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Lohikarmen takes a realistic and minimalistic approach to fantasy by introducing an imaginary world inspired directly from history, particularly late medieval/early modern Europe and colonization era, and rejecting the classic vs evil topic in favor of focus on culture and internal psychological conflicts.

The bond between the dragons and the people of Gymraedd, a bond several millennia old, was made forgotten after the come of the Krysdjers, a nation whose people firmly believe dragons to be dangerous for their people.
Seven dragons managed to hide themselves in a cave, protected by the remaining Gymraens.
Meanwhile, a former dragon slayer, whose life changed after an encounter with a very special dragon, travels to find the truth that has never been revealed to him.



The Giants’ Rivalry

Kenzie McCool thought she was ordinary. She was wrong.

When Ireland is in trouble, it calls on the young heroes that can save it. And Kenzie is one of them. Led to the underground lair of the imp Seven Inches, a deadly threat is revealed to her that only she and two others can find the means to stop. In order to do so, she must travel to Ireland with her rival to bring an end to the giants’ rivalry.

This quest involves dangers, both from Irish monsters and perhaps from her own allies, if the intelligence that has been given to them is correct. Kenzie must keep her wits about her in the quest to discover the only one who can stand between Ireland…and the very ones who wish to destroy it.

Is Kenzie McCool up to the task?'-rivalry

The Sword of Death

The world of Grecia is torn apart by the constant warfare of the gods. In their constant struggle for power, the mortals are caught in the middle of their fights. But the Blood Battle, which annihilated many mortals and a lot of monsters, leaves at least one deadly survivor whom Zeus fully intended to kill: Setsko Kamira, a demigod.

Setsko Kamira is an assassin, one of the many demigods who work for Hades both in the mythological world and in Apocalyptica. When the Lord of the Dead clashed with Zeus in the epic battle known as the Blood Battle, the culmination of the Blood Wars, Setsko is stunned to witness the death of Thanatos, the god of death. The message he leaves her catapults her into a web of chaos, lies, and hidden pasts.

But while Setsko goes undercover, friends of her follow Thanatos’ last words. The reunion of the group on the ruined slopes of Mount Olympus only leads to more confusion at the discovery of a being claiming to be a king.

Will the demigods be able to unite and toss aside their many differences in order to unravel the web and carry out Thanatos’ last request, as well as keep themselves alive and safe from traitors in the process?


just started writing this -its a morbid fanatasy.

but my main issue is - I can see the bookcover i designed on my tablet but I cant see the same on my phone, is anyone else having this issue? I used Canva but was Wattpad stopped supporting this app?


A young girl named Raven has lived her life for years on her own. After her Mother’s disappearance, she has lived on her own in town. However, she one day realises that her life cannot be lived without her knowing what happened to her Mother. So she goes on a quest to find her and find it out who she really is. Unbeknownst to her, she has ancient blood running in her veins making her a target for all that sought power.

I hope you guys like it and can take time to read it!!


IVE é uma adolescente de 13 anos muito curiosa que acaba de se mudar para uma casa velha e antiga. Muitas aventuras virão e muitos mistérios serão resolvidos sobre essa nova casa em que está morando, mesmo sabendo que é meio que perigoso




Please check out my story and give me some suggestions… I have Fantasy Romance
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What happens when the Vampire Queen is mated with Alpha King???
Is it possible?
Will both species revolt or accept them happily?
Will they accept each other?
What happen when they have to face the enemy together?

A prophecy which tells that she will be mated to an Alpha but what happens when she comes to know that he is Alpha King?

Katherine Ainsel, the most feared yet soft hearted queen of vampire with all her past and trust issues has a mate who is ruthless and heartless. He despises vampires and does not a want mate.

What happens when he finds his mate that too a Vampire Queen?


They had promised death. They delivered.

The siege of King Cedric had been drawn for months now, his troops weary of the constant fighting and his supply running short, yet the mighty walls of the city remains impenetrable.

Arch-Knight Solomon, commander of the army and once the most feared man on the continent, is left to absorb all the scorn and rage of his liege, treated like a beaten dog at the legs of his master.
But in Solomon there is a war of his own. Chased by the demons of his past, Solomon must fight to keep his darkness buried, for if the Fury will escape, the flames will sure follow.

But in the middle of war, in the heat of battles, arrive the two strangers.
Mysterious as the wind and twice as deadly, the giant Savage and the little Shadow came with a promise to the King, with the simple request of a humble pay- To deliver him the city, one way or another.

Disregarding the protests of his brother, the King struck a deal with the strangers.
For what would a conqueror want more than to conquer?
What would a conqueror want more than death?


Lust auf neue Fantasy? Hier findet ihr eine abgeschlossene Geschichte über eine fremde Welt voller Gefahren und Abenteuer:

Omega - Der Engel Gottes

Zwischen dem Inselstaat Samica und dem Dschungelreich Carthe bricht Krieg aus. Drei junge Erwachsene geraten in den Strudel der Ereignisse um ein uraltes Amulett, während 50000 Wesen aus einer anderen Dimension Zugang zur Welt der Menschen suchen.
In einer Gesellschaft, die Samicaner hasst und Frauen unterdrückt, muss eine junge Samicanerin beweisen, wer der wahre Engel Gottes ist.

Sie blickte ihn mit großen Augen an. „Du hilfst mir doch, oder?"
Er sah zu Boden. „Ich hasse Leichenwespen."
„Prima. Dann lass uns sie vernichten."

Der erste Band der Omega-Chroniken beginnt in einer mittelalterlichen Welt vor dem Hintergrund eines Konflikts zweier unterschiedlicher Gesellschaften und der Gefahr fremder Wesen aus einer anderen Dimension.


Title: The Search for Knowledge
Author: Silence
Illustrations by: Cookichuu

Synopsis: A meeting of five people to start a simple research endeavor becomes a grand adventure filled with magic, gods, and the unraveling of worldly secrets. Join Rox, Feera, Toley, Kara and Sheeron as the hidden truths of the world of Chalice are revealed, along with plenty of action and comedy. What will be discovered? Find out in “The Search for Knowledge”.

There are scene illustrations in every chapter 10 and onwards too!



Priya is weird, for a Dryad.
That’s why meeting Saveene is like a dream come to life. Beautiful, strong, popular, and mysterious. Saveene was the envy of the Sylph. She had even been to the forest floor and talked to the Wren Gol. Of course, Priya would prefer to meet her new friend under better circumstances.
The Great Tree is afflicted with a deadly disease. Who better to investigate than the only Dryad in the canopy obsessed with alchemy? But when Priya discovers that the tree was poisoned deliberately, she is thrust into a world of darkness, magic, and danger where the fate of the forest-and the whole world-hangs in the balance. In this world, she must overcome herself and the lies to discover the truth before it’s too late…


The Girl with an Owl

Some people don’t realize that owls are one of the most magical creatures in existence but even they can’t help but admire their beauty. What happens when a girl meets an owl and steps outside the prescribed path? Where would that friendship lead her? Is she ready to go there? Those and many other questions will be answered as we follow the adventures of the girl with an owl.



If you would like and have the time, please could you check out Flesh and Blood. It is a story of family, love, sacrifice and friendship and how they come together to conquer evil!

Synopsis: What would you do if the thing you believed in the most turned out to be a lie?

Stephanie Scott was 10 years old when her father was taken from her. Since then, things in the Scott family have been at their worst. But things aren’t as they seem. Nineteen-year-old Stephanie, with the help of her friend, Heather, is searching desperately for the solution to their problems.

Things are much worse than expected and the strength of love is going to be tested when they receive devastating news that could change everything forever.

Stephanie has to fight to save so much more than her family and makes an unspeakable choice which might just be the only thing that can save them all…

You can find the story on my profile … I’m not yet allowed to post my cover or my link to the story here yet because I’m a new user.

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The village Mithle burned in a night raid and Avi Itoma survived. But he wished he hadn’t.
His sister was stolen, his family went missing, and Avi was taken somewhere he had never been before: a place that housed far too many nightmares for far too many people.

Introduced as a refugee camp, Avi’s new home was not as welcoming as it pretended to be, and Avi was left with hope as his last lifeline as he was plummeted straight into its biggest secret.

A desert wasteland and a desperate refugee and only one way to go. In a terrifying new place, Avi is met with one conclusion: escape or die trying.

Escape Naihabi Ridge.


Naihabi Ridge offers a compelling plot, unique characters, and a wonderful fantasy world to explore! However, it is a completed first draft open for feedback and improvement, so feel free to comment any suggestions if you decide to read it!

Read here.


The king is dead.

Four chimes heard throughout the nation of Lhartaon. One for the mind, one for the body, one for the heart, and one for the soul. The chime of death.

A new era is beginning.

I update this book every day/every other day. I’d describe it as urban high fantasy with some steampunk elements thrown in, a lot of politics, compelling characters, lots of magic, and a really unique world.


I have just published a fantasy retelling of a classic fairytale. If you find it interesting, feel free to check it out and tell me what you think by dropping by some comments!



Everyone knows the tale of Snow White. But only a few knows her sister. Rose Red.

Despite her outgoing and cheerful personality, Rose chose to live a quiet and secluded life, hidden deep within the forest, after the townsfolk caused the death of her mother when they accused her of witchcraft.

After discovering that her sister, Snow, was alive and had been living well as a royalty in another kingdom called Silver Realm, Rose felt devastated and betrayed that her sister had never once reached out to her. She didn't want anything to do with Snow. And she wanted to forget her the way Snow forgot her.

But when rumours going around the town threatened her safety, she was forced to seek the help of her estranged sister. And together with a handsome stranger who claimed to know her sister, they ventured through the most dangerous parts of the land to reach the Silver Realm, where Snow White ruled as queen.

lots of love~




Fantasy // Romance

The cycle of life is a pretty simple one: you live, you die, you’re reborn anew as a completely different person, repeat. Every life lived serves it own purpose and all memory of it is erased once it’s completed

After a not-so-simple run in with a not-so-simple death bringer however, Sabina Kagan is unable to agree. Her life cycle is different from everyone else’s and she isn’t even aware of it, at least not yet

Come and join in as Sabina finds out that ignorance truly is bliss.

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Yes! I’m having the same problem on my phone with the app (but not with my phone’s browser), and I’m so glad you mentioned it because now I know it’s not just me. I didn’t use Canva, just *MSWord (weird, I know) and then screenshotted the image. I guess it’s a flaw with the Wattpad app?

I can see your cover image when I open it in the app. (Love the art, btw!) The only problem I see is that your text is cut off on top.



The world thinks it knows the Nutcracker Ballet’s tale. A battle with a malevolent rat-fatally wounded so a girl and her magical nutcracker can whisk themselves off to the Land of Sweets. But I am that Rat. I didn’t die. And the truth is much darker than it seems.

The utopian society which is the Land of Sweets cannot survive without kidnapping talented dancers from the mortal world. They are our Prospects. Once I rebelled against the practice. Now I am one of the Queen’s minions myself. I have no choice but to do her bidding. If I refuse, the Queen will take away the one thing that matters to me.

My plan is to choose unsuitable Prospects-ones the Queen will reject and send home. I thought I had succeeded with Claire Sutton. Now I’m not so sure. She keeps surprising me.

The most surprising thing of all?

I don’t want her to leave.

Enter into a land of sugar, spice, and things not-so-nice with The Prospect’s Dance, the first in the Land of Sweets series!



Growing up in South Africa, 24-year-old Emma Clarke often spent her holidays in the wild, learning about nature. Surrounded by mostly male cousins resulted in her having a tomboy-phase when she was younger; she chose judo over ballet and books over boys…

But if you told her that her holiday in the States would involve her being kidnapped by werewolves who claim that she’s the mate of a rival pack’s alpha, she would’ve laughed. Yet, here she was. Kidnapped and being tortured on camera in an attempt to get her to reject her mate.

Armed with her experiences, wit, humour, and kind heart, Emma will outsmart her captors, find her mate, and prove to be a nightmare for anyone who dares to cross her pack.

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Displaced Corvus Queen Orinthea has turned to Detective work in order to make ends meet and claw back her throne.

Between petty cases, an Emissary of the Thorn King arrives requesting Orinthea’s help. The Thorn Princess has just been murdered and the Thorn Court is in disarray.

Orinthea immediately accepts the case, but it isn’t long before other Princesses start turning up dead and dark truths point towards a culprit Orinthea doesn’t want to contemplate.

In a world ruled by different courts and powerful Royals ready to go to war, can Orinthea solve the case and prevent chaos or will her most dangerous case be her last?

Written for the Open Novella Contest 2019
Fantastical Fiction Prompt 6: Supernatural Detective