Gazetteer of the Wattpad Fantasy Realms

Hey, so that’s not too pretentious a title, right? Anyway, a topic I started on the old forums and would love to see explored here is one where we show off some of our imaginary locations. Anything from the wise woman’s hovel outside of town to your fantasy version of Venice where the canals are full of Deep Ones to an interdimensional library that would make Borges blush, lets see the locales that make your stories come to life.

MUNAZYR is a city at the crossroads of two empires: the Anointed Realms of the Malachite Throne to the west, and the Enlightened Kingdoms of the Most Holy and Eternal Sultan to the east. Once the capital of the Anointed Realms, is it is now an independent city-state that has traded back and forth between the two rival empires so often that most historians aren’t entirely sure how many times it’s happened. One of the greatest ports in the world, dozens of cultures have left their stamp on the city, and hundreds of tongues can be heard in its streets. It is home to some of the world’s greatest centers of learning, as well as some of the most dangerous slums known (the city guard refuse to go to Adder’s Hill in patrols of less than five). Thirty years ago it was nearly destroyed by a terrible and magical plague called the Yellow Death. Rumors persist that fragments of it still haunt the endless passages cut into the stone beneath the city’s streets.

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This is such a fun topic. I’ve got a lot of different locations planned for Seam Sorceress, but we’ll start out with Tilly’s hometown.

If you’re looking to get away from the complicated hustle-and-bustle of OPALINE or NEW INNSMOUTH, why not carry yourself on over the SEMSI MOUNTAINS to the biggest little town of COLEVILLE of SOUTHEAST GRIMLAND! With a population of approximately 2000 people, we’re small enough to know your neighbors but big enough to maintain some privacy–unless you run afoul of the church lady’s gossip circle, but they mean well, y’all!

Why don’t you pull up a rocking chair at MA HUBBARD’S GENERAL STORE and light up a cigarette, courtesy of the local KING CIGARETTE COMPANY? Remember, when you’re looking for that good-time feeling, nothing beats a King cigarette. For parties, get-togethers, or just any ole occasion: MAKE MERRY WITH THE KING.

Or if you’re a thrill seeker type, you can head on down to the county fair, provided by Royal Entertainment LTD.* There, you can ride the JACK-BE-NIMBLE, get dizzy on the RING-O-ROSES, or brave the terrifying CYCLONE! Don’t forget to visit GERTRUDE, THE GOOSE THAT LAYS GOLDEN EGGS, take in a concert by ALAN A. DALE, or compete in JENNY PIEMAN’S Pie-Eating Contest!

No matter how your story began, it always ends happily here in COLEVILLE. Y’all come back now, you hear?

*Royal Entertainment LTD is considered agricultural tourism. By participating you are waiving Royal Entertainment LTD’s responsibility for any resulting death or dismemberment.


Seattle, California # Based on Seattle, but a city in California.
Venice, Nashville # A version of Nashville flooded to the point of looking like Venice. Tending to be a land of increasingly Southern European immigrants. Motor boat replacing cars.

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This is a great thread idea!

TAMAR is the capitol city of the Meridian Isles. It’s a place where days are long and the sun is hot. The buildings are short and thick, built with sandstone to withstand the vicious typhoons that tear through it following the end of the hot season. Four fifths of the city is walled, with the last fifth open on a narrow harbour, one easily controlled by the Meridian navy. Docks line the marketplace, filled with blue-green and yellow ships, paying homage to their chosen gods. The marketplace smells strongly of fish, but the rest of the city air has a fresh, saltwater taste. The wind blows strong most days, and the people are tough, clad in burnt oranges and reds, dressed for the heat and reflective of the landscape. Forty years ago the city was in the beginning of a two year siege that devastated its population and economy, but in the decades since the Great War, the city (and country) has rebuilt, selling warships and merchant ships as fast as they can build them.

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  1. A tiny town upon a dresser top, populated by miniature folk and creatures called Frous. Smells like there’s a laundry enthusiast living among them who believes every day is laundry day.


  1. Hereth, a city of shrooms. Stinks of FILTHY elves and fungus. The air is stale and warm, never stirred by so much as a wheeze of wind. And don’t follow the street signs. They don’t know where they’re going, either.


  1. Notyedame, the Wyverkiiri city at the foot of Mount Malignant. Its folk have a better grasp of hygiene than Hereth’s lot and they make a fortune off high-quality oil from mountain snakes and debauchery.


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