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Diary of a Time Traveller

Dear Diary,
In this super-human society of ours, powers have drastic drawbacks. A woman who can create fire, is not heat resistant. A man who can literally become a man of steel, cannot move, as he is then heavy, and steel does not bend easily.

My power, is time travel. Its drawback? I can only travel up to 10 seconds in the past, although it was not like this at first. I call it: Undo (or CTRL+Z).
Time travelers have had a horrible history. Nowadays, you wouldn’t even know if a time traveler has a power or not. We have to be clever, and we aren’t allowed to tell anyone of our powers, unless we want to mysteriously disappear like the first few that were discovered.
Whether they went incognito, got kidnapped or traveled back in time is still unknown.

Although my life has been calm up until now, it all changes when an attempt is made to kidnap a close friend of mine. Will I be able to save her? If yes, then how long will it take? And what about after that?

You, my dear Diary, are the only one who knows of my powers. So I ask you this:
Will my life ever be the same again?

Special thanks

Book cover and idea by J. L. Fletcher (@Joshua_Fletcher), writer of Eminatris’ Past Book One: Izurnailen (fantasy book in a world you couldn’t even fathom until now).


Thieves tempt fate to steal a god’s power

It was the night of Full Sail, the month of the Squid, when the danger of Typhoon had passed. Revelers filled the streets of Ospraa By The Sea, the only city of the Isle of Mûta, whose name means death. Brilliant ribbons and banners bedecked the ships and boats that rocked calmly in sheltered Ospraa Bay and streamed from every tower and building. It had been a bad year—six typhoons scoured Mûta—and the people celebrated survival. The followers of TaMer, the Great Fish, packed the square before the temple of their god.

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Woman with a Frying Pan
Tiff is tired and stressed out from her latest job as a ghostwriter. It was supposed to be something simple and easy to do. Just write the autobiography of a reporter of a bygone era. It was just to be a couple of weeks. Everything about her client, Miss Taylor, was odd and never normal. Tiff could even have less love for the creepy butler in Miss Taylor’s home. But if the weird dreams and unusual events were not enough in Tiff’s life. One day Miss Taylor goes missing and the worse is yet to come to Tiff.


Ghosts in the Pumpkin Soup

What happens when a college dropout accidentally opens up the portal to HELL in his soup? Shenanigans of course! Now, James must team up with a flamboyant scarecrow, a jaded witch, an over zealous knight, and a virgin succubus to lock away what he’s unleashed.



Twelve years ago, an Integrity Knight named Karthen traveled through the harsh environment to find the Residence of Dragons. It was presumed that this is where the dragons lived, and thus Karthen became known as the legendary Keeper of Dragons, the first human with this name. During his reign, he met a little boy named Eugeo, who he fathered until the boy randomly disappeared.

Twelve years after Eugeo disappears, Kains Morningstar lives in the village of Rulid. With aspiring hopes to become a strong Integrity Knight by joining the Integrity Council, he is approached by three Integrity Knights…however, not for the reason he would have hoped for. Kains is accused of being Eugeo, son of Karthen, and the new Keeper of Dragons. Somehow, someone’s convinced the Integrity Council that the there is a new Keeper of Dragons, and one that intends to unleash the dragons upon the world of Millennia.

This is the story of Kains Morningstar.

Millennia: Keeper of Dragons



Aven, who’s parents died and is now living on the street, has made money as an assassin for years. But, what happens when she can’t kill someone?

Unfortunately, the type of people that normally hire you to kill someone aren’t very forgiving.

With Fae labeled as monsters, anyone outside of the Fae kingdom has to be careful. But when she falls in love with a human, she finds out just how much the Fae can be resented.

Warnings before mature content (for all of you pure innocents out there) and updates every week (Friday)

Also, I PROMISE it’s not cliche possessive mate bullsh*t. Not happening, despite my friend’s best efforts grumble grumble

I promise if you give this book a chance, in the end, you won’t think your time was wasted.
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She; a fighter with a troubled past.
He; a killer without remorse.
Fugitive and rebel, monster and sheep, red and black. What will happen when their fates intertwine?

This story contains mature content, most notably the recurring theme of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

This original story is written by two authors and is based on a long-time roleplay we are doing. We already have around 30 chapters planned out and there’s gonna be a lot of blood, tears, were-beasts, swearing, love, tragedy and drama. Please consider checking it out, it would mean the world to us ^^




Long ago, there were two dragons higher in strength then the others. One was ruler of lights, the Celestial Dragon. The other was ruler of darkness, the Shadow Dragon. In ancient times, before the kingdoms we’re made, back when the people lived in small village, the two dragons fought for control over heaven and earth.

This is the legend, Chiroshi Yueliang grew up hearing. She always believed it whole heartily, hoping one day the Celestial Dragon would return, and sour above the clouds once again. Her dream came true in her life time, but with the return of the Celestial Dragon, came with it, a cloud of darkness and pain. All to soon, Chiroshi lost everything she held dear and loved. On the run in her own country, the young princess has to go into hiding. With darkness taking over Shingetsu, and threatening to swallow the other kingdoms, will the young princess have what it takes to rise to her calling and lean on her new allies, or will she let pain and heart ache take over and consume her?

(Author’s note: the cover is not the official cover. I’m going to try and draw the cover, if I can)

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Check out this shiny new mermaid tale with weekly updates!

Summary: She was transformed into a mermaid - a wild creature liberated from the human she had been. But some blessings are also curses. Cora discovers her transformation was a trap and begins the biggest adventure of her life.

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Seventeen-year-old Kimura is your average, everyday otaku. However, his life of pulling all-nighters, sleeping in class and gaming is suddenly turned upside down when, in an attempt to save a kid from a car crash, he dies himself. Whilst his life flashes through his eyes, Kimura was given a chance to relive his life. He awoke moments later to find himself reincarnated into a body of a teen in a new unknown fantasy world! But as if the nightmare couldn’t have gotten worse. Whilst everyone was blessed with godlike powers, learning magic and battling techniques, Kimura was stuck with a levelling system, stats worse than of a farmer and one simple Synergist type skill- “Transmutation”. Plunged into world where the strong trample over the weak, Kimura tries to survive striving to live his life to its fullest. Will he pull through in this dangerous world of monsters and demons with only his survival instincts and wits?

Status: 5 chapters (updated every week)

Please do leave a comment to help me improve my story. Hope you enjoy))


Arthur and Hareph are two friends who find themselves caught in a battle between an ancient evil and a God known as the Tri-Snake.

Arthur is blessed by the divine serpent, but his blessing maybe a curse as his body transforms into a snake hybrid abomination. Hareph stays at Arthur’s side, even after the Tri-Snake lays down an ultimatum on Arthur. Arthur must go and retrieve an ancient sword from a holy warrior’s resting place and seal away the ancient evil, or spend the rest of his days in his new form.

Though, while Arthur struggles to accept his new body, his friend Hareph becomes the target to the ancient evil. More and more of Hareph’s and Arthur’s past begins to unravel as Hareph relives the most regretful memories of his past.


A mysterious defector from the Airborne nation.

A Seafarer prince desperate to end the war of a century.

Secrets, lies, betrayal and love. What else would you expect in the eye of the storm?

An Open Novella Contest entry.

Destiny Island
Sometimes one ordinary vacation can change your life, forever. It can go beyond anything you planned, or thought possible and surprise you in bad ways as well as good ones. Still, it is up to you to decide what you will do and which path to take. The question is where will the path lead you? Each decision you make leads you to a different place or event. Where will you end up?

Fairy Diary
We often hear about the fairies and magic, how perfect their world is but everything is not as it seems. Through this diary, we get a look into the life of an ordinary fairy. Finally, we can see if their day to day life is so perfect as we previously thought.

The Girl with an Owl
Some people don’t realize that owls are one of the most magical creatures in existence but even they can’t help but admire their beauty. What happens when a girl meets an owl and steps outside the prescribed path? Where would that friendship lead her? Is she ready to go there? Those and many other questions will be answered as we follow the adventures of the girl with an owl.

The encounter
One small event can change our lives. It can change us into a completely different person. That would have to be one very memorable event but once it does happen nothing stays the same. The encounter changed her life completely and she will never forget it.




Tales of Malothrok is a growing collection of short stories, written as a retelling of myths, fairy tales, and important events that shaped the face of Malothrok, and of Taor as a whole, throughout history. The series will be updated with new stories weekly. Take just a few minutes to peruse our small archive and see if your intrigue is piqued, continue to return and share with us the knowledge and wonder of this great and ancient world as we slowly transcribe its history.

The Princess who Dared
Once upon a time,
Lived a princess, short and fair.
She wore black locks
and eyes of gold
But, she was different
She was defiant
Once upon a time,
Lived a princess who dared.

Princess Abigail, Madam Abi, and Miss Abigail was the only titles she went by. Till when the night was chill, and frost scattered across head to toe on the leafy of ever. Abigail went by a new title, the title that changed the kingdom of mountains forever. Where Abigail once played and laughed with her servants now wore an empty shade of grey as it laid abandoned, the plains packed full of ice and monsters of the hells, Abigail swore to be free… and to take down the kingdom with her.


They Call Us

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When the mermaids sing, the lake pulls you closer. When the mermaids sing, the sky turns red and the water pitch-black. When the mermaids sing, the end is near.

Or: four magical misfits are called by the queens of the water to save the same magical world that cast them out


Username @rosebrown1k
Title The Lost Queen
Brief summary Queen, a title which was very important to The Kingdom of Gionevrin. This was the kingdom where the Queen ruled not King. The kingdom was shining brightly in happiness to welcome their unborn princess, the future Queen. But they didn’t realize that darkness was stretching its arms to hunt their happy lives. They lost their beloved King and Queen when evil became desirous for power. The people of the kingdom mourned for their beloved ones who became the prey of the evil. They had to become slaves for the new evil queen. All of them heard that their princess was alive but no where to be found. They were happy about that because no one wanted the new life to be destroyed. Everyone started to live a new life like a dead soul.

They needed a savior. The princess was lost. But someone was coming to shake and shuffle everything once again and to play again. Someone was coming to find The Lost Queen. She was never a princess but a queen who wore her courage as her crown and Destiny was the one who could bring back the Queen.