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Valentine’s Dinner?

ValentinesDinnerSep ValentinesBlurb ____________________________________________________________________________________ This began as a 2000-word entry for a writing contest, and after it won, I was encouraged by many to expand it into a full-length novel. It is now completed, rewritten and edited, and it is now being polished for publication. I portray the wealthy lifestyle and all its appurtenances through experience, having made my first million in the 1980s when a million could still buy something.


A college senior Jacob Moorer met his admiration, little does he realize the path his life will take. Samuel “Sam” Oscar, a powerful and enigmatic owner of the biggest pharmaceutical The Pearl in Glassiron city, United States. When a substance is created and enters Jacob’s system, giving him superhuman abilities and faces warfare.

Here’s the link: ^^

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It’s not a secret. She’s not holding back.

It’s not her memory. She remembers everything.

Even though she wants to tell the world, Jenny can’t.

Tragedy strikes, and Jenny’s world is stripped away. She struggles to save her broken mind. The words are there, but they won’t come out. Jenny is smart. She can think. She knows who she is and what she wants to say, but Aphasia has rendered her speechless.

Walker is in love with Jenny. He has been since they were kids. Just as their relationship begins, however, he is sent to war in Afghanistan. He thought he had time. He thought they both did. But, the aftermath of the accident speeds up his enlistment, and he is forced to leave Jenny at a time when she needs him the most.

Traumatic brain injury and war tear their relationship apart. To make it through, Jenny and Walker will have to face their struggles head-on, overcoming challenges they never imagined. Putting the pieces back together has never been so hard.

One Half of the Brain Hemisphere Series-Left Hemisphere Traumatic Brain Injury





On the road of happenings

At 13, Kayler had already planned out her life; which college she would go to, which majors she would graduate from, how many years it would take. At 16 she had gathered enough money to carry out her plan and waited two more years to do so. But the day before her eighteenth birthday,her parents make an announcement that pulls the rug out from under her.

Go check it out and comment a lot :smiley:


Bella is a young woman born and raised in a bunker following a global collapse. She finds her way out of the bunker to discover that the world is not what she was told it was. As she explores this new world with the help of the people she meets along the way she will be forced to question her views of the world, her ideology, and herself.





Nightmarish abuse. A car crash that took everything.

Some things, there’s no coming back from.

Connor Everson knows that better than anyone - but this year is different. A twist of fate has gifted him with the man of his dreams; and, no matter how unbelievably shittastic his own life may be, he is determined to make his holiday one of hope, happiness, and new beginnings… Even if it kills him.

Which, at this point, it just might.


‘Nothing lasts forever’

A poetic and charismatic young adult; Sheena Brazel is a conservative twenty-one year old single mother, who obliviously works in a savored café, which is famously renowned, for its costly appetizers and desserts. A comfortable life of paying bills on scheduled time and having a limited social life; Sheena was reserved and optimistic, yet observant and obvious, for the world she lived within was not filled with colorful rainbows. Having a non-social life of dating; and remaining forever single; Sheena fights tremendous nightmares of her past, which hunts her everyday life like a shadowed cloak. Introduced through an unexpected meeting with a familiar man, who was the epitome of her horrific past; Sheena tries to overcome her fears with confidently facing him, yet realizes nothing can ever change her broken past, for she was forever unfixable.


Hello there, wattpad writers and readers!

‘Eindeloze Verte’ is a book written in Dutch.
The book tells the story of the 20 years olds, sister and brother, Rania and Amine. Also the people who crosses their paths tells a part in this refugees book.

"It is the year 2028, Rania decides to fled their country, Algeria, and to head in the direction of Nord or Mid - Europe. She left her brother and family in worry behind."

Climate refugees and challenges for both the South and the North of Europe.

The areas around the Mediterranean Sea are at challenge. Due to floods, severe weather, mudslides, violent gusts of wind, famines and accompanying problems, the inhabitants of various countries flee to the middle and north of Europe.

An Algerian family finds refuge in Belgium.
The story is both told from the standpoint of Rania and her brother Amine. This is how they tell about their homeland, their dreams and their environment and how it suddenly, but not completely unexpectedly, changed. They also tell about their flight and their lives in the refugee camps, but also how their lives changed both positively and negatively.

However, both do not give up on their dreams and future.

An up-to-date future story that takes place in various worlds. A story full of hope, dreams, friendship, love and an unexpected message!

Sounds great?
Here is a small part of chapter 5:

Samen keken we naar hoe meeuwen en andere zeevogels zich loom lieten meedrijven op de warme zeelucht. Hoe de zee kolkte. Hoe het schuim tegen de rotsen sloeg. Hoe het keien liet meedrijven en terugkeren. We stonden daar amper 5 min in stilte, maar voor mij leek het een eeuwigheid te duren. En het mocht ook zo lang duren. Voor eeuwig.

“Rania,” zei ik zacht, “kom je terug mee?” Ik voelde haar naast mij verstrakken. Ik keek haar lang aan. Ik wist niet meer wat ik dacht, wat ik voelde…wie ik was. Ik verdronk in haar ogen. Toen deed ze iets spontaans, iets heel liefs en geheel onverwachts. Ze stond op haar tippen, raakte mijn schouders licht aan, als de afdruk die een vlinder achterlaat, licht en amper voelbaar en gaf me een vederlichte kus op de wang. “Ik ga nog even naar het WC.” Fluisterde ze in mijn oor. Vervolgens, de woorden die ik nooit meer zal vergeten, die ik nooit meer kan of wil vergeten. “Bedankt voor alles, Matteo. Vaarwel, mijn redder.” Ik bleef verstijfd staan. Nog nooit had een jonge vrouw, hoe knap ze ook mocht zijn, zo’ n indruk op me achtergelaten. “Vaarwel, mijn hartendiefje.” Antwoordde ik haar toe, in het Nederlands en amper hoorbaar. Ik wist echter dat ze het gehoord had, want ik voelde haar vingers trillen op mijn huid. Zonder dat ik het opgemerkt had of doorhad, deed ik mijn ogen weer open. Ik knipperde. Één oogopslag was ze er nog, de andere was ze weg. Ik bleef daar nog een lange tijd staan. De woorden flitsten door mijn hoofd, zonder dat ik het toen doorhad wat ze écht betekenden. “Vaarwel, mijn redder…”

Interested, curious, enthousiatic?
Here you go! :
Eindeloze Verte (Nederlands boek/ Dutch Book)



There is only one short story for now, but this is going to be a short story collection,
based on a three word exercise we like to do.

Our book may not be like others, but it’s worth a read. : )

We hope you will like it, here’s the link:



Buried to Survive:

“I never wanted this life. I never asked to be born. I never chose this fate. I never needed power. I never agreed to be part of this war. All I know is this: survival. It is the one word I understand better than anyone else on this planet. It is the one thing I’ve been doing all my life. It is the only motive that makes me persist. If there is one thing I truly desire, then it is to not die. Not until I set him free, not until I see them happy, not until I fulfill the only promise I ever made to you, not until there’s … peace. Once that day comes, I will return to this sakura tree. To lay my head on the soil beneath which you lie and gaze up at the sky where you now reside. To finally lay this weary body to rest. That day would be the most joyous one of my existence - I would finally get to see your smile again.”


I am just a normal girl with a normal family, going to a normal school and living a damn normal life. Or so I say to all the normal people. Exactly how would you expect me to tell anyone that in a world where global warming, terrorism, civil war and future alien invasions are considered to be the most dangerous and threatening factors to human life, my worries are just a tad bit greater? Not on the cosmic level of the apocalypse or something, just dealing with multidimensional rifts and politics kind of greater.

I, like a few others on Earth, have been hand picked by fate to do something I never signed up for: be a part of the Institution.

The Institution - an organisation with a dark history of 17,650 years - with its many hidden secrets, ancient mysteries and unparalleled knowledge that is now on the verge of collapse. Not that it bothers me all that much. After seeing history repeat itself a million times in the past 4,000 years of my existence, my trust in humanity has all but faded. So, trying to protect what the Institution was created to protect - peace - isn’t very high on my list of priorities when human beings, and others of my kind, are so fixated on their own personal gains. Even if my current best friend happens to be a human.



If you are reading this then it is already too late. You’ve been drawn in to a world filled with things you can’t escape. Darkness, evil, treachery and betrayals of the worst kind lie within these pages. I’d tell you to put the book down. Run while you are still safe, your mind unscathed, your world unshattered, but it would be futile. You want to know what happens, the depths of depravity and destruction in which one mans world could hold. Just what exactly happened to him? I know you want to find out. If I were you the intrigue would suck me in to, but know this–there is no turning back. Once the shadows inside these pages consume you, well even I dare not say. If there is even one ounce of willpower in you consider for a second not taking this journey, don’t swim in the black cave that is my mind don’t… I’m wasting my time. Now I know you feel you must enter. It would be a crime not to. But if you do, remember I did warn you, but you didn’t listen.

Trigger warning: this book contains rape, mental abuse, incest and suicidal themes. If that is not your thing this book is NOT for you.