Gender Stereotype Test



You can tell me, if you want. :grin:


Whispers… girl.


I’m picturing male, because of the balding! Women bald, too, of course, it’s just more rare.

Age: 15
Hair color: Dark brown
Hairstyle: Kept back in a bun/topknot
Eye color: Dark brown
Build/height/body type: Average height, but lanky. Has a lot to grow into. Slightly muscled arms, but otherwise looks very soft.
Brief description of what they would be wearing right now: Traditional, crimson robes, and a warm cloak if they’re outside
Ticks/Habits they have(and when they do them): They rub their sleeves between their fingers when they’re nervous. They tend to punch people if they sneak up on them.

Internal Factors

Introvert/extrovert/in between: Introvert
How do other characters perceive them: As kind of rude and bossy, but someone who’s really confused and is probably scared.
How they perceive others: Suspiciously, they don’t trust easily. They keep everyone at an arm’s length, and looks down on people a lot.
How they perceive themselves: As really lost and confused, and like they deserve better than what they have.
Mostly fight/mostly flight: FIGHT
Brief description of personality: Act first and think later. They’re really observant and analytical. Very ambitious. Has a softer spot for children, or anyone even slightly younger than them. Very curious.
The way they talk (if distinctive, with accents or mispronunciations, etc.): Straightforward, short sentences.

Brief backstory details (optional): No one is allowed to know the details, but what is known is that they have a younger brother they’re jealous of, a uncle they respect, a father that they have confusing feelings towards, and a mother they miss and want to make proud.


Oh, well.


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My guess is female.

External Factors

Age: 25

Hair color: Dark brown

Hairstyle: Short & wavy

Eye color: Hazel

Build/height/body type: five and six inches tall, slim yet have a little muscular abs/arms.

A brief description of what they would be wearing right now: graphic tee shirt, jean jacket, plaid flannel, black pants, beanies, and Van’s converse.

Ticks/Habits they have(and when they do them): They get high on weed when they watch TV shows/ listening to Led Zepplin songs. They scribble some songs in their note apps and hums the song “T.N.T” by AC/DC before they get on stage.

Internal Factors

Introvert/extrovert/in between: In between.

How do other characters perceive them: Rude, troublemaker, lazy and a bum. But some thought of them as hip and awesome when they perform on stage.

How they perceive others: Depends, they don’t care about their backgrounds or interest and they don’t let anyone stepping all over them that will change their goal.

How they perceive themselves: A person who wanted to express their passion for rock, to become a rock star but, is still insecure or lost about the dreams they have as they question whether or not it will come true.

Mostly fight/mostly flight: Both, because they are street smart to know where to avoid but also defend themselves.

The brief description of personality: Passionate about rock music, sarcastic, laid-back, street smart, rebellious, and a bit of jerk with a golden heart.

The way they talk (if distinctive, with accents or mispronunciations, etc.): They swear a lot and sound like she is tired a bit or sarcastic.

Brief backstory details (optional): Their parents got divorced, the father got remarried to their step-mother and older step-brother. They moved to LA for three years until right now their ex-stole half of the savings, band member went with him and got kicked out of their apartment.


Hmmmm . . .
I’m going to guess female mainly due to the height

External Factors

Age: 17
Hair color: Dark brown
Hairstyle: Cut above the chin and slightly wavy with longish bangs
Eye color: deep drown
Build/height/body type: Tall and a bit scrawny
Brief description of what they would be wearing right now: leather armor over a loose fitting and flexible pants, they don’t really care about how they dress.
Ticks/Habits they have(and when they do them): They fidget when nervous or uncomfortable

Internal Factors

Introvert/extrovert/in between: introvert
How do other characters perceive them: Shy and unimposing, weak
How they perceive others: Capable leaders
How they perceive themselves: They feel inferior to the talents of others
Mostly fight/mostly flight: Mostly flight ( they are more assertive by the end of their story arc)
Brief description of personality: They are quiet, reserved. They are a tinkerer of sorts and build small metal critters that can assist with small tasks.
The way they talk (if distinctive, with accents or mispronunciations, etc.): Self deprecating humor, and the occasional flustered stutter.

Brief backstory details (optional): They grew up nearly impoverished and looked down upon in a society valuing glamour and prestige above all else. The were drafted into the royal guard at 16 along with a bunch of other poor teenagers. After ending up captured by the enemy on their first real mission and dragged along on a quest they come to realize that they are much more than they are perceived.


Correct! He’s a total fluffball. xD


Looks like the character of the coment above is male, the description looks like a medieval captain america
External factors

Age: 19

Hair color: Black

Hairstyle: Short

Eye color: Orange (they use eyeglasses with white crystals that covers all the eye)

Build/height/body type: 1.80 meters tall, slim with signal high signals of being in extreme exercise

Brief description of what they would be wearing right now: it depends, maybe using boots with different color laces or shoeless, black ripped jeans, custom led T-shirt, them custom eyeglasses, them championship belt (has to defend it 24/7)

Habits they have: training, combat, study, listen to music (them hates rap, trap, latin pop and songs that only repeat the same rime), navigate on internet, customazing them clothes, modificate them combat robot, defend them championship, desgin weapons, desing clothes, design new chemical sustances

Ticks: Punch a person in the face if that person is smoking weed or is wearing a vampire costume, sleepwalk to them best friend room when having nightmares

Internal Factors

Introvert/extrovert/in between: it depends, in between

How do other characters perceive them: intelligent, hard figther, active, sadic, some of the other characters make jokes about “them” force

How they perceive others: Dont trust very easy, however they treats every person they meets as a friend and as a oportunity to make a great day into a very cool day,

How they perceive themselves: Very stronger but with the need of being more stronger, closed in a infinite loop of learning for being a better person, a better fighter, a better student, a better all

Mostly fight/mostly flight: Mostly fight, they needs to defend a championship belt with a “24/7” rule

Brief description of personality: Funny, serious when they is on class, makes jokes about the situation that is happening, they is never tired

The way they talk (if distinctive, with accents or mispronunciations, etc.): Neutral accent (result of talk to much languages), french accent when is angry

Brief backstory details: Trained by them best friend and entered in the world greatest street fighting company being a championship holder in them first fight destroying the building where the rest of rivals were located, now they wants to be a hall of famer of that company meanwhile is making them reputation bigger and bigger, factor that makes that the most powerful fighters wanted to fight against them.


Male. Based on the height you gave us, I’m gonna assume it. But I could be wrong because I know many women are that height or taller…this person just comes off as a male.

M has been protective and caring of their girlfriend, Alycia, who has been struggling with her mental health since the two have met. M becomes co dependent of Alycia as her depression grew worse. It got to the point where it took their girlfriend’s life and left M broken and traumatized. They try to keep themselves above water for what feels like forever, and it almost takes their life as well, but they are able to seek help. A year later, they have a healthier state of mind, but still struggle to open up about their problems when they enter college. M, for the most part, has been strong and independent, but still fears a lot of about relationships after Alycia’s death.

M is a psychology major and has one younger brother named Kyle. Had a few friends before college, including their close friend, Miguel who M cut ties with after Alycia’s death.

Idk what else I could say without spoiling it, but here you go.