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We recently posted our first story on Wattpad, and we’d be happy if you gve it a look. So far we posted only the prologue and the first chapter but there’s more to come!
Traumatised by recent attack and the loss of her family, she has given up. A chance meeting in the woods with a hunter will temporarily save her life but the question remains - will she give up for good or will she overcome her trials and turbulations and avenge her loved ones?

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Name: Nashmiera
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Fantasy, action
Chapters: 2 (Startedwriteing)

Nashmiera is a normal highschool girl, but one day her life changed. She wakes up in another world where she will face many chalenges, met new people and fight for her life and existence. Will she survive?



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Link: The Underground [WIP]

|| Cover by @gentlefiend ||

Makenna Rose, a fiery-haired young-looking woman, is on a mission. A mission of…what, you may ask? Who knows. Perhaps of socializing with others like herself and more when loneliness comes upon her. Perhaps of revenge. Perhaps of mischief with staggering consequences.

Whatever the case, follow her as she traverses through “The Underground” and perhaps beyond its walls. Follow her as she confronts an old lover of hers. Follow her as she meets with interesting characters and immerses herself in age-old feuds between warring clans as well as families…and possibly more.


Check out my novel, Glimpse below:

A story about fallen angels, romance, friendship, and difficult parent-child relationships.

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I feel something slam into me, knocking the breath from my lungs. Only it is not the car that hits me; it is a person. He takes the brunt of the fall, rolling under me so that my face does not brush the street, but the force of the impact knocks me out of his arms and I skid across the asphalt into the grass. The car speeds past, flying down the road before disappearing on a turn. I wait in agony until my lungs finally work, and then I roll onto my back and gasp for air.

“Are you okay?” Liam’s voice is frantic as he crawls toward me. He cups my face in his hands and checks my body for injuries. This time I know I am not imagining things.

There are dark wings coming out of his back.

I sputter a few fragmented sentences before I can get the words out.

“What are you?”

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In other news, Touch, the sequel to Glimpse, is out NOW!

First thirty chapters out today, updated weekly.

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After a markedly rough semester, Blair Knight is ready to spend a perfect summer with Liam. With her mom struggling through AA and the school year finally behind her, the upcoming trip to California seems the perfect opportunity to leave her troubles behind. But when old enemies resurface, Blair is thrown into greater chaos than she had ever imagined.

As she unearths secrets about herself and her past, it becomes clear that, for her, normal life was never an option. Now she’s lying to the people she loves most, and if she’s not careful she just might lose everything.


The Elemental University Year 1


Welcome to The Elemental University! Home of where all Element Users learn how to control the five elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and the new resurface element Lightning after years of being a dead element. Alicia Winter is a Lightning User and has the same question as everyone else. How did the Element of Lightning resurface after all its past Users are dead? Gaining an element is supposed to be a hereditary gene. Does it have some connections with the students disappearing? With the new generation coming to the University, it’s their turn to shine and to find out what exactly is going on at this school.
Sneak Peak

Elemental University Year 2:

Alicia Winter is back at EU despite the warnings that she has been receiving. Though, with the looming wars that are about to happen and a killer on the lose. EU has new classes and new User’s who got invited to attend the University. But with what happen in the past hundred of years, should Alicia and her friends trust the newcomers? Or should they be more worried about the killer on the lose who is capable of killing them?
Sneak Peak


Title - Magician of the Desert
Main Tags - fantasy, adventure, action, magic
Chapters - 1/??

Summary - First documented 300 years ago, a magician and exorcist named Mikhael wanders throughout the Shakueth Desert, helping people in need and putting restless spirits to peace. Known to most as a legend, his power and abilities attract different people and organizations with different objectives - both good and bad - in mind.

The story is still in developement, and since it’s my very first story, the pacing and plot might be a little off. I’d appreciate any criticism and help!

Link to story -


TAXI driver

Summary: In which a taxi driver takes a Dragon heiress to a ball, encountering malicious Evil along the way.


Link to Chapter 01

Dreams of Scale and Bone by Echoe Otto

Dreams of Scale and Bone

[Fantasy Mystery]
Longlisted for the 2018 Wattys
"Drika should have been used to that stillness, that waxy pale skin, but Guus Saito wasn't like the cadavers she dissected in class. Though his wrist was cold, he had a faint pulse."

College student Drika Van Meer investigates a boy’s inexplicable illness. With help from her arranged date, she uncovers a conspiracy involving the Holy Imperial College, the Prince of Orange, and a mysterious force with a taste for blood.


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Children of a Dark Wood 2

Updates every week day.


Someone can say me where I can find the same topic but in french ? Thank you


Hello darkness my old friend… I’ve come to talk with you again…


In an alternate realm which was called the World of Imagination, the realm was split it into nine kingdoms which came into being over time; Red, Purple, Silver, Gold, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Black. They all lived in peace for centuries, but it was not to last forever; a plague killed off everyone with only the Silvers and Golds surviving or so it was believed. Now, years later in the Modern Age, Silver Queen Selene and her husband King Aaron are raising their daughter Adela alongside Selene’s sister Gold Queen Elisabeth and Gold King Alexander’s children Magdalena and Seraphina. However their former allies had descendants; who wish to declare war on them and reclaim their former homelands. So, will Selene and her family win the war and their freedom or lose it all? Only time will tell.’-fantasy


An answer ?



The village Mithle burned in a night raid and Avi Itoma survived. But he wished he hadn’t.
His sister was stolen, his family went missing, and Avi was taken somewhere he had never been before: a place that housed far too many nightmares for far too many people.

Introduced as a refugee camp, Avi’s new home was not as welcoming as it pretended to be, and Avi was left with hope as his last lifeline as he was plummeted straight into its biggest secret.

A desert wasteland and a desperate refugee and only one way to go. In a terrifying new place, Avi is met with one conclusion: escape or die trying.

Escape Naihabi Ridge.


Naihabi Ridge offers a compelling plot, unique characters, and a wonderful fantasy world to explore! However, it is a completed first draft open for feedback and improvement, so feel free to comment any suggestions if you decide to read it.

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The Princess Loves… a Peasant?!

Meet Rory Emerald: He’s one of several children in a Hybdracon farmer family on the outskirts of Aldebaran, a busy town a few miles away from the captical of the Eclipse Kingdom. He and his family are the outcasts due to their family history, and so he experiences brutal bullying on a daily basis. His only friend, a human with vast technological knowledge named Anders Pyronamia, stands up for him, and the two are best friends, despite the fact that Anders lives in the beautiful capital city.
Meet Princess Lunara: Otherwise known as Maria Lunara Stellicus, she is the kingdom’s rebellious princess. She’s always longed to be left unguarded and live as a peasant for one day, just to see how they live their lives. She strongly opposes her father’s views on peasants being treated as less than those with more money, and continually vows day after day that when she’s queen, she’d focus on equality for all. Her older brother, Carcuso, who has been deemed a demigod of death after his deathly powers suddenly surfaced a few years before the birth of his sister, has stood by her every step of the way, and would put his sister before anything else.
One day, Rory is being given an Anders-led tour in the capital when he catches the eye of the Princess, who begs her brother to find him after a few days’ chaos, involving her meeting the hybdracon boy. But with the strict law that a royal cannot love a peasant, will the two break a law that will change the course of history? Or will a triangle between the poor and the powerful form and lead to bloodshed?



My King

“Before our marriage,” the king vowed, a malicious smile playing around his mouth, “you will submit to me. You will call me your king.”

Eada, the empress of Tria, was promised to the king of Vasda as the only way to keep peace between their two countries. As consequence, she must travel out of her own country and into the vast desert of Vasda where the perilous court of King Spyre awaits. Due to the king’s infamous temper, she knows she must tread carefully.

However, since this marriage would never have been her choice, Eada has no interest in the king. He is determined to change that. As time passes, she realizes the gods are against her when things begin to unravel, and she discovers that she’s not the only one in danger.



By: Sgtollius

fantasy / military / greek gods / greek myhtology / romance / action / suspense / demons

As the men start to leave the lobby of the multi-hall-multi-door room, one of the doors opens behind the men and as they both turn, Attalos stops in his tracks.

A girl covered in blood and dirt marches down one of the halls tiredly, large battle daggers in each hand. Her mahogany hair messy and tangled, dark circles under her royal-blue eyes and her clothes between torn and crumbled. Attalos has an overwhelming need to go to the woman and aid her, but Poseidon holds fast to his shoulder, not allowing him to get near. For just a moment, their gazes meet, her eyes cold and almost threatening as she puts her daggers into their sheaths on her back so she can place her hand over her heart while keeping her left gripping the handle, bowing her head low towards Poseidon respectfully as she passes. He bows his head and they watch her walk out the lobby toward Olympus.

SUMMARY: When an admiral of the gods’ own army encounters Zeus’s deadly agent, he is intrigued - even though his own father, Poseidon, warns that his infatuation with the woman risks his safety and position as one of Olympus’s most important demi-god soldiers. Attalos cannot help his concern for the demon-hunting Laria, nor his suspicion of the Gods intentions. None can say if romance, disaster, success, or sheer chaos will follow - or what the highest deities have planned for the countless worlds they guard…

update once a month!
The story is still developing. This is my first story and I welcome constructive criticism and/or help!

Link to Story:


Summary:Contains Mature Sexual Content
‘I hate my mate, I really do. I can’t stand the sight of her. What makes it worst is that I’m in love with a demon and I’m willing to do anything to be with her.’

Elias Woods is the Alpha King and he hates his mate. He hates everything about her, being mated to her for the past 70 years he’s sick of seeing her face. Then one night he meets the ultimate beauty, Someone that takes his breath away and makes his once cold heart pound again. It’s no problem that she’s a succubus, because that means that she loves to fuck just as hard as he does. And that just makes everything even better.
Mila Descoudres is a succubus, sex is the one thing she needs to survive. When she seeks out fresh meat for her daily fix, she does a daring thing and sneak into an Alpha Kings bedroom. What she got was way more then a night of great mind blowing sex. She got an addiction, an addiction that only that can be tamed by the Alpha king himself. And he has no problem taming her addiction.
What happens when that addiction turns into something else? Can this demon handle the Alpha King? Or will he be to much for her?

The Out Of The Shadows Series: Book 1's-sin



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