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“What are we?”
“Do you believe in reincarnation?”
“If it was that, wouldn’t I have a completely new body?”
“I suppose so…I guess just think of it as a second chance.”
“Second chance to do what?”
“That’s the question, isn’t it? That’s always the question.”

Werewolves. Vampires. Love. Death. What more could you ask for?

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here is my new chapter:

give it a look


here is my new chapter:

give it a look :

Let’s get back to the day the humans can never forget…

It was the biggest breach of all time. All the signals, the networks, the satellites and the connections had been hacked by someone called (The Mortal) as he introduced himself through a speech which was broadcast all over the world via electronic devices.



Twelve years ago, things changed...

  The world is broken. The idea of school has become obsolete since the war started twenty years ago, and chaos is possibly the only order that exists anymore. The Catago, the group that attacked those twenty years ago, seized control of the government and did nothing else. But the second someone tried to stop them, things got very ugly, very fast.
People say that the world is gone, their chance trickled like water out of their palms. Fourteen-year-old Aiden thinks otherwise.

He sits by and waits for someone to fix this mess, never imagining he could play a part.
With little warning, people are suddenly calling Aiden the key, the answer. But every key needs a lock and every answer needs a question, and Aiden has no idea where to start looking.
    And they can change again...

Most Impressive Rank So Far: #138 in Dystopia
Current Most Impressive Rank:  #59 in Organization

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