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Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work







One hundred years has passed since the great calamity struck the nation of Thathos. The gift of the injuns, bringing out the greedy and lustful desires of the citizens of Alverton, has made life hard on Elliot.

Unable to continue living he sits in the familiar forest that was once his home to die. Fate would not allow him to rest as he is saved and catered by a mysterious man. With his help, Elliot regains the will to live and receives the gift of magic. He departs to Zutonia, academy of the arcane, to hone his newfound powers.

Upon arrival he is discriminated and marked as an enemy of the nation. Only Ignatius, youngest son of a well respected line of Erudites, and Rune, a girl harboring a secret that could bring havoc to Thathos, accepts Elliot for who he truly is. But the closer he gets to becoming an Erudite the closer he approaches death as his immunity to persecution is only valid as long as he remains a student at Zutonia.

But this does not mean that he cannot die during his training…





“As my former master would say, sometimes a fresh look, unspoiled by knowledge and fact, can come to the only right conclusion.” Harrold thought better of mentioning that his former master died after refusing explanation on how to fire a gun.

Join two unlikely heroes on a strange, nonsensical, humorous and occasionally epic quest to retrieve an ancient magical artifact! The disillusioned and reluctant ‘Grand’ Wizard Harrold is joined by his mostly incompetent and annoyingly optimistic friend, Patricklus the Great. Together they encounter the strangest problems and device even stranger solutions. Krakens will be fought, people will die from defenestration and other similarly horrible causes, fish will fly in through the window, Gods will get angry and floors will be floors. Oh, and there’s also a murder mystery in there somewhere.



Almost twenty years have passed since the Great Purge. Executions have been keeping the Deviant population down, but despite the king’s efforts, the magic users refuse to completely vanish. What illusionary tranquility the kingdom of Regnum has basked in for so long is about to be shattered as the Deviants prepare to finally take back their lives.

A loyal healer seeks knowledge, an insouciant warrior desires violence, and a humble hunter pursues peace. With brambles growing at their feet, lightning flickering in their eyes, fires dancing in their palms…the Deviants refuse to live in fear any longer.

Read here




A scorned eccentric magician, pledges a war against his kingdom, after not receiving the nobility he believes he deserves and after stealing a dark magic book to create a spell that could help him take it over, fleas his home land. Not knowing his time on earth would cross him into paths with two budding apprentice twin brothers and a young girl’s unique soul, who may show him the light of life again. However, he is here for one reason and that is to get the tools to supply his spell and nothing will stop him from taking down the kingdom, that destroyed his life years before.


Ravien, a fighter, a renegade. The betrayed and the blessed is on the run from the people he called family once. Now, they hunt him for his powerful magic. While the mysterious Fox wants him to join their ranks or be executed.

Betrayals will cut deep, while new friendships and dreams will be shattered in this tale.

I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as I do writing it.

Warrior of the Dark – first chapter


My new story :


Synopsis: Athena , a young girl of 18 survives a shipwreck and reaches a strange island, deserted and wounded deeply. She is saved by a lady who turns out to be one of the most feared creatures in Greek mythology - A Siren. And what’s more? She wants Athena to stay…forever.


MKIAud9 Q94udS5

Grounding the Storm is a four book series, with the first completed and most of the second published. If you’re looking to dive into a series, this is the one for you! Rated Mature for mild violence and mild language. Bridging the Ancient (the second book in the series) updates every Monday and Friday!

Description: Roux Aimrey is an immortal witch. In a kingdom ruled by a cruel king, no one is out of the watchful eye of the royal family. Not even Roux herself, hidden away in a refugee village built from the ground by her parents.
Roux’s power is dangerous and untrained, forcing her to keep it locked up tight. She believes that to be the worst of her problems until a storm invades their small village during the night. And it’s not just any storm, but the dark prince coming to take her back to the castle. He needs her power to quell his own. As a witch of storm, his power matches his personality, dark and unyielding.
Roux must navigate her new life in the castle and learn to leave her old one behind, all the while learning to trust her power and what it must take to force her way into the prince’s black heart.

Link is in the cover or click here to read.



Death’s Daughter updates every Wednesday!

Description: Dagen Navyre is a hunter of Nightshadow Camp, one of the three that protects the kingdom from a dangerous threat to the humans, the trolls. While trying to win the yearly Trials, Dagen is reminded of her past with the trolls, what they nearly did to her, and what she hopes to prevent for future generations.
She will be the squad commander once more if she wins the Trials, obeying the queen commander’s, her mother’s, rules around every turn.
Dagen’s focus remains on the Trials until she meets Larken, a warlock destined to protect the very trolls she’s hunting. She can’t help herself as she’s enthralled by him and his annoying, yet charming personality.

Link is in the cover or click here to read.


Kaskia: A Hero’s Awakening

This is book 1 of a series I’m working on. The main story will be a trilogy. There will also be stories involving other characters of the world.

Description: After discovering her magical abilities, Aiden must protect his younger sister, Rina, from the Sorcerer King who seeks to steal her powers. Assisted by Bermion’s and Kaiine, they traverse the country of Kaskia with soldiers close on their trail. Aiden and Rina are pushed to their limits on their adventure filled with magic, chaos, and battles of life and death.



Warning this has been set on copywrite.

Enjoy the book!!!

No one would suggest that the Crossman’s weren’t normal. They had a thriving business, a kid, and never did anything that would attract even the tiniest bit of attention towards them. One might say that they were the perfect family. Regardless of what people may say, the Crossman’s were far from normal despite their plan to fool the dull-minded. Only Damian and Amy knew they weren’t normal in the neighbourhood, Julian hadn’t told been told about the world of magic yet, which is why Amy and Damian both found it hard to keep their cover around their son at times.

Damian Crossman was an odd man, he would usually spend time in the downstairs basement for hours, leaving his son (Julian Crossman) puzzled as to why he liked being in the dusty room that he was never allowed in.

Amy Crossman (Damian’s wife) was a cheerful woman; full of life. She was also a very determined person, if she was ever looking for a book, she would search for what would seem days, (and sometimes was). Although she wanted to encourage Julian to read more, she never allowed Julian to read or touch any of her founding’s regarding magic. When he asked why she would simply say,

“Books can be dangerous to people who don’t understand them.” As she made her way towards the basement, Julian would wish he could follow his mother and see what she was doing. The twelve-year-old boy would vaguely hear them speaking down there and would fantasise about what they would be talking about.

Their shop was called Salmon’s in honour of Amy’s father, Salmon Johnson. Although their shop opened at half six in the morning, they would always end up opening it a lot later so, before going to bed, Damian would set the alarm on his phone, say goodnight to little Julian and go to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Amy on the other hand, could never go to sleep if it wasn’t at least twelve o’clock at night. She would make herself busy by sorting out the shop’s finances, cooking or even cleaning: She hated when the house was a mess. When twelve o’clock would finally come, she would start to feel tired and would retire to her room, grabbing all the sleep she could get before Damian’s phone would ring to wake her up. Before they knew it, the alarm would ring; either Damien or Amy, whoever’s turn it was, would wake up and have a shower first whilst the other would happily carry on sleeping till their partner had finished. If it was a weekday, Julian would wake before them to wash, but fortunate for him it wasn’t. The couple would then make their way to the shop with Julian, acting as if they were a normal family. They would then open doors and wait for customers to come flooding in as per usual.

The shop was very popular, so there was no surprise when all different kind of short, chubby, tall and masculine people came in; But every few days, Julian would find that a peculiar customer would often visit to speak to his parents. They would wander in the shop, as if to buy something, touch a few things, then have a hushed conversation with Amy and Damien. Once, Julian saw a lady wearing a pink and black jumpsuit that only reached her knees, size eight wellies that were clearly too big for her, and black sunglasses even thou sunlight hadn’t made it through the clouds yet.

On this particular morning, a man in a black coat with a scarf covering half his face came in and handed them a white envelope embroidered with a symbol Julian was too far away to see and said.

“Well done, you have both saved our race again.”

“We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Amy answered back to the man.

“All I did was retrieve it, you guys did all the heavy lifting.”

The man then looked down at Julian obviously curious about the boy, “Who’s this?”

“Our friends’ son. She asked us to look after him.”

"I could swear that he looks like the both of you… That’s weird. Anyway, I’m leaving before it starts getting too crowded in here. “Madam Coco and Madam Enerst are defiantly going to try and arrive here before everyone else to take some of the credit, I don’t want to be here when they do. Cheerio.”

The man left the shop waving his hands behind him. Julian looked at his parent’s hurt that his mother would say that.

“Am I adopted? You never told me I was adopted. My life is a lie.”

Julian rambled not even allowing his parents to speak.

“No, you’re not adopted.”

“Then why did you say I was your friend’s son?”

“It was a joke.” Damian lied.

Before Julian could speak, two peculiar women came strutting in the shop, as if they were important. One wore a bright pink hat with a massive beaded necklace that hung down her skinny fragile neck. She also wore a black jumpsuit that only reached up to her knees and grey boots.

The other had a sparkly dress enveloped with sequences that shone so bright that Julian had to cover her eyes as she walked past the window. She had high heels so tall it could be mistaken for stilts.

“Hello, Love.”

“Madam Coco.”

Amy said like there was something sour on her tongue.

" You came."

“Of course, I did darling, how could I miss our big day.”

“Our big day?” Damian questioned.

“Well, of course, was it not me who convinced the both of you to take him down.”

“No, not really,” Amy stated.

"Well, of course, she didn’t. The other one said. “I did.”

“No, you didn’t Ernest, you’re always trying to take credit for everything I do. If I didn’t know better, I would say you are jealous of me.”

“Me jealous of you, are you kidding. I am way better than you will ever be.”

“Can the both of you shut up!”

The two fell silent on Amy’s command.

“The press will be here any minute, let’s not give them a reason to write something we will all regret.”

“Oh, she’s Enerst… I mean… imagine what they will write if they hear us bickering in this dreary shop.”

Madam Coco looked around the shop with disgust.

" We cannot be seen squabbling in this hell hole."

“I know right… imagine. Crossman’s and the madams bickering.” Madam Enerst said.

“Nasty talk between the Madam’s.” Madam Coco groaned.

“I don’t even want to think about it; all this talk is giving me a nasty headache.”

Madam Ernest opened her crocodile patterned bag and pulled out what Julian could only imagine as a sweet and popped it in her mouth.

“That’s better.” She sighed with a relaxed look on her face.

“Quick Enerst snap out of it, the press is coming. Here.” Madam Coco raised her hand and a white makeup bag came floating towards Enerst. She grabbed it like she would die if she didn’t have it, desperately putting makeup on her face before the press could come in. Julian looked at Madam Coco wandering how she had made the bag float. He thought that his parents had paid a magician to come and do magic but dismissed the idea as his birthday wasn’t till a couple of weeks.

“Come here. Stand by Damian. You never prepared honestly how are you, my sister.”

"Oh, be quiet. Remember to smile to the camera Coco, otherwise, you’ll look like the troll you are. Madam Coco was about to argue again but stopped and put a big grin on her face as groups of people came rushing through the door. Desperate news reporters hurriedly tried to talk to Julian’s parents whilst photographers’ cameras flashed in their faces realising blinding white lights. Fans stood massed behind the barricade of reporters cheering Damian’s and Amy’s name. All this was happening, and all Julian’s parents could think of was how this was bad for their cover. Paparazzi’s massed behind the fans trying to get a good picture of the couple. Being restless, one even stood on a chair. Julian thought he should stand by his parents but realised his parents most likely wouldn’t like him to.

“Ok one at a time guys, you’re making our client’s nervous.”

Amy looked at Ernest with a raised eyebrow.

“Let’s get comments from the crowd first. Then we will answer questions from the reporters.”

As soon as she finished talking, fans started screaming

“Well done guys.” One of them said.

“You’ve saved us.”

“Thank you.”

“Where did it happen?”

“We owe you.”

One even said, “I love you, Amy.” Another said,

“You have inspired me to do magic again.” Julian thought he meant party tricks but was sceptical when he could have sworn, he saw a fireball appear and disappear in the women’s hands.

A multitude of compliments kept on coming and even a few handshakes. At one point, a news reporter asked, “How was it possible that you were able to defeat Viren Ripper?” The news reporter pointed the mic at Amy and Damien, waiting for an answer. They both looked at each other till Damien broke the silence by saying,

“A magician never reveals his secret.”

“Come on, won’t you share your success to all the magicians at home. Don’t you think all the magicians deserve to know how he was defeated.”

Julian had learned at school how news reporters used words to guilt people into telling their story and then exaggerated it to make the news sound more exciting; Julian knew that was what was happening now and felt sorry for his parents

“We banished him.” Amy blurted out. Damian looked at Amy with a frown on his face. She was never one to keep secrets.

“You banished him, bu…but that’s impossible, no you couldn’t have. You would have to hold him first and then send him to a place he can’t get out off. Surely you didn’t. Even Damian’s famous air prison wouldn’t be able to contain him for long.” The reporter faltered forgetting for a moment she was on tv.

“I’m sorry we can’t tell you any more for safety reasons.”

“Yes, you can.”

“No, we cant.” Damian looked irritated. Madam Ernest looked at the Crossman’s with eyes wide open. “What are you doing Crossman’s?”

“We can’t tell them.”

“Look this will be our big break since Alvin Prestige. Please just answer the question.”

“I’m sorry Coco, we can’t.”

"Well then, from now on its madam Coco to you.

“And Madam Enerst to you.” They both left storming out of the door.

As time went by, the reporters left without the answers they were looking for, fans started getting tired of cheering and left to go home, leaving Julian and his parents alone in the shop.

“What was that all about,” Julian said. Amy looked at Damian than at Julian.

“We entered an award of best shop in stoke and we won.” Amy lied.

“Why were they talking about magic then.” Julian pursued his curiosity.

"Julian you ask a lot of questions for a small boy. “Let’s go home, you have school tomorrow.”

The family closed the shop and drove home. Julian ate dinner then went to bed happy to be rid of the eerier silence.

The next day the Crossman’s carried on with their normal routine only this time Julian was going to school and his parents seemed unusually excited. Usually, before he left the house, one of his many friends, Yves would accompany him to school, but because he had to go to school early to complete homework, he walked alone. At school, when we were told we could bring in our own clothes, Joel and Naomi Seaman were the kind of people that would make fun of you if you weren’t wearing anything that wasn’t Adidas, Nike, Puma or Gucci. Unfortunately, today they had been moved to Julian’s registration class. Already causing mischief, they found numerous ways to annoy everyone in the class, either by continuously drumming their fingers on the table, mocking people or kicking legs under their desks making sure it would leave a bruise as time would go on. Although they were badly behaving, miss Evans threatened to dish out detentions for their bad behaviour and send them to spend lunchtime with Mr Dodd if it continued. No one liked spending their lunchtime with Mr Dodd, which is why even the naughtiest children thought twice before carrying on with their bad behaviour. Even though in school he was seen as a mean horrible man, various students have said that he could be nice outside of school.

In English Max Frazer regularly messed around in a quest to get Julian to laugh. Today, he pulled faces, whispered funny remarks when the teacher spoke until Julian couldn’t help it anymore and burst out laughing. Mrs Low than told Julian off. Max also asked Mrs Low stupid question purposely, forcing her to stop teaching. Jaydan would from time to time join Max in his shenanigans. No one could deny that they both made tedious English lessons interesting.

Julian never liked maths, and his decision about it didn’t change when he walked through the maths doors. It’s not that he found it hard; he didn’t like it because he was freakishly good at it and got embarrassed when people would compliment him on how good his arithmetic was, he would just blush and felt like hiding away from everybody. Julian always dreaded it when they were given maths homework. Today he wondered what topic their homework would be on. Pythagoras, trigonometry or algebra? Even though he hated the idea of spending precious doing boring work set by the teacher, Tayler, Leyton, Shaaf and Tyler brought a smile to his face as he knew they would find different ways to keep him from falling asleep. Mr Ponsford, Julian’s maths teacher, had a reputation for being strict and as some people may say, unfair. In lessons Julian said knew that the rumours weren’t true: the dedication he put into teaching was noticeable.

In biology, Julian had a Newly Married teacher who use to be called miss Edwards. She told us to carry on calling her that as we always kept on forgetting her new surname name, so when we were to ask for help, we’d end up saying Mrs about fifty times till she finally decided that we should just call her by her previous surname.

In chemistry, Julian had a Canadian teacher called Miss O’Neil. His classmate would attempt to do her accent and laughed when she would say: “That’s not even close.” Beth, who was also in this lesson, had figured that Miss O’Neil was best friends with another biology Canadian teacher, Mrs Tracy. When she told Miss O’Neil this, she blushed and asked her how she found out.

RE, to everyone’s surprise, was fun. Although we had to learn Keywords, Mrs Pool always found a fun way to make the lesson interesting.

PE was the best lesson in Julian’s opinion, although he didn’t really like doing rowing.

When school ended Julian felt fatigued, he had forgotten how exhausting lessons could be and dreamt of lying on his bed peacefully with no distractions. He exercised this thought in his head as he started walking home from school. Julian thought he would go home to a comfy chair on his back, his feet laying on a feet rest. What he discovered was something a lot worse.

To read the full thing, please read my ongoing book.



The Lightning Tyrant
By Symon Pude

Don’t you just love epic fantasy stories, where the young, determined hero faces hardships with the help of a love interest, becomes the most powerful magic user and takes his rightful place as a benevolent ruler, just like the prophecy foretold?

Well tough luck, this story is not one of those.

The world is inhabited by eight magical races and regular humans.
Under the rule of the new allmage, the kingdom has been in relative peace for the last 16 years.
But now an army of orcs threatens the capital.
The royal army drafts people to stop their advance.
The story follows a cynical, powerless, human farmer, who is drafted against his will.

There is also a prophecy foretelling that the last allmage will free the kingdom from a tyrant. Is this the time the prophecy spoke of?

This book contains heavy swearing and an agonist you might not agree with.
You have been warned.


Could you add a link please?


Here you go. I tried in the original post but it wouldn’t let me add pictures or anything to it.
This is the map of the Kaskia.


Title: On The Twelfth Soul

Author: heiress-of-slytherin

Blurb: OTTS

Blurb: What would you do, Son of the Moon, to free your sister of her misery?

Bring me the souls of those who’s names I’ve written in the shadows, and on the twelfth soul I shall free her.

Open Novella Contest II prompts:
•Suspense Fiction
—Soul Sickness

Amazing cover the the talented @beforehours


Click to read:




Fantasy // Romance

The cycle of life is a pretty simple one: you live, you die, you’re reborn anew as a completely different person, repeat. Every life lived serves it own purpose and all memory of it is erased once it’s completed

After a not-so-simple run in with a not-so-simple death bringer however, Sabina Kagan is unable to agree. Her life cycle is different from everyone else’s and she isn’t even aware of it, at least not yet

Come and join in as Sabina finds out that ignorance truly is bliss.

click here to dive in


GRANDMA’S HOUSE, a short story.

Ten-year-old Teddy’s great-grandma Rose is an enigma. She lives alone in her strange old house, hoards hundreds of newspapers, books and other odd treasures, stacks them up from floor to ceiling. She’s a shut-in, a recluse, and a crazy old bat who never takes visitors.

Or so Teddy’s been told.

When she arrives for a weekend visit, Teddy finds that Grandma Rose and her little old house are hiding even more mystery just beneath the surface.

Read it here:'s-house

P.S. I’m always happy to return the favor for reads/comments. :heart:


This sounds awesome. Adding to my list! :heart: