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Seventeen-year-old Kimura is your average, everyday otaku. However, his life of pulling all-nighters, sleeping in class and gaming is suddenly turned upside down when, in an attempt to save a kid from a car crash, he dies himself. Whilst his life flashes through his eyes, Kimura was given a chance to relive his life. He awoke moments later to find himself reincarnated into a body of a teen in a new unknown fantasy world! But as if the nightmare couldn’t have gotten worse. Whilst everyone was blessed with godlike powers, learning magic and battling techniques, Kimura was stuck with a levelling system, stats worse than of a farmer and one simple Synergist type skill- “Transmutation”. Plunged into world where the strong trample over the weak, Kimura tries to survive striving to live his life to its fullest. Will he pull through in this dangerous world of monsters and demons with only his survival instincts and wits?

Status: 7 chapters


Империя Грёзимперия-грёз
Что есть зло? Что есть добро? Какие границы нельзя приступать, создавая себе счастье, и есть ли эти границы вообще? На что может пойти правитель ради своей страны? На все эти вопросы нет точных ответов, и каждый находит эти ответы сам.
Империя Броун, как и все империи, переживала разные периоды, “золотые века” сменялись кризисами, поколения сменяли друг друга. Достаточно давно империя поделилась на два суверенных королевства, живущих в мире. Но никто не знает, что будет происходить дальше, ведь как внутри континента, так и за его пределами есть те, кто желает поссорить королества и сделать всё возможное, чтобы они никогда не смогли вновь воссоединиться.
История сия будет повествовать о взаимоотношениях героев, судьбах простых людей в их поисках ответов на извечные вопросы, а также захватывать судьбы королевств…


The Death Bond

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Not even death is more powerful than love. Casanuana is a servant who fell in love with a noble and, surprisingly, he fell in love with her in return. But when he dies suddenly her life falls apart. Yet she begins to be convinced he can be saved and she travels to the realm of the dead to get him back. But the realm of the dead isn’t willing to let him go for free - the longer it takes her, the more people will forget her. Including the man she is trying so hard to get back.

Loosely based on general mythology with my own interpretations, this is a romantic fantasy that explores just how far one is willing to go for love.


Title: Tale of the Black Dawn Series1: U N R A V E L

Kristine Mae Cordovan has everything that all the girls would dream to be in her place; the looks, great personality, a lifestyle that speaks of riches and fortune, a supportive and loving family, and awesome and crazy friends. Despite this, it doesn’t prevent her to have enemies and rivals.

Everything was perfect and she wouldn’t change these for anything.

Then suddenly, the world she thought had gone drastically change as she notice something different in her, the family she loved, the friends that she adored, and all the mysterious dreams and events that take place throughout her life.

As her journey towards the truth, little by little, her perfect world starts to fall apart when fragments of her past memories starts to resurface. Memories that she should’ve not forgotten, should’ve not disregard, and should’ve not denied.

Updates 2 to 3 times a month


Literature, that which educates and teaches human interaction via the written word from the vastness of imagination!!




Description: A selfish god and a “princess” who is determined to kill him bicker through different worlds.

King and God of All.
You would expect such a being to be selfless.

Well, I am not.

I did not ask to be Ou so just let me live my life however I want.

But you won’t do that, will you?


Title: Friends With Death

Description: Rich kid Kahoko is the richest kid in town. But her life is not that simple, she has a sad past that’s been haunting her. Will a certain new neighbor be able to help? What if everyone knew her beloved neighbor is really Death?


Title: Flesh and Blood
Synopsis: What would you do if the thing you believed in the most turned out to be a lie?

Stephanie Scott was 10 years old when her father was taken from her. Since then, things in the Scott family have been at their worst. But things aren’t as they seem. Nineteen-year-old Stephanie, with the help of her friend, Heather, is searching desperately for the solution to their problems.

Things are much worse than expected and the strength of love is going to be tested when they receive devastating news that could change everything forever.

Stephanie has to fight to save so much more than her family and makes an unspeakable choice which might just be the only thing that can save them all…



About The Demon Throne

"Fighting the way you are will not go the way you think. Nothing but ashes will follow."

“If that’s how it must be.” Adrian sneered. “Let the fires burn.”

17 year old Adrian La’Raisa is a gifted mage and Prince in the Queendom of Farrum. When his twin sister Alissa, the Princess heir to the Farrum Throne goes missing, he fears the worst. Soon after Alissa goes missing, Farrum is invaded. With the future Queen gone, the region is sent into despair.

When Adrian leaves against his mothers wishes to search for Alissa, he finds there is nothing ordinary about his sisters disappearance. Every clue he finds brings him closer to his sister and to the reality of what’s happening. Alissa, being held captive has plans to escape and reunite with Adrian.

Soon they will learn there is something that should concern them both much more.

In a realm gone to turmoil, a thousand year old evil is threatening the world once again, and is intent on bringing it’s rule into reality no matter the cost.

Fantasy || Action || Adventure

Updated Every Friday


I have two fantasy pieces to promote, if that is okay. I’m very open to feedback on these! I know they’re still quite short and unfortunately I cannot maintain a regular posting schedule as I am very busy at the moment but I keep folks updated in my announcements section.

Title: Cloaks
Synopsis: The Red Cloaks have governed the islands for generations, ensuring a time of peace and prosperity. The Purple Cloaks have been their biggest rivals, but never proving to be more than a minor irritation - until one day, when everything changes and the Red Cloaks are brought down to their knees.

With the reign of his father over, Chessren is forced to don the crown as a puppet for those who murdered his family. His sister, Tariyne, escapes capture and seeks her families allies with the hope of rescuing her brother and removing the usurpers from power and denying the lies that they spread.

The villains of this story, however, are not who they seem.

Excerpt from Chapter One: It was all red. Her colour. It was pooling around his head, melting away into the cracks of the cold stone floor. It rolled down the candelabra she clutched and onto her hands, consuming them as it had claimed the thigh of her left leg. A moment ago there had been no red. Now there was a man dead at her feet.

He was wearing purple. It had been the first thing she had noticed when he dropped to the ground after she had struck him in the head; she was then able to stop and process what had happened. The man was dead and yet it had made Tariyne grasp her makeshift weapon even tighter; that colour should not be here.

Her thoughts were scrambled and she could make nothing of them. She could not feel anything but the throbbing in her leg where she had taken a hit and the single voice screaming in the back of her head that told her that this was all wrong. From what she had seen this man should not have made it this far. He should have been dead before he even got within the castle walls. She felt a renewed sense of fear take hold over the subsiding rush of adrenaline. This was no assassin that she had encountered, this man had not come here alone.

Title: Trial of Tails
Synopsis: When the end of the world came, it was not an end for all life. Flora, with nothing to hold it back, kept growing and growing, strangling all who dared to oppose it. Some fauna prospered, whilst others suffered. The food chain took on a new form.

Cats survived, though their status as predators near the top of the food chain was disrupted. Now more prey than predator, cats struggle, forced to band together in colonies in the overgrown, evolving in intelligence and wits to stay alive. In the cursed places, they live alone, scattered and clinging onto their independence. And on the coast, isolated from the rest of the world, the cats thrive - until now.

There is something out there that is a greater threat to the survival of the once house-cats and ferals than those who now hunt them and the rivalries they maintain over food and territory. It struck once and then vanished, seemingly vanquished. But it never was.

Except from Chapter One: Moth watched with wide eyes as Salt glided through the air, gaining more distance than her short legs would suggest possible - and then she plummeted. A fall from there would undoubtedly shatter her bones. Somehow, she managed to catch the tail of the bird in her mouth. The bird fought to keep itself airborne as Salt scrambled at its underbelly to maintain her grip, the force of her landing further unbalancing it and threatening to pull it from the sky. The seagull dived downwards, shrieking, twisting and flapping, a powerful wing catching Dandelion and throwing him away. As the ginger tom hit the sand Moth sprung up, catching the bird in the neck. Unable to counter his momentum, the seagull hit the sand. Moth felt its neck crunch under his teeth. He held on as the bird stilled, watching as Salt pushed away the mangled tail feathers and rolled away from the dying creature. She lay there for a moment, recovering her breath.

“You could have got yourself killed.” Dandelion’s shadow fell over her. She didn’t acknowledge his presence, glancing instead at Moth.

“And you would be seagull-fodder. Moth would have done the same, he was looking to the cliffs when I jumped.” She responded coolly, shrugging as she pulled herself out of the sand with her back toward Dandelion. “I think it’s dead Moth.”


Check out my novel, The Hell Of Demonic Royalty.
Here is a blurb:
The things you find in this novel are not for the faint of heart if anything I ever have written is of the faint of heart.
Being the one to follow your father around and be the next defendant for power is interesting to say the least, that what I did for the first four years of my life, but when he started to tear my family apart, I was helpless to watch. I went under his wing until I could beat him. Luckily, this year we need a new heir because I’m now 17, not that the number really means a lot to you. Neither does it for me really. But luckily, I’ll find someone who fits my liking and is strong. Once they are found… All hell will set loose. Ready to join me? Just come on an adventure. You’ll love it I’m sure.

Excerpt from the novel:
I knew something was wrong.

I knew there’d be pain.

Blood stained the floor and matted the walls of the room, basking the room in his own sin, his own wrongdoing. Lucifer was standing in front of me. He held a weapon in his hand: a darkened, devilish blade, seeped in sin, it was out for blood. He smiled, staring at me. He held his wife in his other hand, death seemed to grip her, holding her in place. Her eyes were fixed on me. She seemed to be studying me as she struggled to breathe, she was in a bath of flames and had been cut with a blade many times across the body. Anger burned in Lucifer’s eyes. Through all this, her eyes still remained with me, begging for me to be okay. Her words ran through my mind.

“you’re going to be okay, my son. I love you.”

As the knowledge that all her efforts to bring her husband down, to protect her son, had been in vain settled and the years of feeling worthless, unaccepted, unloved accumulated into this single moment, everything about her dripped with helplessness. My father cast a blazing ring of fire, around the three of us. He stood with his back to the flames, his eyes shone the orange and red embers, and face was cast in shadow. He went and threw her into the bath of flames. He grabbed the knife, With a flick of his hand he had the knife pointed toward his wife.
He stabbed her in the chest, blood pouring out of it, the skin flames and blackened by the flames of his knife.

Hope you enjoy it.



Void Bound

It was all Tyler ever wanted; to be a hero like the ones he had looked up to as a child. To leave behind a great story that would remain when everything else fell apart. Sick of living under his mother’s thumb and doing as he’s told, he’ll take any chance he can to break away. His first real attempt, however, leaves him more trapped than before.

Heroes were people that everyone remembered. The ones whose stories remained. But stories on Kieran don’t have happy endings.



Ella lives a cursed life of tears and ashes. Alexander trapped in a world of blood, sin and endless riches…
Ever since her father died seven years ago, her stepmother has forced her to slave in her own home. She’s gotten used to the suffering, to crying herself to sleep and sleeping in her own filth, shes used to the bruises that cover her body from Viviana’s ruthless beatings. But things go down a much darker path when the Guardians suddenly condemn her to an even crueler fate than the one they have already given her. And Ella knows she must find a way to run away…

Mysterious letters from the dead. Dreams of gold and blood. There is no doubt that Alexander has more important things to worry about than the Annual Ball. Alex knows he needs answers, yet the only one who can tell him what he needs is the devilish elf that cackles in the palace dungeons, who goes by the foolish name of Rumplestiltskin.
The elf’s poetic gibbers lead him into the grimy streets of the towns where the poor beg for food. Answers. All he wants are answers. But the wandering prince finds much more than that…


Most of the world walks around with their eyes close to things. Not wanting to be hurt so they protect themselves from it closing their eyes. But the saddest thing are the people who don’t know their eyes are closed and don’t know what to protect themselves from. Who should they trust? How do they open their eyes?
Annabell Evans 16 years old and the only thing on her mind is meeting her wolf when shifts. Not meeting her mate she, in fact, doesn’t want to have a mate she’ll rather not ever know. 17 is the age she’s wanted to be since she could be a kid but will it be all she hoped for?
Will her life be the same?
Can she avoid finding her mate?
Was she right to not meet him?
Will her life change?


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Title: Valiant
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Synopsis: Unexplored vales. Dangerous beasts.

Relics of an ancient society. Untold riches to be discovered.

Glory. Fame. Fortune.

The call of adventure beckons kindred souls from around the world to the dangerous nation of Middangeard, bastion of mankind.
A lawless country where the weak crumble and the strong flourish, where the gap between good and evil is slight - only the brave, or foolish, would consider living in this unforgiving land.
The select few that find themselves captivated by the song of discovery are called…

The Valiant!

Follow young Bal on his coming-of-age journey to become the greatest adventurer of all and to be the one to conquer the mysterious Frontier.


Thieves tempt fate to steal a god’s power

It was neither the tang of sea nor the rancidness of rotting fish, garbage and offal that roused me from my doze. Nor was it the creaking of ships at berth, the loading and off-loading of cargo, nor the movement and cries of men. No, it was none of the everyday stench and noise about the quay of Portside, that festering pustule that marks the fair cheek of uVaal, the Splendid City. It was the clinking of coin into my bowl. I raised my head.

“Tell me a story,” the stranger said. He smelled of the spice as is worn by the men of arid Khulinaar, and his accent had the color of that western land though tinted with a trace of the steppes.

"It was the night of Full Sail, the month of the Squid, when the danger of Typhoon had passed . . .”

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Rise of the Darkness (Prophecy of Shadow book 1)

Long have the enemies of Dragonkind hid in the shadows, waiting to strike. A prophecy is found and the pieces on the board begin to move. Two young dragons are chosen to train and fight, but just who is moving the pieces?

Seven chapters complete, updates every week or two.


Daniel with her tribe of goblins outside the city of Tombstone. Their efforts to leave humans alone have always been a sound practice. Daniel’s tribe, the Dust Eaters, leave off their hunting and gathering methods out in the desert. But over time their way of life comes to an end with the arrive of the discovery of the supernatural by the human population. And that is how the apocalyptic nightmares started.


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She; a fighter with a troubled past.
He; a killer without remorse.
Fugitive and rebel, monster and sheep, red and black. What will happen when their fates intertwine?

Unable yet trying to run away from her past, Mazikeen Winters finds herself captured in a prison cell. There she meets a man; locked up as well and chained to the wall, his eyes the striking color of blood and his teeth those of a carnivore. Desperate to escape Maze agrees on a deal, but how much is a contract really worth to a beast?

This story contains mature content, most notably the recurring theme of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

This original story is written by two authors and is based on a long-time roleplay we are doing. We already have around 30 chapters planned out and there’s gonna be a lot of blood, tears, swearing, love, tragedy and drama. Please consider checking it out, it would mean the world to us ^^