weird on the phone)

Well, either this or the other box

I feel like supposed to be doing something right now

But what is it?

I need to make a new to-do list :thinking:

Never getting to #4, am I :’)

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@shadowsettle @dystopial you would click on that (should be the same on both PC and mobile) and log your numbers in. Careful not to cut the code (there’s a lot)


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ah ha! I forgot to backlog through the sanctuary. that’s what it was!


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How did you make that - box?

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[-] =


How did you find that? :joy:

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Think I accidentally clicked on - when I first learned to make the box, and it worked ? tried (some) other letters/characters and only seemed to work

You have to be a certain trust level to edit wikis.

So, that’s why it’s not working for some people.


Ah, I see.

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Seriously?? this kinda really sucks. the wiki thing was working out pretty well

I’ll add it in for them then. I think only one person doesn’t have access

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You have to be trust level 2 (member).

Basic users can’t edit wikis.

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Tempted to try all the letter/symbols/characters now even though it’ll most likely be a waste of time

I know an even better solution.

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Do tell

Google spreadsheet.

Every user gets a row.

Every day is a new column.