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Son. Warrior. Slave. Gladiator. There are many titles a person can obtain, and even more that one can rebel against. The Octavian Empire had begun its expansion through brutal warfare and extreme violence. Capturing those they deem worthy and slaughtering any who would dare resist. Its neighbors strain to hold back the will of Caesar and defend their own kingdoms and lands against the onslaught. For 200 years, the wars have never ceased. Millions have lived and died defending themselves against the Empire to no avail. Chaka never once believed that the Empire would try crossing the Jangwa Tupu, the largest desert in the known world, to strike against the Kingdom of Kado as well. Now, Chaka must find a way to defend his home against the invaders and achieve vengeance for everything the Empire has done. And maybe, just maybe, bring an end to the wars.



Pálida era aquella fría mañana, pálida era su sonrisa, pálida era su mirada, un suspiro sobre una habitación en silencio, el necesario… sus párpados semicerrados despertando lentamente, sus cabellos pintados de blanco, como un crudo invierno pintando la cordillera, su barba cobriza hurgueteando tímidamente sobre sus mejillas, sus piernas descansaban estiradas sobre la cama… El movimiento errático de su cuerpo y la transpiración sobre las palmas de sus manos, la intranquilidad… claramente la situación no le favorecía, ciertamente un hospital no es el lugar mas indicado. La angustia ciertamente lo agobiaba, lo agobiaba el temor y la incertidumbre de no saber si los rayos del sol cobrarían vida al día siguiente, lo agobiaban los exámenes sin una respuesta precisa, claramente lo agobiaba su presente y también su pasado, pero aquella era su realidad, distinta a la de aquellos tiempos cuando por sus venas la juventud parecía ser una eterna aventura, a su modo así creía entenderlo…ón-quebrado


Aurelia Thorne has only known darkness.
Ever since they locked her away in a prison cell for being something they could not control, she has not seen the light of day.
Until she’s discovered by two of the most powerful beings in the universe; giving her the chance to discover herself. To be free.

Not a soul in the Great Kingdoms is prepared for that.

Aurelia will learn exactly what she is capable of, forging friendships and enemies along the way. And when she learns of the impending dark war across the land, she will risk it all to protect those whom she considers to be the only family she’s ever known.

That is, as long as she can overcome her own darkness threatening to pull her into an oblivion of unmasked power and rage.

Perhaps there was a reason she was locked up, after all.


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“The Moon shines a path for us all. The Moon is our strength, guidance and legacy. Never forget. The Moon shines red only for you, my child.”

Sage never knew of the life her mother lived before she was born and as far as her mother was concerned she never would. However things start to change when a mysterious new family moves to town. Sage finds out the grandmother she thought was dead is alive and well, her best friend’s aunt starts acting weird and she can’t seem to shake the feeling that someone is watching her. Everywhere she turns the feeling of someone’s eyes constantly on her never falters.





This fantasy epic takes place in the world of Anu: a vast, Celtic-inspired land of magic, mystery, and fantastical history. Yonder’s narrative primarily focuses on the adventures of Elaine, a runaway princess; Bran, a young, aspiring adventurer; Fin-Fin, Bran’s fox best friend; and their eccentric mentor, Derfel as they journey north to a long-abandoned province of the Walsh Empire. But the uncivilized lands ahead are treacherous for the inexperienced. Along the way, Bran and Elaine will encounter a myriad of wonders and dangers alike, all the while being taught by Derfel in everything arcane, for magic is the key to their survival.

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Eine Magische Welt die von Artan erkundet ist. Bücher die Magie verteilen und Terroristen die Sabotieren.
Ein Krieg beginnt und nur unser Held kann es stoppen. Der König von die Fiktive Kreaturen bietet Artan in die Olympiaden teilzunehmen um Unterstützung gegen den Krieg zu sammeln.
Dämonen, Humans, Orcs und Fiktive Kreaturen spielen die wichtigste Rolle in die Geschichte, aber es gibt 12 Arten von Kreaturen.
Das Buch, der magische System


The world only Demons want, Luisa is a cop which searches for higher justice. Everything changes when she meets Demi a Demon, he builds a hospital. But is he a good guy or the evil one. But the upper unknown Demon has his plans too. Does teh upper higher Demon really exist?
Demons Hospital



Summary: She had been transformed into a mermaid - a wild creature liberated from the human she had been. But now, Cora discovers her transformation was a trap and begins a battle for her sanity.

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Kira’s life while simple was full of pain and misfortune. Her life wasn’t remarkable in the sense of grandeur it was about to take an unexpected turn. Things began to change when she purchased her “pet” from slave traders visiting her city.

Kellar had lived a life of privilege as a general in his father’s military. Though his reputation in the countries surrounding his homeland left fear in their peoples. However looking through the bars of a cage at silver eyed beauty struck fear into his heart like no army could.

With their lives now entwined Kira and Kellar had to learn to live with someone they were unsure of. What did their Gods have planned for them? Will the be able to overcome their differences? Can Kira convince Kellar that she is only trying to help him? If she can their future may hold more than just simple companionship and understanding. Kira’s compassion and kindness may just break Kellar’s heart and his heart may break in more ways than one.



Emerencia grew up trained by her Uncle as a swordsman in a isolated village deep in the mountains called Snowdrift. Emerencia’s father who successfully ran the Snowdrift Iron Mine suddenly started making low production of Iron Ore for the kingdom. After a third low production delivery of ore, a Vaesite general himself commanded his soldiers to burn the village to the ground along with killing all of the villagers. Emerencia wakes up in a puddle of melted snow just outside her uncle’s house surprisingly alive. As Emma leaves her village to seek revenge, she also gets to see the world for the first time. She even makes new friends who start to feel like family. Most importantly, Emerencia learns how cruel the king and his soldiers really are.


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The Witches Vengeance!


Quiet and curious with the desire to know what lies beyond her familiar homelands, Hadley sets out on a journey, across the entire Lastith continent, to visit the capital district of the Kingdom. Things don’t go according to plan for Hadley, when the newly appointed ruler of the land lays down new laws that causes the ruling body to break down, spreading anarchy across the Kingdom, and leaving Hadley at the mercy of the lawless, unfamiliar lands surrounding he



Xanthiene Vivenca had tried to call herself a lucky girl, but being a Disfavored is far from that. Growing up, she realized that living in that part of Cardina isn’t cakes and rainbows. She has to survive alone in the company of the Humans’ most despicable citizens, find a stable house and worry about where she has to get her next meal.

Then, a boy with snow-white hair crash-landed in her roof and she was shoved into a whole new world of fantasy, magic and wonders.

But, that world came with more dangers unimaginable. With a rebellion rising, a war brewing, and a power she could barely understand, Xanthiene must unite with the most problematic group of people to bring down a regime, hoping that she can save Umazure from the Human Queen before it is too late. (see inside of the book for the complete synopsis)


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There has been a critical shift; the balance of magic has been upset, leaving the world’s Iridomorphs in danger. And someone is using the Halo against them.

Two women, raised from childhood within the Citadel, more than a decade apart, must navigate this perilous new world and protect their comrades. Each will attempt to reset the balance – but they may not have the same goal.


The Magician’s Tongue: A Parable

Where do myth and Man’s edgy pleasures overlap? Is there a price to pay for challenging the gods and goddesses at what they do best? Sometimes we are given a talent which may seem like a curse. Then we wake up one day to find it is leading us ever into the light. Stuart carried his lusty gift to the level of magician. Yet soon he would have to face what awaited him in the dark. He was about to learn that freedom from this curse would come at an all too familiar price. .

". . . Stuart could feel his whole body was drenched in sweat. It was a fever like he had never had in his life. He could also feel the feminine entity’s warm breath against his face as she now more emphatically directed him. Her smell of fruit and earth was nearer and stronger. . ."

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Nauwhrin is an old and powerful witch and has travelled across many realms, shrouded in mystery and rumours, he is known as a lone witch who answers only to himself. When he wakes up in a strange place from a 3 week coma, things start taking an interesting turn that he could never have foreseen. Along with his misfit and eccentric allies, they set out on a journey that will challenge the very essence of who they are as well as the possible fate of the world.
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The rest of the room was thrown back into chaos, screaming and yelling until Apollo’s voice boomed Hera’s name, holding everyone’s attention once again. There was once a time that Apollo had been a playful god, someone with endless wit, who enjoyed watching the antics of his family ensue. He had once been filled with joy. It is truly funny how the most radiant of souls can turn into the darkest at the occurrence of a single heartbreaking moment.
And so it frightened every single one of the gods in the room, even Hera, when he spoke his next words. “You are right. I am the god of truth and justice. And I will make certain that is exactly what I get.” A heinous laugh broke from his throat. “You should’ve kept Adoria somewhere you’d be able to keep an eye on her. Because now that I know you can’t get to her either, I will come for your head.”
With clenched hands and a hollow heart, Apollo disappeared from the hall, leaving behind thirteen very worried looking Olympians.


I would like to present the Prologue I wrote for the fantasy book I am writing, called Norvika.


Norvika is a fictional world set in a time akin to the Dark Ages of Medieval history. It is a Northern world, with a predominantly boreal landscape, sparse with human settlements. An empire has fallen, leaving behind a decline in human culture, and a world of quarreling families. A frail but willful Kingdom has been forged out of the empire’s remains. But as the chroniclers say, nothing will ever last.

John and Shila, two young nobles from a wealthy village, anxiously head out to the capital. A fox stumbles to safety, only to face greater grief. A father discovers his reflection in the clear water of the sea, an ominous sign of change.

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Cover image: Yurixy Dark Forest by holybr

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The Luckless Mage of Grediwhen Academy


Ever since she was a little girl, Lucy Hardtvelt has wanted to attend the same academy of magic her mother had graduated from, as well as compete in the same, famous Sorcerer’s Tournament hosted there every year. And finally, after having her application accepted, Lucy is jubilant to begin her first year at the prestigious Greidwhen Academy for Mages. In her first week, however, Lucy soon finds that, unlike her mother, she herself has little to no aptitude in the magical arts-struggling to keep even the most basic of spells from blowing up in her face. Now, having been given a harsh dose of reality, Lucy must find out if she has what it takes not only to survive at Greidwhen, but also the Sorcerer’s Tournament and its one-thousand contestants where the winner will be given the title of Champion Sorcerer, as well as the right to challenge the Celestial Mages-who are known to have been defeated only a handful of times…