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The Last Philosopher is a high-fantasy story with heavy-handed attempts at humour. It revolves around the world of Huom and some of its quirkier inhabitants. It’s the first book under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything. It has to-date won sixteen awards mostly for best fantasy, but also for best overall, humour, best female character, and special mentions for characters and character development.

Summary: Before everything, it’s assumed there was nothing. But what if the difference between the two was only in the extreme philosophies of how little or much one cared?

The planet Huom has been under observation by numerous forces for longer than should be possible. The primary watcher, a bitter black-hole, is excited to see that there is finally a proverbial Darkness at the end of the tunnel.

On the continent of Sojurut, in the freezing mountains of Empris, the sorcerers’ nation. The oldest living sorcerer suffers life threatening insomnia due to devastating nightmares. At the same time — far away in the sandstone desert of Zenon — a weird man is escaping a prison filled with old philosophers.

What does all this have to do with arsehole Gods, hairy Dwarfs, frustrated Afreets, curious Gnomes, lizard-women, and nude Áettar? Perhaps Nothing, perhaps Everything… but why can’t it be both?

P.S for some crude hand drawn maps and infrequent updates you can visit my facebook page, Nick East. Also, since I recently finished the first draft of the story, I’m now looking for beta readers, for that dubious honour. PM me :slight_smile:



The Curos.

You likely have no idea what that word means, nor what kind of people they are - that would be because they aren’t people.

The Curos are the messengers and workers of Cupid. In Cupid’s stead they roam the world with the aim of spreading love - with over 7 billion people in the world, there’s no way even a God can help with every single issue. Curos 27 is one of these messengers, and he goes about his days doing the little things - with a touch or a move - that change the course of love. This is all done from behind a veil that renders him invisible to our eye.

It all runs without incident until he meets an anomaly - a woman by the name of Naomi, who runs her own café in a quaint little town. He is startled by their first encounter, but his curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to stick around.

He slowly gets to know her better and learns the reasons behind her unique sight past the veil. He becomes determined to help her fight against it so that she can be like all other humans once more.

But with all the twists and turns that his decision brings, who ever said it was going to be easy?

Click on the cover to get to the book.


Lady of the Ravendale


Important tags:

Romance, Fantasy, Polyamory, Mystery, Matriarchy.

After living for five years in the futuristic world of Etria, Annbelle has to return back to a home that is filled with magic in Ravendale. Her mother died from sickness; now she will have to become head of the household.

Little did she know that her parents managed arrange marriage before their death.

Follow Annabelle’s journey as she uncover secrets of Ravendale and her true origin.


15 chapters is available to read



Stories from Ad’cia

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Story Image

Fantasy, Adventure, Space Opera


Meredith was a Dreadknight looking to leave behind her life of murder. Arlen was a Mage Adept who’d thought his life had lost meaning. They’d met in a battlefield on opposing sides, Meredith sparing Arlen’s life from a meaningless death, and Arlen sparing Meredith from another murder by her hands, but soon after parting ways, a plot that threatened to resurrect an ancient evil brought them to an unwilling reunion. And when everyone else seemed to hail and welcome the awakening evil as a savior, the two found out that they had no one else they could trust but each other.

Best rank: #75 in Plot. Slow romance, there are more plot, intrigue, and a journey of discovery.
MWIAD will be updated weekly on Wednesdays.

Credit for the placeholder cover art image goes to Tenmaso, 2018.



[Read An Elf on Earth](

A fantasy meets modern sliceoflife story about a dark elf woman who suddenly find herself in the middle of tbe street in New York City.

Daisia Cloudcaller is a self proclaimed exile from her dark elf communities, and has years ago moved to a distant human settlement where she began studying magic under an old scholar. Years later, after his death at the hands of a bandit raid, she left the village again and made her way to a city some distance North.
That was her plan at least, until she was caught up in a thunderstorm and found herself in the middle of a busy street in the middle of New York City. In her unknown surroundings she stumbles upon a young stagehand being robbed and saves him. In his gratitude he offers her a place to stay and soon she has to start settling in to a world where she is the only of her kind.

This project is co-written with @jjscratch and gets weekly updates on saturday.


IVE é uma adolescente de 13 anos muito curiosa que acaba de se mudar para uma casa velha e antiga. Muitas aventuras virão e muitos mistérios serão resolvidos sobre essa nova casa em que está morando, mesmo sabendo que é meio que perigoso




Irregularly updated due to a Master’s degree in CS.

Tags: alternateuniverse, drama, historical, political, thriller

April 10th, 1964. An Earth not far removed from ours.

The Gorsova Library System goes online.

It is the largest single computer system to ever be constructed at that time, connecting over 6,000 terminals to a massive storage complex via the fastest mainframe ever.

This is the story of its development.
Of the four engineer-architects who designed it and its technologies.
Of the men and women who built it.
Of the government that financed it.
Of the madman that ordered it.

And of the hundreds of thousands who perished attempting to stop it.



Dear fellow Wattpad addicts,

Please feel free to check out my very first novel (YAYYYY!!!:tada::tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball:) I know the cover might look really unappealing. But in my defence, I do not have any illustrators on my side okay???:hugs:

Here is the synopsis drumroll pleaseeeee :bomb:

In a world controlled by Fate, Ember stood as the next heir to the Arryx throne - whether or not she had wanted to be the future Queen. Life had been going smoothly in its own boring way until a series of events led up to a pivoting point in the history of her country. And as Ember had struggled to pick up the shattered fragments of the present, many secrets came uncovered; of which the largest were Love and Sin. Was Fate with her, or against her? :thinking:

Thank you all for your support and Wattpad for this amazing platform for authors to share their stories!:heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

Your trying to bait people writer,
Hydroxsyl :bangbang:

PS: Apologies if you cringed reading the above, but using all these stuffs (emojis and all) is the most effective method of advertising. And I don’t even like to use emojis!



It’s a nation divided.

Amarantha has lived a life in secret. After failing her 13th year coming-of-age ceremony, she was resigned to living her life as an outsider among her people, the Laruta. To them, her connection to the energies of the world was too chaotic and lawless, not easily packaged into the manipulation of one of the four elements. A minor slip-up would draw attention from the ruling party, a people that draw their energy from the spirit, the Sumin.

Unlike everyone that she knows, Amarantha can see energy. It dances before her eyes and calls to her. It’s a drug, an addiction, and she’s spent all of her life practicing to abstain. Her only salvation is escaping to the dense forest, where she can practice her ability in secret, far from her people’s and the Sumin’s prying eyes.

She thought she had been careful.


The Princess who Dared

Magic, Action, Rebellions, and World-building
Princess Abigail once was cute and loyal, before darkness overturned the kingdoms and the thought of war… as well as death… came upon the minds of many except the small princess who wished only for things to go back. However, after a strange accident and meeting the strangest of friends… Abigail realizes something that no one else does… The decision of whether to destroy everything for the people she loves… or to be forced Queen, and rule.
“Once upon a time, there was a princess…A princess who dared.”


A Flower in the Smog
A historical fantasy adventure novel.
24 Parts and ongoing
Highest 92 of Fantasy Adventure

Until the Blylahn invasion had set foot in Enyang, Kai Fen’s life had been one of comfort and luxury. Now he and his uncle have set out to seek refuge in the mountainous nation of Vwos, but after a close call that finds them separated, Kai Fen is devastated. Finding his uncle becomes his only goal, and spends every second of free time he has scouring the refugee town for clues on where he is. That is, until, he stumbles across a secret that he must deliver north, to Vwos’ capital.

All this while he tries to keep his own identity a secret, and curses the Goddess Enshu, the Goddess of his homeland, for having forgone giving him the blessing his brother, his father, and all his fathers before him have been granted for centuries.


Ravien, a fighter, a renegade. The betrayed and the blessed is on the run from the people he called family once. Now, they hunt him for his powerful magic. While the mysterious Fox wants him to join their ranks or be executed.

Betrayals will cut deep, while new friendships and dreams will all be shattered in this tale.

I hope, if anyone takes the time to read, enjoys this story as much as I do writing it.

Warrior of the Dark


Tearse-Le commencement ;

Dans un monde où la magie et l’horreur de la réalité ne font qu’un, deux personnages chercheront à se rassembler afin de connaître la liberté. Bienvenue dans le monde de Tearse, où seul survit le plus intelligent ou le plus fort, et dans une partie de notre monde, où la dure réalité de la non acceptation de soi-même amène à la perte de sa personne.


Lola died in a car accident.

She found herself in the afterlife, in the middle of a raging war that’s been happening for thousands of years between the Darkling Demons and the Purgatory warriors called the Guardians of Zion.

The Angels were real and even God was real - she discovered. But then so were the demons.
Lola was the only one who have seen the afterlife and came back to tell the tale. She saw how the Guardians and the Darklings fought for every soul that entered the Purgatory. The Darklings wanted to enslave them and the Guardians were doing their best to save them so the souls could pass the judgement and continued their journey to the next level of the Afterlife.

But the Darklings were planning to overrun the only city in Purgatory and planted someone to steal the city’s protection - the Heavenly Salve of Archangel Raphael.

When the opportunity came to go back to the living world and helped the Guardians to recover the relic that kept the Iduri City protected, Lola jumped at the chance.
She wanted to be in the vibrant world of the living and to see her family once again, to see the boy she liked and to be with her friends.

But going back to the living meant one thing - she would leave the one boy he met in the afterlife who’d been there to keep her safe all the time.

Find out!


My story is called the hidden kingdoms and it follows four friends, two of which are stuck in a magical kingdom.

I really want to say more but I’ve never been good at making blurbs and afraid I’ll spoil the whole thing. This is my first story and I hope you check it out! :grinning::grin: