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Title: Black and White

Chapters: 14 (Updated Every Week)

Summary: Amaya is the daughter of a single mother with a secret, but she leads a normal life. That is, until she is forced to live in a magical world. A magical world where she is forced to kill or be killed.

Then, when she finally thinks she is safe, a strange power is forced upon her. As she gets entangled in the schemes of the court, soon her fight to escape becomes a fight to stay.

When Amaya finally finds someone to help her get through this, she gets taken away too. Will Amaya finally find peace and happiness? Or will she fall to those who wish to see her gone?




The village Mithle burned in a night raid and Avi Itoma survived. But he wished he hadn’t.
His sister was stolen, his family went missing, and Avi was taken somewhere he had never been before: a place that housed far too many nightmares for far too many people.

Introduced as a refugee camp, Avi’s new home was not as welcoming as it pretended to be, and Avi was left with hope as his last lifeline as he was plummeted straight into its biggest secret.

A desert wasteland and a desperate refugee and only one way to go. In a terrifying new place, Avi is met with one conclusion: escape or die trying.

Escape Naihabi Ridge.


Naihabi Ridge offers a compelling plot, unique characters, and a wonderful fantasy world to explore! It is a completed first draft open for feedback and improvement, so feel free to comment any suggestions if you decide to read it!

Read here!


All her life, Saidy has only known two things: servitude to her slave master and the weight of a blade. Captured at a young age by a race of demons called oni, Saidy is forced to fight time and again against other slaves of the oni as their masters wager on who will win. Her desires of freedom were long abandoned until she meets a mysterious figure who inspires her to free herself from her master by any means possible. He promises her a new life, but never specifies freedom, and she finds herself trading one master for another. However, this new master holds a dark power that threatens the Northern Realm of Tallenhiem, and Saidy finds herself fetching a rare artifact for him to use in his lust for power.

Too late does she realize the weight her actions carry in the Northern Realm’s future. Which leads her to one burning question-what will she do with this revelation?
Find out in The Dragon’s Valkyrie!




210238469-512-k812294 (1)

Genre : Vampire, Werewolf, Romance, Fantasy
Ongoing/Chapters: 16
Summary :
Royals; they were the feared leaders of each sector. Only those born of the royal bloodline or married to one could ever possibly rule. Everyone looked up to them and those who didn’t, they feared them. Charlotte Gray is given the order to marry Thomas, the son of King Pierce. She’s grown up with him all her life and has learned to love everything about him. Yet when the Kairos Ball comes back to Pierce’s sector, everything she’s ever believed in or trusted is shattered. Wolves and humans are not as they are depicted. Royals are deceitful and dangerous. Even her parents’ deaths are being questioned. Torn between finding out all the answers in her life or being the obedient little girl, Charlotte must decide what is truly important to her. Only some people can be trusted, but who really are they?

He shifted his gun up towards me. I jumped behind the tree right as he fired, missing my head narrowly. My heart was beating out of my chest. I take it back. Neither of us like each other. Maybe I thought that way because of the arrogant entitled guy he was.
I heard the gun reload and I turned and fired on the other side of the tree. His arm took the hit without him noticing. Valencia stepped back taking in the pain from the wound. I hid behind the tree once again. He hissed out in pain before continuing.
“You’ll pay for that!”
“I bet I will.” It was fun to mock a royal. Knowing fully this was going to piss him off more without any chance of reprisal later made me enjoy this so much more. In the blink of an eye, he stood in front of me. He shoved his gun against my neck, pushing me against the tree unable to move.


newproject_1_original (3)

I was Adam’s wife, nothing more, nothing less. I was the perfect wife, ever the obedient, always patient. I did everything they told me to do–everything he told me to do, but in the end, none of it mattered.

My name is Eve, and I just got kicked out of Heaven.


Date of Dawn

Description: An adventurer. A petty thief. A rich girl. A fateful meeting between all three in a nowhere town brings them together to embark on a journey to find elemental keystones of power around the world which, when brought together, are said to grant their wielder dominion over time itself. They seek to use this power to stop the onset of their world ceasing to exist as it is: the Dawn, an apocalypse caused by their world’s reliance on zeit technology which consumes time as an energy source. The more it’s used, less of the future remains and more of the past is created. Eventually, time will cease to move forward and reality will have no choice but to collapse in on itself.

Yet these heroes aren’t the only ones after the keystones. Mercenaries, other adventurers, criminal empires and even nations are seeking to control them, bringing the entire world into a war whose ending shall only be determined by the one who gathers every single keystone together and unites them as one.

With the seconds counting down, an age-defining quest begins in Nelen. Welcome to a world running on borrowed time…

Updates every Wednesday. You can read it here:


Dangerous Thoughts

An entry into the 2020 Open Novella Contest!

Charles Abbot makes a living copying the memories of others and selling them for a profit. It’s reputable work that pays well… until he’s tricked by a thief into taking a memory that he could be killed for possessing. Now he must work with the very same thief to stop a grand conspiracy that threatens their world.

A new adult novel set in a magical Victorian era! Updates weekly (typically over the weekend).

Click here to read:

Devil in the Details

What would you trade your soul for?

The answer is simple for Jessa: nothing. She’s happy with her life. Who cares if she doesn’t have a boyfriend? She has a loving family, an amazing best friend, and can’t wait to head off to college in a year.

All of that changes when the Devil arrives at her small high school, insistent that there is a deal to be made. Soon, Jessa finds herself doing the unthinkable: helping the fallen angel find love.

But as time passes, the lines between friend and foe, good and evil, begin to blur. Jessa starts to wonder: Is the devil truly her friend? Who is worthy of love? And what, exactly, does Jessa want?

All is fair in love and war.

This is an improved version of the 2018 Watty-short-listed story with new subplots and scenes! It is a fully written novel with 15 (out of 24) chapters up on Wattpad currently. I update every Monday-Wednesday-Friday!

Great for teen fiction readers who love a touch of fantasy/paranormal! A campy teen fic with a genre-bending twist!

Click here to read:

New and Improved


riven isles graphic


Emerencia grew up trained by her Uncle as a swordsman in a isolated village deep in the mountains called Snowdrift. Emerencia’s father who successfully ran the Snowdrift Iron Mine suddenly started making low production of iron ore for the kingdom. After a third low production delivery of ore, a Vaesite general himself commanded his soldiers to burn the village to the ground along with killing all of the villagers. Emerencia wakes up in a puddle of melted snow just outside her uncle’s house surprisingly alive. As Emma leaves her village to seek revenge, she also gets to see the world for the first time. She even makes new friends who start to feel like family. Most importantly, Emerencia learns how cruel the king and his soldiers really are. Survivor From Snowdrift Cover 4



The Doormaker

Status: Complete


Looking for a modern fantasy adventure with well-rounded characters, a heartwarming lgbtq+ love story, monsters, dragons, a cat cafe, a wicked car chase, shadow organizations, noms, a forbidden love child that grows up to be a fear-eating monster, and the Merlin?

You’ve come to the right place :slight_smile:

Imagine you’re ten years old. You’ve just come back from an adventure in another world, one where you saved the day and earned yourself the title of Doormaker. All you want to do is tell your mom that you can wield magic and that you totally saved a city from destruction. Then, after hearing your tale of awesomeness, she crushes your little ten your old heart by telling you that you can never use magic again, never talk about magic again, and never bring up your otherworldly adventure. Ever. Again.

Thus begins the story of The Doormaker, a two part modern fantasy extravaganza that spans multiple worlds and ten thousand years’ worth of history. Now an apathetic teenager, not only must Sammy Takahashi reconcile with his own past, he and a dragon-turned-human named Zeo must work together with Merlin to prevent a calamity centuries in the making. The barrier between the human world and the world of magic is falling. It may fall even sooner if a new enemy named Zartrasia has her way. Its collapse will cause utter devastation as both worlds come crashing together.

And Zartrasia doesn’t care. All she cares about is finding the Doormaker.

Why is that exactly? Will the barrier fall? Will Zartrasia’s path lead her to Sammy? Does Merlin have an epic beard? Will Zeo get to enjoy the noms he so desperately seeks with the boy he loves?

Click here to find out. Go ahead. Click it. You know you’re curious.

PS – I love genuine feedback and engaging with the Wattpad community. I always try to respond to comments and answer questions, so feel free to chat it up.


Copy of DIMENSIONS (1)


Every day she wishes that she would understand why does she keep having visions. Nathane had been struggling with visions ever since she was young that made people think that she was crazy. Then she learned the truth when she met someone who looked like her best friend, that there’s another world that she doesn’t know yet.


Going Home

Genre: fantasy/romance


Be careful what you wish for…

After a massive break-up, Sarah has become stuck in a dead-end job, living in a dead-end apartment, leading a dead-end life. And she kind of likes it that way.

That is, until she accidentally strays from the path on her way to the supermarket and suddenly finds herself in another world. Stranded on Asgard, she unwittingly becomes embroiled in court politics when the Trickster god Loki reluctantly promises his help her get back home.
But when she is suddenly and unexpectedly transported back into her old life, she finds that wishes can be treacherous things… and both her happiness as well as the fate of the Nine Realms may well depend on her ability to find a way back to Asgard.

…for it may come true

The story is completely written, new uploads every Wednesday and Saturday.

If you decide to read, I hope you enjoy! :heart:




From then until never

Summary: Anthology of short stories from Huom. Under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything, spread out from the ten ages of Huom’s universe.

A lot of things that aren’t explained in the main story will be given more detail. Concepts such as arsehole Gods, hairy Dwarfs, frustrated Afreets, curious Knomes, lizard-women, and nude Áettar. Hopefully the mind-numbing detail will just lead to more questions about the nothing and everything of Huom.


cover1_1_original 4
“Do you believe in Lady Destiny dear friend? That she sees the people walking on this measly world and gives them greater purpose?”
“Well, the lady seems to find a liking in maniacs that’s for sure.”
“Right, you liked to use that word didn’t you?”

After (begrudgingly) taking his vacation, Drake thought that this year would be just as usual as the others. To his not so happy surprise however, the Umbra Mage was very wrong this time around.
An old ruin is found in the desert and their researchers can’t explain why and how it suddenly appeared, not having one clue about its origin. Concurrently, new trainees are coming in and Drake is appointed Mentor to two teenagers, letting them become his newest headache of the week as he tries to mentor them the best way he can.
With all that on the horizon, what adventure awaits this group? Well, there is only one way you can find it out, so go for it!
Have fun delving into a world full of magic and interesting new people!



[ Click on the book cover to begin reading! ]

Driven by hatred, Song fights to free him and his partner of the Shadow Palace’s clutches. Though he yearns for a life free of killing, his Emperor has other plans for him.

Note: BL (Boys Love) elements included in the story



Inter-Universal Protectors: Battle for the Photon Core

Amneris Topanga, the immortal Queen of Lyriumia and Guardian of the Photon Core, sealed away Enliatu, the Dark king, in Negative Space five thousand years ago. She always knew that there was a way to break the spell keeping him in his prison. Ten items were hidden across the multiverse, some in the most unlikely of locations, all with tricks and traps to stop them from being found. Were they to be discovered, Amneris could only hope they were found by the right people. Of course, this was not the case. Why would things be easy for the Immortal Queen?

A new threat has arisen to the throne of Terpola, the people of the Dark King. This threat wants nothing more than to destroy Amneris, but immortals can’t be killed. Or can they? Hearing this from an unlikely source, Amneris and her Court set out to recover the items that were hidden away so long ago, meeting some old enemies along the way and teaming up with the most unlikely of allies: someone who was close to the new Queen of Terpola who has never agreed with her plans.

The Court of Lyriumia sets out on a mission with one goal in mind: Stop the Terpolite Queen before she releases the man who would quite easily destroy the multiverse. Not that Amneris couldn’t do the same, but that’s not important right now. Still, it does not take long for the Court to figure out that they got more than they were bargaining for on their mission.