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On 2138 the Seventh World War exploded, it divided the world on two sides: North and South. It was the worst of them all, there was no mercy or humanity left. War was everywhere, on Sea, Earth and Air. But it concentrated on one place, it was called “End Zone”; on the middle of the Pacific Ocean both USA and Russia fought against Australia, Argentina and Chile. The war lasted for seven years, and it didn’t stop because humans ended it. It stopped because HE ended it. The first one that came down, the Archangel Miguel and his angels army killed anyone who dared threat peace again. Once it was over, the rest of the archangels came down. They all created a Safe Haven for humans and declared war.
It turns out the World War wasn’t the humans doing, but the demons. And so the Endless War began, one where angels and demons fight each other, ones to create peace, ones to create chaos.
For the first time in the history of men kind, both thrones -Haven and Hell- are empty. And free for the taking.


ИМПЕРИЯ ГРЁЗимперия-грёз![j19YqzhHoTc|746x826

Что есть зло? Что есть добро? Какие границы нельзя приступать, создавая себе счастье, и есть ли эти границы вообще? На что может пойти правитель ради своей страны? На все эти вопросы нет точных ответов, и каждый находит эти ответы сам.
Империя Броун, как и все империи, переживала разные периоды, “золотые века” сменялись кризисами, поколения сменяли друг друга. Достаточно давно империя поделилась на два суверенных королевства, живущих в мире. Но никто не знает, что будет происходить дальше, ведь как внутри континента, так и за его пределами есть те, кто желает поссорить королества и сделать всё возможное, чтобы они никогда не смогли вновь воссоединиться.
История сия будет повествовать о взаимоотношениях героев, судьбах простых людей в их поисках ответов на извечные вопросы, а также захватывать судьбы королевств…


Paladin the path begins

Since his earliest memories, Tar’vid has trained to be a Paladin, a holy warrior and defender of the innocent. Now upon reaching his eighteenth birthday, he is to face the judgement… a ritual few return from. Should he pass his judgement he will be set upon the path, to walk the world for a decade, before returning home to train the next generation with his gathered wisdom. Tar’vid will soon learn that the world outside of his home is much different than he expected and that there are powers in motion set against him… and so his path begins



The Earth is a strange world. All humans want to do is understand the strangeness of this place and learn to control its unexplainable, volatile, beautiful mysteries. Humans will do whatever it takes to rationalize their surroundings.
When a young mermaid finds herself, trapped behind glass, being poked and prodded by humans, she’s in need of an ally. Someone on the outside who can look past the lust for learning and assist her back into the sea.


Meredith, a Dreadknight, is leaving behind her life of murder. Arlen, a Mage Adept, thinks his life had lost meaning. They’d met in a battlefield in opposing sides, but later, a plot for resurrecting an ancient evil brings them to an unwilling reunion. And when everyone else welcomes the ancient threat, it’s two of them against the world.

Best rank: #75 in Plot. Slow romance, there are more plot, intrigue, and a journey of discovery.
MWIAD will be updated weekly on Wednesdays.


Lily Adams has had the same dream for as long as she can remember, a dream that haunts her even when she is awake. In her dream, she sees a beautiful city being destroyed right in front of her eyes and every night she wakes up screaming.

When one night the small village she lives in is shaken up by a mysterious energy her world gets turned upside down. Ares Bellemore walks into town. A mysterious boy, with a big secret. He is one of the Banned, Guardian Angels who rebelled against God and were banned to earth, not able to ever return to Heaven again. He tells Lily that what she sees in her dream is real and that she is a bigger part of it than she could ever imagine. Together they go on a dangerous quest to save the city of her dreams, before it is too late.


One day L Frank Baum met Dan Brown. Well not really.

But on Wattpad, Robert Longdon once met the Queen of
the Field Mice. That should be enough if you like
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Angels & Demons.
Let’s toss in a million antimatter particle bombs as well.

Angels in Oz Holes

What do THESE have in common?

The ClockMaker’s SteamPunk Elves
See what happens when Fairy Tales get Steamed!

SteamPunk Fairy Tales!




Fantasy // Romance

The cycle of life is a pretty simple one: you live, you die, you’re reborn anew as a completely different person, repeat. Every life lived serves it own purpose and all memory of it is erased once it’s completed

After a not-so-simple run in with a not-so-simple death bringer however, Sabina Kagan is unable to agree. Her life cycle is different from everyone else’s and she isn’t even aware of it, at least not yet

Come and join in as Sabina finds out that ignorance truly is bliss.

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- Fantasy - Romance - Mature - Original Creation - Strong Female Lead - Interracial Love -

Wattpad Story : Hidden Within

Shion, a spy working for Altheia’s Emperor, is suddenly given an order that will turn her life upside down. Member of the Corebender clan and socially awkward, prideful and distrustful, she will have to get along with the womanizing “Useless Prince”… but is he really as useless as the rumors say?
While striving on her path as a strong warrior, will she fall for the fakely suave Highborn prince, the ever so gentle but shy Elemental or the rough Corebender target of the heroine’s past one-sided love? Will she finally open up to any of them?

A sexy love tale in an original fantasy world, Altheia, society full of prejudice and where the 3 clans -Highborns, Corebenders and Elementals- have just been Reunified.

A story for those are looking for a mature love story with a heroine who is both strong and weak, multiple handsome guys to fall in love with, shape-shifting humans in an original fantasy world.

So far, 6 chapters published and more to come!


Lady of the Ravendale


Important tags:

Romance, Fantasy, Polyamory, Mystery, Matriarchy.

After living for five years in the futuristic world of Etria, Annbelle has to return back to a home that is filled with magic in Ravendale. Her mother died from sickness; now she will have to become head of the household.

Little did she know that her parents managed arrange marriage before their death.

Follow Annabelle’s journey as she uncover secrets of Ravendale and her true origin.


15 chapters is available to read



We start at the end…

Nyla Danson, a woman with a tendency to say the first thing that pops into her head, has just had her life tragically cut short.

She didn’t expect to wake up in Nevrithil, a land filled with gods and monsters.

The only one willing to help Nyla navigate her new world and search for answers is Reven, the Fire Fox God. As the pair begin to delve into Nevrithil’s secrets and forgotten lore, a growing attraction develops between them.

But what Nyla and Reven uncover, along with their feelings for each other, puts them in great danger.

And the monsters are not always obvious.


IVE é uma adolescente de 13 anos muito curiosa que acaba de se mudar para uma casa velha e antiga. Muitas aventuras virão e muitos mistérios serão resolvidos sobre essa nova casa em que está morando, mesmo sabendo que é meio que perigoso





Vaun travels the lengths of the land, sharing the stories and tales that he encounters along the way. From the woods on the outskirts of villages, to the bustling taverns of the towns; he meets new faces, friends and foes. With unrest growing throughout the lands, suspicions rising, and no place to truly call home; he will, of course, have his own story to tell.

First chapter will be published later today.


A link to my prequel now in 30 parts, 10 until conclusion.

Sorcery on Ice

Before becoming a sorceress, Glen was a teenage girl struggling after her parents’ divorce. Her grandmother, a retired ballet dancer, forces Glen to take upon figure skating to cheer her up. Glen resisted until she meets another skater named Roni and the two become friends. Glen becomes interested in the sport, and soon the two compete against each other. Time and endurance will test their friendship.



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