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And The Pages Fall

When 20 year old Lee gets a box full of memorables from her deceased aunt, she thinks its nothing more than the times they spent together.

That is, until she reaches the bottom of the box, and finds a large book she’d never seen before; a large book with no author.

Curiosity causes her to turn the first page, but when that first page falls onto the second, she falls into a world that shouldn’t exist…


The world of Vigil is a place of gods, magic, and machinery, where heroes rise and heroes fall like the tides. This book is a living collection of short stories in a fantasy setting.




Once upon a time, there was a world far away from here. It was a world of magic - the root of all magic - and it was a world that flourished under the rule of eight kings. They were made of magic, these kings; they could be fickle and difficult to understand, but they all knew that to keep their world as it was they needed balance. For centuries they ruled side by side in their own corners of the world, aiding each other whenever dark magic tried to gain strength - until two of them fell prey to it themselves.

There was a war. A long and terrible war. In the end terrible sacrifices had to be made to stop the two mad kings. In the end only one king out of the eight survived the war. And soon enough generations had come and gone that the war that had changed the world became a legend of its own.

Nearly two thousand years passed before a young man named Vêrnoche appeared - and this story begins.

Updates will (hopefully) be once per week, but will depend heavily on what happens at work (I’m a teacher).

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My transition from a man-without-means to a demigod – a human capable of manifesting any reality I desire – began with the purchase of a book of black majik, a grimoire written by a dark master. When I purchased the book, titled PRION, (which cost me everything: my money, my job, my lover, my college education,) I made a covenant with the witch who sold it to me: “What would a book be worth that taught you how to acquire everything your heart desired? Before you purchase it, I must warn you, there are a few rules --”



You either become brilliant, or you get killed.

When Alyssa was invited to a boarding school to learn magic, she was expecting something out of a Harry Potter book. She wasn’t expecting to become a master of a power and learn how to survive and fight with it. She wasn’t expecting that most of the people in the school would kill the people with too much power. She wasn’t expecting to be one of the most powerful students to ever walk the school.

Everyone at Aptitude Academy has power within, and everyone in the school will either become brilliant, or be killed by the other students. It’s not that the teachers don’t know it’s going on, they just can’t do anything to stop it. Alyssa thought she was signing up to learn to help the world, but she has to master her power quickly, before the people who already have mastered their powers come after her.

That’s the least of her problems. There’s a prophecy that everyone seems convinced that it’s about her, a fight club that she accidentally signed up for, the dragon, and the threat that the entire school is afraid of.

There’s only one person who can stop the threat before it’s too late. The only problem? No one knows how to stop the threat or what exactly it is.

There’s one more thing. No one knows who the savior is, and one false attempt will leave everything beyond repair.

by @fockeyprincess



Thrown into another world, Seraphina must come to terms with a new reality. But it won’t be easy. Especially since apparently a stranger from another world is a rare and valuable commodity.

  • Author Note - This is the first book I’ve ever written, so my writing style may change as I continue my story. The first 4 chapters might be somewhat dry, but I encourage you try it out. I usually update every weekend. It contains some dark content, but no mature content. Feedback helps me grow as an author and thus is much appreciated. -



Fantasy | Adventure

Though he’d had his doubts at first, it didn’t take long for Scorpio to realize that Pascal loved Whispora more dearly perhaps than any daemon who had ever loved a child.

Meet Whisp, a child Claimed by fire. All her life she’s only known the peace and safety of the mountains. Here she’s been nurtured by the love of her daemon, the wisdom of a wizard and his apprentice, the kindness of a cursed woman, and the friendship of a boy Claimed by ice. Never before has she had to worry about shades or fear or even the goings on of the kingdom beyond the mountains.

Until now.

When Whisp is kidnapped by a sinister daemon, she’s taken away from the mountains, her family, and the kingdom of Stelterra all together. Whispora finds herself in the Second Realm, the world of daemons and spirits, and she’s not the only child who’s been kidnapped. Hoards of children have been spirited away to the Second Realm while the Kingdom of Stelterra goes to war, and they’ll be kept there until the war is over. But Whispora doesn’t know about war, or death, or child soldiers. All she knows is somehow, some way, she has to get home.

Together with her new friends Mavis, Fletcher, and the echo daemon Biko, Whispora will do whatever she must to get back to Pascal and her family in the mountains. Their only hope is to make it to Frosselton–the legendary City of Ice with the only remaining door that connects the two worlds. But can they cross the neverending expanse of the Second Realm, fight their way through cunning spirits and malicious shades, save the Second Realm, and stop the war in Stelterra along the way? With a little luck, a magic map, and a heart full of fire they may just stand a chance.

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An unpredictable journey through the mysterious fabrics everything




Roughly 3,000 years after the Age of Discord that divided much of the world between man and god, 20 year-old Elis Valbrand is driven from her homeland by conflict and ends up in the land of Athia, full of magic and strange creatures related to such. However, her rescuer happens to be someone caught up in the plans of High Councilor Raymond Althaus, a powerful sorcerer and the second-most powerful man in the mainland. She’s unable to conceal her own power for long, as the remaining gods in the world name her one of the Exalted - mages that have an extraordinary capacity for magical energy - and convince her to take on the task on stopping or killing the High Councilor before he goes through with potentially tearing existence itself to pieces.

A fantasy / adventure tale featuring original species (A.K.A. not the usual orc / elf / dwarf combo), mythos, and aspiring to create a diverse cast! I would appreciate checking it out, and I hope it’s enjoyed by all who do.


Thieves tempt fate to steal a god’s power

It was the night of Full Sail, the month of the Squid, when the danger of Typhoon had passed. Revelers filled the streets of Ospraa By The Sea, the only city of the Isle of Mûta, whose name means death. Brilliant ribbons and banners bedecked the ships and boats that rocked calmly in sheltered Ospraa Bay and streamed from every tower and building. It had been a bad year—six typhoons scoured Mûta—and the people celebrated survival. The followers of TaMer, the Great Fish, packed the square before the temple of their god.

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Pace Charles, A teenager who is failing half of his classes, Has only two friends who can tolerate him, and the whole school hates him cause of an accident he caused.With all of this happening to him he’s gonna have some sort of good luck right? Well I guess you can call it that…

Check out my book “An Unwanted Vacation” for action, fantasy, and some teenagers trying to find their way back home.



It was all Tyler ever wanted; to be a hero like the ones he had looked up to as a child. To leave behind a great story that would remain when everything else fell apart. Sick of living under his mother’s thumb and doing as he’s told, he’ll take any chance he can to break away. His first real attempt, however, leaves him more trapped than before.

Heroes were people that everyone remembered. The ones whose stories remained. But stories on Kieran don’t have happy endings.


On raconte l’histoire d’une abomination légendaire, qui n’aurait rien, mais alors tellement rien à foutre des couvertures qu’elle utiliserait la fonction couverture de Wattpad pour se faire une couverture sobre et anodine. Le genre de couverture tellement à chier que lorsque qu’un œil humain perçoit la couverture, le cerveau refuse l’information et remplace la couverture par un Patrick Sébastien chantant du black metal bavarois. Les individus ayant regardé trop longtemps ce genre de couverture finissent par développer des troubles mentaux. Typiquement, ils se mettent à baver, à insulter la mère de l’abomination dans des langues qu’ils n’ont pourtant jamais apprises et, dans le pire des cas, commettent l’irréparable : lire une des nouvelles de l’abomination maléfique. Personne n’est jamais ressorti vivant d’une telle épreuve.

Cette nouvelle, ne vous parlera pas de cette histoire.énuphar


Instead of bonding with a gryphon or a pegasus like the other first year magical students, Rayen bonds with a goldfish. And instead of learning fire and ice spells, all he can do well is heal.

Rayen may be weak, but he isn’t going to give up on his studies, and definitely isn’t going to just ignore the power his fish lends him. His fellow first years make fun of him, but Rayen knows his healing magic, even if it is weak, is important. And the true strength of his subtle abilities is made clear when a professor named Kandel asks Rayen to work for him. Rayen wants to learn all he can about his magic, and all about the magical creatures that exist.

He just hopes he can trust the mysterious Kandel.



Hey. I’m new her and i really like Wattpad. I enjoy what others write and for inspiration. I was really hoping that u guys would read a book that i recently started writing called Past.Present.Future. I would love to have feedback and support from u guys as you were to new here once. thanx :two_hearts:



Tess Short Book One

Tess Short Finds herself on an adventure to figure out why Elves and Fairies are mysteriously disappearing… though she is unaware of the dangers ahead.

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Of Earth, Air and Water (a character Backstory Book)

Belen is a merman longing to know what happened to his father.

Amethyst is a half dryad half centaur who is having trouble fitting in to either group the dryads or the centaurs.

And Acacia is a shepherd’s daughter who longs to go on adventures.

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When Cindy’s younger sister mysteriously goes missing after a scary ending phone call she stops at nothing to find her. The way she discovers things about her family and why Cindy and her sister have is being targeted and why she has powers… things start to get really serious.


A Little Elemental - Part 1: Welcome to the Human World

Set in the magical world of Elieas, this is the story of Akshaya, a child of a very isolated race of magical beings called Elementals. When her parents are tasked with a mission in the human lands, they take her with them, shielding her from all possible harm in the process. However, when their stay in the human lands is extended and they have to take on a mission Akshaya can’t go to, they leave her in the place that is, in their view, the closest to the kind of environment they were trying to raise her in: a boarding school in the outskirts of a city. At the same time, she’s now on her own, in a world she never belonged in.


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“Marvelous!” Maniraj caught me off guard with an awe-struck gasp. “A fugitive spirit with a purpose,” he said. “It is almost as though he is alive.”

On the night of the September Equinox, 2011, a sinner escapes Hell.