Gender-Neutral Terms to Refer to People on the Forums


Can’t talk for the majority but I from what I see, it’s pretty common…


Woah, really?

My courses hand out exams like there’s no tomorrow. o:


Neat, lol. I haven’t seen it much, but again it could just be who I’m around! :calmwolf:


Well, I’m in high school, so mine are in January, but don’t worry, I’ll certainly NOT do well :joy:


All of this new wave rules with manners is exhausting. Jeez.


wow that sounds so intense! what course do you do?


haha i’m sure you’ll do fine, regardless!


I’m studying human biology.

Right now, that means taking organic chemistry and human physiology. Fun stuff but very intense.

I had 5 exams in the past ~2 months. :sob:


i love human physiology, but oh god, organic chemistry. i totally hated that! at least you seem to enjoy it (minus the intensity)

wow that’s a lot! but it’s all worth it in the end, right? once you’re done with this, you can move onto med! (i think you said you were pre-med, i’m too lazy to scroll up and check ahaha)

anyways, good luck! and keep up your hard work :wink:


Dying because we just learned 50% of the material that’s going to be on the final for organic chemistry in the last week. is2g the pacing is a mess. At least with human physiology, it’s more manageable for me since I’ve kept up with the material well for the past 10 weeks.

My uni has 10-week terms followed by a week of finals. It’s called the quarter system and I both love it and hate it so much. It’s absolute madness.

I’m still a third year, so I have plenty of time before med school (if I even get in!). The U.S. education system’s a mess, so we need to sell ourselves to get into uni and med school. (Yeah, I am. Are you? I think you mentioned you were.)

Thank you! Best of luck to you, too.


the quarter system sounds really interesting, i’ve never heard anything like it.
oh, really? what year do you start applying to med school?
nope i’m not doing med and i’m not really interested in going into it at graduate level (though most of my friends are). it looks to competitive to me, i’d rather just get a job in the lab or go into research (i really enjoy bioinformatics and that field looks promising)

i hope everything works out well, and that you absolutely smash those finals of yours! best of luck <3


It’s popular in a lot of universities in the U.S.

I think people start applying at the start of their fourth year so they can start med school the next fall. You’ve also got to take the MCAT, too, which is an intense 7-hour long exam pre-med students everywhere literally die over because it’s so damn long and hard.

Ah, I see. I hope you end up doing something you really enjoy!

Thank you. :lumi:


i like buckaroo tbh

“hey buckaroo, hows your day?”


this is so random and i love it :joy:


ive loved it ever since someone replied to me on reddit using it. im obsessed.


‘buddy’ and ‘pal’ are but they are also kind of equivalent to ‘my friend’ so… yeah. Honestly I thought ‘dude’ and ‘sis’ were gender-neutral as well but eh


I love using “y’all” and use it online and in real life.

I will die on the “y’all” hill.


Cannot believe that everyone is sleeping on “comrade”. The true gender neutral term.


Comrade is the same as friend and people got mad at me for that so :woman_shrugging::joy:


It’s not the same, comrade is way less intimate

if you want it to be