Gender Stereotype Test





Guess the gender identity of the character described above you! In turn, reply to this post with a character description of your own, and let the guessing begin. DESCRIPTIONS MUST NOT CONTAIN THE CHARACTER’S NAME OR USE PRONOUNS THAT RELATE TO THEIR GENDER IDENTITY
You can use they/them as the pronouns for the description, and if you must, the first letter of their name as their name. If your character is meant to have an exaggerated gender stereotype, this could also help you to see if that is translating clearly enough.

Remember, this is a critique group. Be respectful; we all want to avoid stereotypes and we’ve all struggled with them. This thread is not meant to offend anyone, it is simply an analysis of the character and how it would be perceived by others in terms of gender stereotyping.

To help you out, I’ll make a template you can follow if you want (you don’t have to use the template):

External Factors

Hair color:
Eye color:
Build/height/body type:
Brief description of what they would be wearing right now:
Ticks/Habits they have(and when they do them):

Internal Factors

Introvert/extrovert/in between:
How do other characters perceive them:
How they perceive others:
How they perceive themselves:
Mostly fight/mostly flight:
Brief description of personality:
The way they talk (if distinctive, with accents or mispronunciations, etc.):

Brief backstory details (optional):

I’ll start (without the template):

With the interest to protect them from a successful suicide attempt, their mother knocks them into a potion cabinet and temporarily them into a bat, causing an also temporary loss of memory. Leaving the owner who adopted them as a pet once the curse wore off, they went after the big city to uncover their past again. They reconnect to their love for punk rock music, joining an underground punk club, at the same time battling the fear of self, and the unknown, as aspects of the bat curse kept returning occasionally in a werewolf manner. They have bright green hair (almost like highlighter ink), overly pierced ears, snake bite piercings and are generally quite pale, wearing eyeliner to compensate for it. They wear generally dark clothing; an ironic leather jacket with an upturned collar that says ‘bite me’. They get really offended when they are put into the stereotype of a dangerous, bloodsucking vampire as they are most certainly not dangerous, nor bloodsucking, and most importantly NOT A VAMPIRE.


It could, of course, really go either way but I’m going to say female.

H. works at an office in Shijiazhuang. They handle files submitted by district officials from around the province of Hebei. They have to decide the fate of these peoples’ careers. If it gets really bad, they forward to the security services, but most of the time it’s just a career thing. They live in a small but expensive house, with their family. The person to whom they are married also works for a different branch of the same organization. They have two children. They are currently investigating reports of suspicious conduct on the part of a district official who is assigned to the capital. Could it be corruption? Or is it merely a coincidence? They’ll make a preliminary investigation. Their hair is black, they have a pair of well made glasses, and they enjoy listening to intense music like rock.


Hm. I’m going to say female. Either way, they sound cool. :slight_smile:

Age: 18

Hair color: Light brown

Hairstyle: Longer hair

Eye color: Blue

Build/height/body type: Above average height, lean

Introvert/extrovert/in between: Extrovert for sure

How do other characters perceive them: They are generally well-liked

How they perceive others: They love helping others, but can be too trusting

How they perceive themselves: They are confident in their abilities, but have recently been put through a period of confusion and a bit of an identity crisis

Mostly fight/mostly flight: They’ll stand up for their abilities but aren’t violent, I’d say fight

Brief description of personality: They love to be around others and have fun. Pretty sarcastic, but a big softy on the inside

Brief backstory details (optional): They’ve grown up as a member of the royal family and have lived a very privileged life, but suddenly things are becoming complicated. Their hobbies include volunteering in their kingdom, music, reading, and studying a variety of subjects for fun.


I’m leaning towards female.

Age: 19
Hair color: blonde
Hairstyle: short
Eye color: brown
Build/height/body type: shorter than average, lean
Brief description of what they would be wearing right now: something impractical for the apocalyptic world they live in.
Ticks/Habits they have(and when they do them): playing with a loose thread on their shirt or tugging at their clothes when in deep thought.

Introvert/extrovert/in between: in between.
How do other characters perceive them: as heavily self centered.
How they perceive others: as threats or doomed.
How they perceive themselves: a failure/a survivor
Mostly fight/mostly flight: they’ll stand up to people but run from anything they believe might actually hurt them.
Brief description of personality: Overly stubborn, refusing to let go of the past even as they believe that other people should. Very curious about things to the point of being annoyingly nosy. Generally avoids interacting with other people more than they have to or want to to satisfy their curiosity, either because they don’t trust them or don’t want to get close to anyone in a world where death claims people too quickly.


I’d say female…

Age - 17
Hair color - black
Hairstyle - Long
Eye color - blue
Build/height/body type - average
What they would be wearing right now - robe/cloaks suited for combat
Ticks/Habits - getting lost in thought thinking about his/her past

Introvert/Extrovert/In between - Extrovert
How others percieve him/her - A hero/heroine, a guardian, someone useful to obtain world domination
How he/she percieves others - lucky
How he/she percieves themselves - immortal, loveless
Mostly fight/flight - mostly fight
Personality - acts happy all the time, great at acting and putting on a mask
The way he/she talks - usually uses a happy voice

Brief backstory - has been cursed, learned exorcism and martial arts in the Eastern Islands, learned academics in the Western Gardens. Currently wanders the desert.


I’m guessing male.

Age: 25
Hair color: Red
Hairstyle: Short
Eye color: Brown
Build/height/body type: Pretty short but otherwise average
Brief description of what they would be wearing right now: A uniform, dark red shirt and grey trousers. Broken handcuffs on their wrists.
Ticks/Habits they have(and when they do them): They find it a little hard to focus sometimes, their mind always going off on tangents.

Internal Factors

Introvert/extrovert/in between: Introvert
How do other characters perceive them: Friendly, and good at what they do, but what they do isn’t fighting or anything heroic like that. They’re not tough.
How they perceive others: Depends on who they are.
How they perceive themselves: Unlucky, mostly. They think the universe might personally have it out for them.
Mostly fight/mostly flight: Mostly flight, but still wants to protect others.
Brief description of personality: Loyal and honest, doesn’t like conflict, a little squeamish, not brave
The way they talk (if distinctive, with accents or mispronunciations, etc.): Quite formally, and often with a pessimistic tone.

Brief backstory details (optional): They worked as an engineer in an outpost, but joined forces with a space-pirate once it was destroyed.


I think its a female.

Age: 27
Hair color: Black
Hairstyle: Long
Eye color: Golden
Built & height: Well built and tall
What they would be wearing right now: A dark colored Kimono
Habits they have: Smoothening their hair

They are introvert.
They perceive others based on how they look.
They perceive themselves as the best in what they do.
They are mostly fight about what they love.

Personality: They are calm gentle and caring towards the one they love but arrogant.They try to get what they like through any means.



My Character:

Age: 20
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eye Colour: Green
Height: About 165cm

Owns an army of cute, cuddly teddy bears
Will fight for those they love
Has a big creative flare


But male :relieved:


I’m thinking female, but I really want to read a story about a male owning an army of cute, cuddly teddy bears now.

Age: 16
Hair color: red
Hairstyle: about mid length
Eye color: blue
Build/height/body type: about 5’7" if they stand up straight, scrawny
Brief description of what they would be wearing right now: t-shirt, jeans, hoodie

Introvert/extrovert/in between: extrovert
How do other characters perceive them: happy-go-lucky, friendly, naive
How they perceive others: good/trustworthy until proven otherwise


I’ll say female, but I feel like they could be male as well. The scrawny’s throwing me off, man!

External Factors
Age: 24
Hair Colour: Half Black, Half White
Hairstyle: Short, messy. High maintenance
Eye Colour: Green
Build/Height/Body Type: 5’6"-5’7"-ish. Lean and lithe, with slight hips.
What they’d be wearing: Formal shirt, waistcoat, business pants, business shoes. Potentially a tie or bowtie.
Ticks/Habits they have(and when they do them): Obsessed with perfect hair. Like, their hair must be pristine before they do anything.

Internal Factors
Introvert/Extrovert/In Between: In Between/Ambivert. Finds people somewhat tiring, but likes company.
How do other characters perceive them: Uptight, slightly distrusting unless you know them well, a bit of a smartass and a total cinnamon roll.
How they perceive others: Guarded, doesn’t really have any opinion of people they don’t know, but spiteful and sarcastic to people they dislike.
How they perceive themselves: Low self-esteem. Knows that they’re not just average, but has a hard time understanding what they’re meant to do. Considers themselves to be lower or inferior to those around them.
Mostly fight/mostly flight: Flight. But if they had to, they could fight for someone they cared about.
Personality: Careful, considerate. Quite analytical, but enjoys creative pursuits to relax. Sarcastic, though caring to people close to them. Gets embarrassed really easily, so friends like to take advantage of that. Willing to put themselves out there, but often second-guesses themselves, if only mentally. Can get quite anxious
The way they talk: Formal language, quite descriptive.


Uhh, I’d say male. Just an uhrm, really prissy male.

External Factors:

Age: Unknown, but known to be a teenager; Servant children don’t have their birth dates recorded

Hair color: Black

Hairstyle: Very short, close cut; coiled

Eye color: Dark brown

Build/height/body type: Severely underweight and malnourished; around 5’3;

Brief description of what they would be wearing right now: A bunch of dirty, loose fitting clothing

Internal Factors:

Introvert/extrovert/in between: Introvert by circumstance and discrimination; technically an extrovert

How do other characters perceive them: Kind of extravagant and over-the-top; refuses to be silent; undoubtedly innocent; looked down upon as diseased and dirty; often avoided

How they perceive others: Superior; likely to do them harm;

How they perceive themselves: Inadequate; dependant; overly reliant on H; no decent skills

Mostly fight/mostly flight: Mostly fight; often territorial (“I will protect you, H”)

The way they talk (if distinctive, with accents or mispronunciations, etc.): Low-level and high frequency language; no use of contractions; makes frequent use of Black Vernacular English

Brief backstory details: Born into the Servant caste of Edan’s northern district of Ads Adra, they were limited for opportunities from birth, and lived in slums (frequently referred to as Edan’s ‘Black Belt’). Their friend Karam came from a father who had managed to defy tradition and become employed, but soon he returned to the slums of Ads Adra after being avidly discriminated against and later shot for ‘fraternising with an outside woman’. This character lost their home (shack) in the Battle of Edan, fleeing south to the district of Cerrat and falling under the selfless care of an abused youngest child of eight—H.

They are schizophrenic, and haunted by the voice of Karam (who was killed during the Battle of Edan).


For some reason that whole time I imagined a male! Please respond and tell me what gender they actually are! It would be cool to find out :grin:

External Factors


Hair Colour:
Golden Blonde

Shortcut and curly

Tiny and malnourished

Daggy trousers and a baggy shirt (too big for them)

Curious despite looming dangers

Internal Factors:

Introvert when threatened, when they come to know someone they are very extroverted

Perceived by Others:
(by onlookers) filthy, annoying, deserving of punishment
(by ones that know them) adorable, kind, curious and innocent

Perceived by Selves:
They don’t think about themselves

Fight or Flight:
Flight (it is required to survive)

They are amazingly innocent, kind and generous despite their position of poverty. They are smart, and aware of the things that need to be done to survive – but they are also too trusting at the wrong times and too untrusting at the wrong times. Poor judgement.

They don’t know too many words and mispronounce most of them.

They were thrown out of a poor house (orphanage type thing) and lived on the streets for months, pickpocketing to survive.


Yeup, they’re male. Saleh Shoei, my star child. T^T Even if his story’s currently on my co-writer’s profile hsss fking Ziyx.


Rip. I never tango with co-writers and whatnot. Eventually a split would happen and arguments about who has the rights to the story begin. Usually in the end, you’d just have to ditch the story concept all together because both writers refuse to let the other have it.


So apparently there hasn’t been one left for me to answer. Nevermind, we can just start again from mine, right?

Age: 28
Hair colour: Blonde, often dyed a variety of colours
Hairstyle: Long and wavy
Eye colour: Blue
Build/height/body type: Above average height, but only slightly. Athletic.
Brief description of what they would be wearing right now: Skinny jeans, tank top, trainers and hoody. Likely pale in colour.
Ticks/Habits they have(and when they do them): Often chews nails.

Internal Factors

Introvert/extrovert/in between: Somewhere in between.
How do other characters perceive them: The quiet one in the group. Full of unnecessary self-doubt.
How they perceive others: Guarded and nervous about getting close to people, following past incidents.
How they perceive themselves: Independent, better alone, determined.
Mostly fight/mostly flight: Would go either way, depending how much they cared about the situation. Certainly not afraid to fight.
Brief description of personality: Intensely determined, focused on building a better future and moving on from the past. Can be a bit of an over-thinker. Self-assured, confident. Proud.
The way they talk (if distinctive, with accents or mispronunciations, etc.): Broad East Midlands (England) countryside accent of which they’re proud.

Brief backstory details (optional): Grew up with identical twin and one close friend, later betrayed by both. From then on, chose a life of solitude and independence to avoid being hurt again.


#13 was last. . .

@AsraiAurora Yeah my cowriter is like joined at the hip with me so it’s rather effective. :thinking:


lol He’s male.

Since you got skipped over, @AsraiAurora I’m picturing them as male. As really adorable little boy that I just want to bundle up and take care of to be exact.


Female. Mostly because of the long, wavy, dyed hair and clothes.

Age: unknown, but they look pretty old, like maybe sixties to seventies.

Hair colour: white and grey

Hair style: balding

Eye colour: very dark brown

build: medium height, slightly overweight

clothing: Grey three-piece suits

Mannerisms: Generally sits back and observes things while commenting. Doesn’t do too much stuff. But they have a good mind for making deals

Internal factors

extroverted, but kind of lazy about it

they are perceived as a generic office worker type by most people.

they perceive themselves as having their best days behind them

they prefer flight

Personality: they want to mess with some people who bothered them a long time ago. They’re willing to get help. They’re pretty nice in person, and are generally calm and laid-back.

They speak very properly, but sometimes use archaic language

Their backstory is closely guarded as a secret.


Do you want to know? Or is this going to forever be a secret? :joy: