Gandalf should be a wahmen?!

Have y’all heard if this? Robyn Malcolm, who I’m sure you know from her vital role of putting two kids on a horse and sending them away in The Two Towers, wants Gandalf to be played by a woman in the Amazon LOTR series. Because we need more strong female roles. How do we get them? Turning all the men into women of course because reverse sexism isn’t wrong.

I believe Gandalf would say, “throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity.”

Or would he say, “gender bends are just a new path. One which we all must take.”

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I get where she’s coming from: Middle Earth is a massive sausage party, after all. However, changing a gender of an established character would be marketing suicide so it won’t happen anyway.


I feel like when you start messing with the gender or race of a character within the fantasy genre, you’re not just making a small change. You’d be breaking world roles and traditions.

Eowyn wasn’t even supposed to be at that battle she was in. She had to creep. Plus, lotr does have a strong magical woman character in Galadriel who is magically buff as heck, being one of the earliest beings in that world.


As long as she keep the beard I’m okay with it


I will just respond to this by saying …


It would go against the intent of the author. Imagine if you write a story with a strong female lead that grows in popularity. Years down the road, they decide to change your character into something else that you never intended. It’s important to respect the intent of the writer.


Gandalf has a beard :bearded_person:
No offence to any woman, but wouldn’t it look a little peculiar having a woman, with a beard clad in grey/white robes. The whole intent of Gandalf is to have the special connection towards Galadriel and be the staring role. “The wise one” in some aspects of it.
‘Yet for all your subtleties you have not wisdom.’ - LOTR Quote, Denethor.
If we have a female relationship - Gandalf and Galadriel - then that’s like turning Aragorn into a woman and having relations with Arwen. It cuts out the significance of the emotion intent from the author and the previous films.


go for it tbh

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No, don’t do it.

There’s nothing wrong with Gandalf. He’s a beloved character, and changing him into a woman will only end in disaster.


Because mainstream modern media are woefully incompetent when it comes to having a strong female lead that’s not a Mary Sue, an arrogant asshole, painfully boring, or all of these at once combined into ultimate failure.

I’m all for strong female characters, but this is absolute heresy.


i think it’ll be interesting

Unless they change his race and sexuality as well, there will still be people who complain.

Gandalf’s gender is irrelevant to his character.
He could easily be played by a woman.

(he’s not even human, but a spirit being)

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…an old man with a staff. …a figure strongly built and with broad shoulder, though shorter than the average of men and now stooped with age, leaning on a thick rough-cut staff as he trudged along.

It’s generally okay to re-imagine or take generous artistic liberty with minor characters, but for any serious adaption, efforts should be made to respect the author’s descriptions and limit liberties in respect to major characters, settings, and events.

Furthermore in this case, it would be an obvious attempt at pushing a political agenda, and one not necessarily shared by Tolkien or his estate. If I’m mistaken on that last part, then perhaps some additional liberties can be made, but you’d still have to overcome public perception. If not, it’s just plain disrespect for the author and his work.



I didn’t say he wasn’t written as a male. He obviously was. That’s impossible to change.

I’m just pointing out that his gender has no bearing on the story. At all.

Plus it’s an assumed form; he’s Maia after all.

I’m also not saying he HAS to be RE-IMAGINED. I’m cool with him being old and grey. But I also wouldn’t freak out if they made him a woman. If they made him a 17-yo girl with purple eyes and leather pants, sure, I’d never touch it, but if he was an older woman… or a - gasp - colored man… wouldn’t matter.

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That’s said, I don’t really see the point in doing stuff like that. Re-imagining old classics. Why not just let stuff that’s already been written one way, remain that way. Use energy to come up with something new and exiting?


that’s stupid. i like strong queens but gandalf doesnt need to be changed. but this is just one lady’s opnion i doubt they’re actually gonna do it or think about it because everyone would be pissed af

Good luck getting that past the Tolkien estate. It wouldn’t make the post box.


Man, if they think making Luke a grouchy old hermit in TLJ pissed fans off, that will have NOTHING on this. I’m totally against it, because I have at least one speck of common sense bouncing around inside my skull somewhere…but I’ll go get some popcorn ready in case they actually do it.


I’m of the mind that the artist’s original descriptions of major characters, plot points, and themes should be mostly preserved in serious adaptions. It’s fine to change minor stuff for artistic license or even major ones in less-serious adaptations or complete re-imaginings, but they should be labeled as such.

Amazon’s license and intent for this series is to adapt Tolkien’s vision, not strike their own, so I would be disappointed in seeing major items changed (and the estate did put some heavy restrictions in the contract on Amazon’s artistic license anyway).

In regards to incorporating modern political agendas, or even introducing modern concepts into works in general, I usual prefer when it’s done in original content, rather than remakes, adaptions, or “based on” material. Generally okay with it in reboots too when it’s your own stuff you reboot.

Basically, don’t do it just for the sake of doing it.