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The shop will be closed for now, for those who wants to request a cover, I’m sorry but I won’t be active on WP for the meantime.

Greetings! I am here to satisfy your graphic needs, and make you high-quality covers for your books!

I mostly lean on and create minimalistic and simplistic aesthetic designs. But, I’m willing to accepts complex designs to improve and challenge my creativity!

Here are some of my previous works:


I accept requests such as:

But before requesting please take note of the terms and agreements

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  • Please complete the payment. (or you won’t receive your request)
  • Requests will NOT be accepted if it doesn’t follow the rules.
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  • I will post the finished products down below and tag you ASAP.
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Author: DiceFab

Title: Beyond the Horizon

Subtitle (optional): N/A

Blurb: Lara Aguilar is the seventeen-year-old high school that is a year closer to graduating, she’s supposed to be having fun with dances and school spirit, but living in Los Angeles doesn’t make it easier when her parents struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Genre: Teen Fiction

Ideas/Inspiration: (Here are three ideas) 1- A teenage girl in the middle of the school hallway where there are lockers and people, 2- A girl at the beach late at night she’s either sitting on the sand or swimming in the water, 3-A girl at the beach looking at the beach or at a lake.

Password: U.S

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Thank you for requesting! Your request has been accepted. Please complete your payment as I make your cover. And please be patient and wait for your finished cover. Thanks.

I completed your request I just need to the credit. Can I do that part once I put the story?

Yes, thanks again!

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No problem :slight_smile:

Delivery for @DiceFab

I made two versions for your book cover, and took your ideas. If there are things that you want to change let me know. Thank you!



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Thanks, they look great :):blush:

Hey, do you make covers for awards?

I haven’t done one, but sure! I’d like to do one for you. Just tell me what you want to do here :point_down:

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Thanks! Okay.

Would you be fine with a long term commitment or a one time thing is preferable?

I mostly do the one time thing, since my payment is also like a one time thing only. But I’d be fine with that long commitment, I might consider adding another payment if you’re ok with that

DM me, we can discuss this there! :smiley:

Ok sure. :+1:

Author: Fern

Title: Finding Fraser

Subtitle (optional): N/A

Blurb: Laura Fraser is missing. Police don’t know if she’s dead or alive, if she was abducted or if she ran away. But none of that matters. All that matters is that the people closest to Laura wanted her gone, and any which way the police look leads to a dead end. Told through a compilation of documents, text messages, and records, this dossier captures every passing moment of Laura Fraser’s life, including the life that no one ever saw.

Genre: Mystery/Teen Fiction

Ideas/Inspiration: Hey! So I know some of these might sound oddly specific, but here are a few ideas: 1-I was thinking a bunch of polaroids of a girl with the eyes scratched out in black marker with the title there. 2-A silhouette of a police officer staring at a bunch of documents pinned to a board. 3-Maybe like yearbook photos or group pictures where a girl’s silhouette is in the middle. I really don’t want to control your creativity but those are just some ideas that have been circulating in my head :slight_smile:

Password: 'Murica

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Your request has been accepted! Thank you for checking out Galactica Covers Shop! Please do be patient while I work your cover into existence. And also please, while I'm working on it, complete the payment (credit me if you use the cover after I made it)

Hey! I'm done with your request, and I'm currently waiting for you to complete the payment (follow & reading list). And also don't forget to credit me for my work. I'll post your cover ASAP after your payment. Thanks!

Hey! The payment has been completed, sorry for the delay :smile:

Delivery for @tree_plant_thing

Here's your request! You're welcome and thank you for waiting. I hope you like the cover, I took some ideas from you and mixed them together, and this is the final product.


I’m amazed, point blank. Even the ideas I had in my head were not as good as what I’m looking at right now. Awesome job, thank you so much!

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