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Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy

Chapters: 18

Summary: One day I woke up with a single thought racing throughout my mind, “Stay alive… Find the truth.”

Follow the story of Anthony, a boy who one day woke up with only the clothes on his back and the name given to him at birth, on a cliffside to a world which he doesn’t recognize; a world in which he doesn’t belong to. Alongside Jay, a cold but full-hearted-mentor. Follow them as they use the unlimited arts of magic to make connections throughout this cruel world and fight to find the truth they desire.


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Eternal Spirit

An Emotional Fantasy/Action Story

The Land Of Zestria…may change. As Can…one’s heart

Jealousy, Ego, Arrogance…these are the norm in Zestria. A peaceful land, fought between the two factions of the World. The story of this land and it’s struggles has being told far and wide…but among to normal children. In the world of Earth…this story is nothing but a fairy-tale.

While a fairy-tale for most…for one boy…his only comfort. This story is his only memento of the family he has forgotten. He lives a lonely life…looked down upon by those around him. His life will soon change…with a simple “push”

An ordinary boy gets pulled into a war between the forces of good and evil


A life that is not her own. A destiny that could not be Seen. A duty to a corrupt kingdom. A mission to save what is his. A guardian with a hidden past, and one with a past that is not hidden enough. A land in ruin, in hope, and in fear.
The span of two worlds cannot stop fate. She will always find those that run.
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When Kira was eight years old, her parents went out on a mission to eliminate a monster. They never came back, and Kira always thought that they had abandoned her. Ten years later, at a prominent monster hunter academy, Spirits of the Lost, Kira finds out that she wasn’t abandoned at all.

Kira meets Villa, a demon hunter, who arrives, saving her. Villa hides the truth about her parents in an interesting way. He can’t lie and no one actually knows his family history. Villa doesn’t make any friends, but Kira might just be the first one.

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Basically a girl “died” and woke up as someone who died at the same time. Her new self is the queen of a fantasy world. Her husband, the king is heartless. She has to try and not get beheaded by her husband…whilst all that she needs to find a way home, or become a florist with her new identity.

It’s my first time writing a long novel, I’ve made some illustrations to help describe the scenes a bit better…I hope you’ll give me lots of feedback even if it’s brutal, most importantly I hope the experienced readers and pro-writers get a good laugh out of it hahah.

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Guilt Beyond Measure

A tragic moment in a bureaucrat’s life is far more than personal, and Dedric Emilius knows this. Following a nightmarish evening, he and his wife - the stunning, innocent Amelie - find themselves at the center of Evon’s city, struggling to discern how to move forward with their lives. Seeking to change the very fabric of what has made Evon great, they misunderestimate the toll it may have on their estate and their very lives.

TAGS: adult, dark, fantasy, fiction, gothic, medieval, political, drama


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The Magician’s Tongue: A Parable
Where do myth and Man’s edgy pleasures overlap? Is there a price to pay for challenging the gods and goddesses at what they do best? Sometimes we are given a talent which may seem like a curse. Then we wake up one day to find it is leading us ever into the light. Stuart carried his lusty gift to the level of magician. Yet soon he would have to face what awaited him in the dark. He was about to learn that freedom from this curse would come at an all too familiar price. .

". . . Stuart could feel his whole body was drenched in sweat. It was a fever like he had never had in his life. He could also feel the feminine entity’s warm breath against his face as she now more emphatically directed him. Her smell of fruit and earth was nearer and stronger. . ."

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Our misadventures are just unmissed opportunities.
A new threat is on the horizon for the continent of Weyerna, but they aren’t sure what it is. The soldiers who’ve been coming to their capital city are odd, they don’t seem hostile, but friendly isn’t their main attribute either. Follow Zaen on an expedition to this strange new world of magic, monsters, and malice, all the while falling in love with a girl who’s more powerful than she seems.



Once Upon A Time, GOOD OMENS, MONTY PYTHON, and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT had a back-alley three-way and birthed a fairytale.

It stars…

A vain (probably gay) King
A depressed (possibly adulterous) Queen
A (definitely evil) Dark Lord
(Just) A magician


A (potentially evil) princess, who was taken through time to the future to escape her fate, where she was adopted by a rather unscrupulous, if well-meaning, cult (though they prefer the term commune because it sounds rather less - well - “cult-y”).

Unfortunately, Fate drives a red Ferrari and can’t be escaped so easily as jumping a few centuries forward, so she finds the princess eventually.

And so we encounter…

An escape
An unforeseen ally
A (dangerous) quest
A (malcontent) mentor
A choice which will decide the fate of the kingdom (and possibly the universe)
A (good old) reckoning



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150 years ago, the Ruge Empire set out to unite the continent of Fyresia under a new set of standards that would set everyone as equals. They’ve nearly succeeded, but their campaign wasn’t without victims…

Darian Kai is a rogue Kindness-type magic user. He travels around Fyresia looking for clues about his missing past, and picks up odd jobs along the way. Eventually, his travels lead him to Ironia, the capital city of Ruge, where his journey began, and the queen guilts him into accepting a mission from which there seems to be no return.

But Darian is lying about something. He knows more than he lets on, and his past is murky and dangerous. In fact, he even seems to be lying to the reader…

[Some scenes are highly gory and graphic. Continue at your own discretion.]



For Vaun, roaming the land, spreading stories of wonder and mystery, is the highest form of freedom one could have. When a foreign power invades with a strict regime, not only is his way of life endangered, but he begins to lose everything he held dear. In a desperate attempt to flee his oppressors and fight for survival, he journeys to the magical city of old, now a barren wasteland of toxicity. With the magic wrongly believed to be extinct, this new adventure will prove to be a story that he’ll never forget.

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An evil warlord seeks to control a realm. A gifted princess could hold the key to his conquering the entire kingdom. Yet she is a sorceress, trained by the last of the old order surviving the ashes of mount Kusik. The legendary dark dragon conquers all he sees. He is death, he is fear, he is terror. None have stood before him. Yet not all is as it seems. Evil lurks in every corner. Dark magic ensnares. Who will survive the battle that must come? And what will become of the legend of Kastorius?



Title: Is Magic a Super Power?


Summary:It has been five years since she was exiled to Earth. Her memories and magic sealed away, keeping her in the dark. But when her magic comes back, she can’t control and it may just hurt her.


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Madness of Magic

Only someone desperate for money would work for a mad witch in a mysterious tower.

Abie is everything Maeva needs in a testing subject for her spells, but when he begins to work for her, he comes to discover that Maeva is not what she seems.

Soon, the truth of her past is cast into the light, revealing a shadowy plot. One that involves her doppleganger sister, the Twin Princes of Ckastia, and a dark character from Abie’s past. While tensions grow between two countries, so does the madness in Maeva’s head. Under pressure from friends, enemies, and even the gods above, Maeva may be forced to embrace a life she’d long ago left. With the madness of magic looming over her, she’ll need allies and cleverness to prevent the start of another war.

All Abie had wanted when he applied for the job was a decent pay, and to not be turned into a frog. Instead, he is plunged into a magical story of family, war, mystery, love, and deception that explores the city of Portwenn during its darkest time.

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Demi a Demon builds a Hospital, but he has Plans for Luisa and the others. The Myth of the unknown upper Demon makes Luisa fight as a cop to stop this madness.
Would Demi join Luisa or they will be the opposite.Demons Hospital


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Eminatris’ Past Book One: Izurnailen

Young Eminatris awakes in a fantasy world. All seems normal at first, but he notices he’s been growing at an alarming rate. In under an hour, Eminatris is the equivalent of a six-year old boy.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the world turns out to be more hectic than at first it seemed and the child must learn to fight against the dangers of Izurnailen.

Find out the truth behind the legendary past of Eminatris, the boy of Nifernailen.

This is book one in the series: The History of Eminatris.
The story takes place in a completely new world with creatures that you couldn’t even fathom until now.