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Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

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From then until never

Summary: Short stories from under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything, spread out from the ten ages of Huom’s universe.

A lot of things that aren’t explained in the main story will be given more detail. Concepts such as arsehole Gods, hairy Dwarfs, frustrated Afreets, curious Knomes, lizard-women, and nude Áettar. Hopefully the mind-numbing detail will just lead to more questions about the nothing and everything of Huom.

Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy/Action-Adventure

Chapters: 38 (Ongoing, Updates Every Other Sunday) 2K Reads

Summary: New World, a novel telling the story of Anthony, a young boy who woke up with nothing but the clothes on his back, his name, and a single goal in mind: “Stay alive… Find the truth.” He is discovered by a mysterious yet trustworthy man who had been waiting for his arrival. Jay, a man clad in the same midnight as his hair, and with a beast-like gash running down his right eye. Despite the painful history behind such a scar; his scarlet eyes continued to burn bright with passion—and rage.

Anthony and Jay were both granted immeasurable power, and with the help of Ace, Jay’s trusty steed, our heroes set out into a journey that will test and push them past all mortal limits. Although, they never seem to be alone in this cruel world. The help of many friends that Jay calls family will always be near in their journey.

How far will they need to go? Will Jay and Anthony be enough to protect this world, or will the wonders of this world prove to be almighty, and take everything they fought for.

Link: New World

Please Come Check Out My Story. Thank You!

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Elegy of the Leaves is currently ongoing, and The Dragon’s Valkyrie is a completed story!

Come sail the Everblue sky alongside Evan and his sister, Claire Montresser!

It was always Evan’s dream to become a Leaf and pilot an airship. Claire just wants to keep her brother as far from the brewing war as possible. But when a mysterious girl with crystals embedded into her wrists falls onto Evan’s airship during his pilot’s test, Evan and Claire find themselves thrown into a chain of unfolding events that will bring them to the center of the Everblue sky, and the reason their fragmented world is trying to tear itself further apart. What role does this girl play in the destruction of Evan and Claire’s world, and why is the Empire willing to start a war just to kill her?

All her life, Saidy has only known two things: servitude to her slave master and the weight of a blade. Captured at a young age by a race of demons called oni, Saidy is forced to fight time and again against other slaves of the oni as their masters wager on who will win. Her desires of freedom were long abandoned until she meets a mysterious figure who inspires her to free herself from her master by any means possible. He promises her a new life, but never specifies freedom, and she finds herself trading one master for another. However, this new master holds a dark power that threatens the Northern Realm of Tallenhiem, and Saidy finds herself fetching a rare artifact for him to use in his lust for power.

Too late does she realize the weight her actions carry in the Northern Realm’s future. Which leads her to one burning question-what will she do with this revelation?
Find out in The Dragon’s Valkyrie!

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The village Mithle burned in a night raid and Avi Itoma survived. But he wished he hadn’t.
His sister was stolen, his family went missing, and Avi was taken somewhere he had never been before: a place that housed far too many nightmares for far too many people.

Introduced as a refugee camp, Avi’s new home was not as welcoming as it pretended to be, and Avi was left with hope as his last lifeline as he was plummeted straight into its biggest secret.

A desert wasteland and a desperate refugee and only one way to go. In a terrifying new place, Avi is met with one conclusion: escape or die trying.

Escape Naihabi Ridge.


Naihabi Ridge offers a compelling plot, unique characters, and a wonderful fantasy world to explore! It is a completed first draft open for feedback and improvement, so feel free to comment any suggestions if you decide to read it.

Click cover to read!

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Inter-Universal Protectors: Battle for the Photon Core

Amneris Topanga, the immortal Queen of Lyriumia and Guardian of the Photon Core, sealed away Enliatu, the Dark king, in Negative Space five thousand years ago. She always knew that there was a way to break the spell keeping him in his prison. Ten items were hidden across the multiverse, some in the most unlikely of locations, all with tricks and traps to stop them from being found. Were they to be discovered, Amneris could only hope they were found by the right people. Of course, this was not the case. Why would things be easy for the Immortal Queen?

A new threat has arisen to the throne of Terpola, the people of the Dark King. This threat wants nothing more than to destroy Amneris, but immortals can’t be killed. Or can they? Hearing this from an unlikely source, Amneris and her Court set out to recover the items that were hidden away so long ago, meeting some old enemies along the way and teaming up with the most unlikely of allies: someone who was close to the new Queen of Terpola who has never agreed with her plans.

The Court of Lyriumia sets out on a mission with one goal in mind: Stop the Terpolite Queen before she releases the man who would quite easily destroy the multiverse. Not that Amneris couldn’t do the same, but that’s not important right now. Still, it does not take long for the Court to figure out that they got more than they were bargaining for on their mission.

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Completed first draft, written by the Wattpad Featured Author of Shift!

Click here to read:

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Who knew what would happen after stealing some bread from a street stall? Certainly not Nagan. Nothing out of the ordinary should have happened considering stealing food to survive was the norm. But fate, destiny, karma, whatever you want to call it, had a funny way of showing mercy.

Who knew an uncoordinated baby dragon would literally fall out of the sky to deliver an invitation to join Carvolier, the school dedicated to training Dragonmages?

Besides starting his severe dislike of portals.

Nagan Elvar, an orphan boy struggling to survive on the streets, gets invited to join Carvolier along with other promising mages his age to increase their magic potential and hone their skills for something good. Even getting the change to become the land’s greatest protectors, Dragonmages. He had heard fantastical stories of these protectors of the sky, sea, and land, and his father was even one of them before his disappearance. With wanting to know the truth of why his father never came back as his prime motivation, along with the sheer excitement of being given this opportunity of course, Nagan and his best friend/roommate, Az, do their best to learn all they can and do the best they can.

Yet something darker seeps through the seams as the years go on, for the righteous Dragonmages aren’t the only ones who’ve tamed dragons.

Status: Ongoing
Chapters: 16 + introduction


I try to update as often as I can, but make it a goal to at least publish one chapter every week. Feel free to give me feedback and even share some ideas with me on what you’d like to happen or what you think could be written better!

Hope to see you around!

~ ShyGuySamurai

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I was Adam’s wife, nothing more, nothing less. I was the perfect wife, ever the obedient, always patient. I did everything they told me to do–everything he told me to do, but in the end, none of it mattered.

My name is Eve, and I just got kicked out of Heaven.



Title: Core
Genre: Medieval-Fantasy, Adventure

Summary: It has 3 years since Acel fled his home and disappeared into the wilds of Alkor, a nation utterly torn apart by a 30 years war. It’s East falling to bandits and it’s West under constant enemy attack.

The years of living in the harsh and unforgiving wilderness of the West have caused Acel to become cold, jaded, and purely self-interested; or so he thinks. His only wish now is to leave this country and the men from his past that continue to pursue him.

Making it halfway across the country he was found by the man that drove him to live this life. However, this time Acel will not run. He will take the fight to the tyrant of his life and end his reign once and for all.

Maybe then he can finally have his past life back.

Little Author’s Note: My first book with only 10 chapters out currently. Criticism to help me improve will very much be appreciated. Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a good day.

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Hello, Fantasy loving friends!
Tsuki is my first huge project. I’ve spent the last 11 years piecing it together and I really hope you enjoy it! Click any of the pictures to be linked over.



Title: The Keeper

Status: Complete

Summary: Every two thousand years, a Keeper is chosen to protect the Black Forest and preserve the balance of life and death amongst its denizens. Traditionally, the Keeper is selected at age five, trained, and then annointed into the role at age twenty. But this time, something went wrong.

When she was five years old, a half-human, half Elven child named Anabelle was chosen to be Keeper. But she has no memory of that event, no memory of the man who tried to kill her, no memory of what her mother did to protect her. Now on her twentieth birthday, she is thrust into an unfamiliar world with dreams of fey and spirits, of masked balls and handsome strangers.

As memories of her past return, so does an old foe who wants to control the power of the Keeper. Even as those around her succumb to the darkness, Anabelle fights to discover the heritage that was hidden from her in hopes of defeating this man.

The one who will take everything from her. Even her life.

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The Chekist-pt. 1

In a true police state, even the rulers are inmates.

“From his seat at the back of the lecture hall, Irkul could see that the Pyromancer was fucked, as only a traitor could be. He should have left the grant money alone. The mental gasps were nearly audible, as Irkul flipped a page of yellow notepad, and licked the tip of his pencil stub. The Pyromancer wrote on the blackboard, cold sweat turning his red robes to a moist burgundy. Irkul had known this would happen. To spend time in the West was treason. That it was the Party’s idea, was beside the point.”

Title: The Chekist- pt. 1

Status: Complete but part of a series.

Summary: The Revolution has come, and a new ideology has taken possession of the old Empire’s people. Irkul the goblin is a member of the Autocracy’s new secret police, the Cheka. There are no guilty men in the half-starved village of Kevlinka, But Irkul has a quota, and a mysterious boss to please.

When the beast of Revolution starts to eat its own, the best you can do is get out of the way.

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Going Home



Be careful what you wish for…
After a massive break-up, Sarah has become stuck in a dead-end job, living in a dead-end apartment, leading a dead-end life. And she kind of likes it that way.

That is, until she accidentally strays from the path on her way to the supermarket and suddenly finds herself in another world. Stranded on Asgard, she unwittingly becomes embroiled in court politics when the Trickster god Loki reluctantly promises his help her get back home.
But when she is suddenly and unexpectedly transported back into her old life, she finds that wishes can be treacherous things… and both her happiness as well as the fate of the Nine Realms may well depend on her ability to find a way back to Asgard.
…for it may come true

Status: Completely written; currently being uploaded in two chapters per week (Wednesdays and Saturdays).

If you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy! :heart:


Jarelis had always known magic was evil and had stayed when her sister had left for the bolstering magical center that was the city of Musteri. But when Jarelis receives a distressing cry for help from her sister, she embarks into the city to petition the god who whisked her away. They strike a deal: her sister’s life in return for the life of Princess Ifera, the crown princess.

Ifera is convinced that her father chose wrong when he chose her to rule over Musteri. For one thing, the magical talisman that she’s supposed to use to legitimize her authority doesn’t seem to want to work for her. She knew that her inability to use magic of her own made her vulnerable, susceptible even to desperate, but also reasonably attractive, farm girls.

Only when Jarelis tries to kill her, she realizes she can’t. Not without rendering herself dead in the process. If Jarelis wants to kill her, she has to seek out a way to unbind their souls. And if Ifera wants to escape her, she has to find a way to activate her talisman. Only neither of them are quite sure that’s what they want anymore, and every second they waste Elke falls deeper into Heillar’s grasp.

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For every choice, there is a consequence. And when your decision affects the lives of thousands, what do you choose?

The lands of Ferann and Agaith have been ravaged by war for nearly forty years. With neither side willing to face the cost of peace, the gods have stepped in, promising the arrival of the Lothlan, the one who can bring about an end to the bloodshed. Eban’s time is approaching, but with so many lives in the balance, not least his own, dare he make the first step?

Forth chapter up with weekly updates :slight_smile:
If you’re interested, please read here or click on the cover above. Please don’t forget to comment!

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