[Game] Let's Make Soup!


Hey guys!

This game is really simple.

Each user will throw an ingredient into the soup. Then the tenth person will be tasked with “eating” it. Please be sure to number your posts. After the first soup is eaten, we will prepare another one. So on and so forth.


Person 1: Tomatoes

Person 2: Onions

Person 3: Hot Sauce

Person 4: Lemon Juice

Person 5: Toenails

Person 6: Poison

Person 7: Water

Person 8: Paper

Person 9: Walnuts

Person 10: I take a sip from the soup. Immediately, the taste burns my mouth and the poison kills me. You can be as descriptive as you want with this. I give you creative permission!

So, let’s get started!

To make this fair, please don’t post twice in a row.

Count to 500 before a mod posts!

Ingredient 1: Milk


Ingredient 2:diced potatoes


Ingredient 3: Jalapeno Peppers


Ingredient 4: Green peas


Ingredient 5: Feline Whiskers


Ingredient 6: Vinegar


Ingredient 7: Garlic powder


Ingredient 8: Milk Chocolate Truffles


Ingredient 9: Spinach


I take a sip of the soup and it tastes so weird that I run and spit it out in the toilet


Ingredient 1: A Lightbulb


Ingredient 2; turnip


Ingredient 3: Heavy cream


Ingredient 4: Malt Vinegar


Ingredient 5: Ketchup


Ingredient 6: A stuffed animal


Ingredient 7: paper


Ingredient 8: Socks


Ingredient 9: A raw egg