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The Last Philosopher is a high-fantasy story with heavy-handed attempts at humour. It revolves around the world of Huom and some of its quirkier inhabitants. It’s the first book under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything. It has to-date won sixteen awards mostly for best fantasy, but also for best overall, humour, best female character, and special mentions for characters and character development.

Summary: Before there was everything, it’s assumed there was nothing. However, what if the only difference between nothing and everything was in the philosophy of how little one cared? The planet Huom has been under observation by numerous forces for longer than should be possible. The primary watcher being a bitter black-hole, who is excited to see that there is finally a proverbial Darkness at the end of the tunnel.
On the continent of Sojurut. In the cold, mountainous sorcerers’ nation of Empris. The oldest living sorcerer is having devastating nightmares. At the same time — in the sandstone desert of Zenon — a weird man is escaping a prison filled with weirder men.
What does all this have to do with, arsehole Gods, hairy Dwarfs, frustrated Afreets, curious Gnomes, lizard-women, and nude Áettar? Perhaps Nothing, perhaps Everything, but the real question is; ‘why can’t it be both?
P.S for some crude hand drawn maps and infrequent updates you can visit my facebook page, Nick East. Also, since I recently finished the first draft of the story, I’m now looking for beta readers, for that dubious honour. PM me :slight_smile:


Mitchell is ruthless and coldhearted, Grady is carefree and wild.

What happens when their worlds collide and they find out they’re soul mates? Well, Mitchell turns his back and continues what he intended to do, take back what’s his.

Grady just so happens to follow along and with him, an enemy from his past is arising, a woman who should never have been released who has the control to seep into your mind and alter your memories, reconstruct your very beliefs.

She wants you to walk? You walk, it doesn’t matter how much you struggle, once she’s made eye contact she makes your body move as easily as she breathes.

Alexander is a hunter before this new threat rose, he was chasing after a Neko who had more of a bite than his bark.

Will, they unite against this threat or perish together?

                         **The Princess who Dared**
        **Fantasy**          **Action**      **Magic**  **Kingdoms**  

Summary: Once upon a time,
Lived a princess, short and fair.
she wore black locks
and eyes of gold
but, she was different
She was defiant
Once upon a time,
Lived a princess who dared.

Abigail born a princess, her mother sickly. She lies awake moaning in pain as Abigail tends the people of the kingdom. However, after an accident Abigail is sent down between choices that’ll destroy friendship, love, and her kingdom… whatever she does… will have a consequence.
(Sorry don’t have a cover right now.)



The Golden Awakening:

History is bound to repeat itself if nobody recognises what occurred in the past, a buried past, as power can blind people and societies of their own actions.

Sarah Wilson is abruptly catapulted into a world she never knew existed.

However, this is a story which is seen through the eyes of not only Sarah, but the people around her, as they go through loss, happiness, love, truth and deceit.

Tendrils of Fate Tendrils of Fate



The King Returns

by: DragonChildren

| fantasy | adventure | romance | dragons |

Almar, a young elfen boy, finds himself running from soldiers and searching for old grandmas in mystical forests. Why, you might ask? Because Almar has a secret. He carries with him the two last dragons of Dryadalis. With their powers growing by the minute every day, he has to find someone that can help before it’s too late, before King Zyron catches them and takes hold of the last two elements.

With him, Almar has the help of a young healer named Eir who wants to do everything in her power to help the dragons. Almar finds it strange how his heart thumps for Eir everytime he sees her. Is it love and if it is, will it blossom? However, things might not always be what they appear and new encounters can change peoples hearts.

The King Returns


Grounding the Storm


This fantasy novel is complete! Rated Mature due to violence and profanity.

Description: Roux Aimrey is an immortal witch. In a kingdom ruled by a cruel king, no one is out of the watchful eye of the royal family. Not even Roux herself, hidden away in a refugee village built from the ground by her parents.
Roux’s power is dangerous and untrained, forcing her keep it locked up tight while her sister is adored.
Roux thinks that’s the worst of her problems until a storm invades their small village during the night and it’s not just any storm; but the dark prince coming to take her back to the castle.
He needs her power to quell his own. As a witch of storm, his power matches his personality, dark and unyielding.
Roux must navigate her new life in the castle and learn to leave her old one behind, all the while learning to trust her power and what it must take to force her way into the prince’s black heart.

Link is in the cover or click here:


Sahara is a young woman living in the kingdom of Dasos, a ward to the royal family and foster sister to the young prince Nashoba. Found in the woods with her grandmother years ago, she is shunned by others for her poor origin, scarlet red hair, and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. While she longs to forgo the loneliness that never seems to leave her heart, she is resigned to live out the rest of her life in unhappiness and solitude. However, when Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, she throws aside her fears in a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into an enchanting and spectacular world, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others to save her brother from a horrendous fate.

updates every Sunday


I woke up with nothing but a thought “…stay alive…find the truth.”

Follow the story of Anthony, a boy who one day woke up with only the clothes on his back and his name, on a cliffside to a world which he didn’t recognize; a world in which he didn’t belong to. Alongside Jay, a cold but full-hearted-mentor to Anthony. Follow as they use the several “Book of Magic” arts to make connections throughout this cruel world and fight to find the truth.

Main genre: Fantasy


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Read the Rebirth of Fenrir

The Rebrith of Fenrir, Reincarnated as the Ancient Wolf follows the story of Kevin Clark, a 21 year old modern day shaman born into a spiritually gifted family of shamans in modernday England. During the Summer Solstice he is struck by lightning while lighting the bonfire for the midnight celebration and finds himself before one of his gods, Odin himself, apologizing for the unfortunate accident and is offered a new life in a new world.
Upon waking in his new world and body upon his fifth birthday, Kevin starts a new life as a wolf type demi-human who became one with Fenrir, the patron deity of the very race he became and also the god that created that very race.
In a workd of swords and magic, kevin, now named Padgett Cornelius Baerne has to settle in his new life and discovers bit by bit what it means to rule a town and later on even an Empire as he finds the girl he fell in love with in his new world and they live their lives as Duke and Duchess of a small town turned Duchy and ‘accidentally’ founded the Empire of Yggdrasil when the struggle with a greedy Duke becomes problematic. Among many things he discovers from his interactions with his ‘new family of gods’ is that they have their own personalities and problems, unlike the old myths described them

The book is currently in volume 2 being posted at the end of the first volume. This is a Slice-of-Life fantasy story featuring gods from multiple different cultures around the world, Norse and Japanese veing the most prevalent. A wild mix of mythologies in one world where our gods of old have a second home.



Anna is a very special woman for 2 reasons. One is she comes from a remote Pacific island that has none of the luxuries of modern life such as electricity that we take for granted. Another is her very unique ability to seduce men and have them submit to her. She carries a lot of sexual energy.

This is a multipart story that centers on Anna(no last name) and her travels to the US. She is very beautiful with shoulder-length black hair that is straight. She likes to wear black.

Whenever she visits the US, she is overwhelmed by cars, big buildings and other things we don’t even think about. She is followed around by an entourage of people while in the US to keep her out of trouble. They include a lawyer, assistants and bodyguards. One of the things she does while in the US is confront men who sexually harass and abuse women. As she becomes more famous, she has to deal with the challenges of fame.

Each story can be read independently of the others.

WARNING: Some of these stories contain adult content!



The Princess of Egypt
Kidnapping royalty is not a good idea.
Letting a delusional priest kidnap your daughter is REALLY not a good idea.
Neither bad decisions by somye of Egypt’s elite really helped make Jasmine’s life any easier. But luckily, she’s a clever girl and she’s not afraid to stand up for herself.



“I just keep thinking about the look you’ll have on your face when you find out you’re trying to kill the person who brought you back from the dead,” I froze and Hades started laughing even harder, pointing a finger at my face, “There it is!”

She has been running for her whole life, but she never knew what exactly she was running from. She knew she wasn’t human and she knew the reason she was running was connected to one of the Greek gods. That’s all her dad ever told her before he was killed.

Now she’s on her own and one day she finds herself running into a stranger who accidentally changes her life forever. Kynn will find the answers she has wanted for so long, but with the answers comes a whole other world she never thought was possible and a contract with the devil himself.


I really like your cover!


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                                    The Search for Knowledge

Everything starts with a simple quest posting at the adventurer’s guild calling for help with research in the form of hiring two people as bodyguards during travels, a long-term quest. This small thing brings five people’s fates together in a research endeavor for a specific ritual magic and a race of beings known as the ‘Aetherous’. Research that could brand them as heretics by religions in a world where gods interact with mortals actively and chased to the ends of the land.

Follow along with our mismatched hodgepodge of adventurers as they roam the magic-filled world in search of these things and encounter various things along the way; giants, dragons and more. Who knows what they might discover.


Stories from Ad’cia

A compilation of loosely connected stories from the far away galaxy of Ad’cia.

Welcome to the Colizian Universe.

Story Image