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He had never been one to shy away from a challenge.
Especially one with a prize.

Arlo is, at best, an annoyance. 
Known throughout Kalla's city center as a con artist and self-proclaimed "master thief", he and his best friend, Caide, live life on the fringes of society.  Petty theft and minor infractions are not only their way-of-life, but also Arlo's hobby of choice. Though he often finds himself the unrightful owner of many valuable and costly items, somehow it is never enough. Nothing can satisfy what lies within him. 
Before he- and his ever reluctant partner-in crime-, Caide- know it, their simple lives are plummeted into mystery and  great risk. Hidden beneath a shroud of darkness and anonymity, a  figure comes forth, with an offer Arlo cannot refuse. 
A young royal's head for all the riches and fame he could desire. 
Without hesitation, Arlo accepts the offer, and his criminal resume expands to include kidnapping. Little does he know the price he, himself, will have to pay for his prize. 
Perhaps, he will find, the prize is not worth the cost..[/details]


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Check out this shiny new mermaid tale with weekly updates!

Summary: She had been transformed into a mermaid - a wild creature liberated from the human she had been. But now, Cora discovers her transformation was a trap and begins a battle for her sanity.

Read the story here


A world where freedom has been bought by blood and the slavers driven out - but they want their world back. A world where magic works, where dwarves swim through stone, tengu flutter through night skies and elves slip out of trees. Where samurai fight demons and few are truly what they seem…cover1


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I was first cursed and feared for being a warlock many years ago. Now, I use that epithet as my name - I am Warlock. These days, I live alone, away from the rabble. This story explains something of my decision to do so…


Audrey, Lorian and Viola.
Three girls who discover one day that they have magical powers.
They all go to a boarding school where everyone has different abilities.
Will they be able to cope with their forces and deal with their new lives?
will they be able to deal with those who want to harm them or exploit their forces for the worse?



Title: Mage of the Empress
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Status: Ongoing
Link to Book
Description: Talynn and Mavence are two orphans with a dream; to join the Empress’s Guard one day. As Mavence trains to be a warrior and Talynn a mage, their adventures take them across a fantastic world filled with elves, imps, and dwarves. Talynn is determined to become the greatest fire mage in all the land, but he has one major problem: he can’t use fire magic.

Mage of the Empress is an epic story set in a fantasy world that follows two best friends and their journey to achieve their dreams while often stumbling into things much bigger than themselves. Packed with action, magic, memorable characters, deep undertones, and a rich world lore, Mage of the Empress delivers an adventure that keeps getting bigger and better.



By Haven_Coven

‘She deserves to die!’ Vivian all but yelled at him.

‘Trust me, Vivan, I know,’ the crow said, pausing.

‘But you still can’t hurt her,’ he added.

‘Why?’ she demanded.

‘Because she is you,’

Vivian Barton is a normal girl.
She is Sweet. Secretive. Sensitive.

But then there is ViVi, Vivian’s alternate personality.
They say she is psychotic. Mental. Completely bonkers.

She used to roam the streets of London, before she took a tumble.
A tumble into Htrae, a fantasy world, a reversed Earth.
A world where vampires and elves are common folk, and humans are nothing but myths and legends.

She has no idea what this new world holds, or does she? Had she been there before?
What if Htrae was her world? What if someone had seized it from her?
Taken Vivian’s title, ViVi’s power, their crown.

She must complete the quests laid out for her to reclaim what is rightfully hers.
She must find the truth to her past, her future.

And by the end, she know two things were certain:

Vivian Barton is the Goddess of Murder.
And she has stolen her own name.


Darkster’s Choice:
Rook is at the mercy of the Empress. He is her spy, her follower, her slave.
Beck is surrounded by others like her, but still alone.
She is the glow of light and he is the shadow of darkness.
When their paths collide, their world will be changed forever…
Nearly completed, and I am hoping for any feedback that anyone can give me.


Oh sorry. I thought I had put the links with my stories. Thanks for pointing that out.

Here they are:.


Hello all.

I am a writer from England with a publisher in the States. I have also been a substantive and development editor for novelist around the world.

My debut novel reached #4 in the paranormal romance genre.

I was wondering if any of you would like my support and guidance with your work.

This would be a way for me show my thanks for the ongoing support from the Wattpad community.

More information can be found on my book on here published as FREE CRITIQUE AND EDITING TIPS.

Thanks for reading.


Yes please! I’m currently putting my first novel (fantasy) on here in installments - both it and the 2nd are pretty much finished and I’m intending starting to look for agent+publisher shortly.


Link :

Yes, I know. It’s a robot, and robot suits better on SF. But nope, it’s actually Fantasy… just with a robot, and some strange friends. And look, it’s comics! Because I had a drawing partner a month ago, then… cough something what Rick Astley wouldn’t do happened. cough

So, until I find a new partner, I decided to make a spin-off for my work I didn’t released, just to practice. :slight_smile:

Story line

"I won’t live by the rules of hero and evil just because I have horns. It’s all cliched, you know."

Here’s a girl named Kyla. Lovely violet hair, good at any sports, bit blunt, and has a pair of black horns. Her mother used to tell her that it’s only the stork’s fault, accidentally went to the wrong world when delivering Kyla. So she happened to come to this world, not a world of fantasy and coolness. Of course, Kyla knew that won’t work with the kids who laugh at her horns.

But it’s all went wrong when she met a strange robot, Cloudie. With a little bit of unwanted help of Cloudie, Kyla and her friends travelled to a whole new world, where horns are common, magic is normal, and dragons are quite amazing. From there she learns she has the royal blood of evil lord - and why she had to live in a different world. There was once the war between the heroes and evil kinds, and everyone believed the peace will come. Sadly it wasn’t for the remained evil kinds. To eliminate them all, heroes still invaded, oppressed, beat out the evil and took the precious universe travelling device.

But Kyla, who never stepped back even when people laugh at her, decides to show them who’s the boss. In the obvious world of heroes and evil, she denies to be on the one side and play the role as the books and script would tell. She is her. And it’s all she needs for the endless adventure.


  • Since I’m not a native English speaker, I hope you understand my cute mistakes. Thanks!
  • It’s not a high-quality comics, but I’m practicing and learning!
  • Yes, the very first painting is Cloudie.

Have a good day, and thanks for reading!

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