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Hayden refuses to tell you anything about who they are. In fact, they won’t tell you what their race, gender, or even eye color is. Don’t bother asking about it. They don’t believe that information is necessary for the story they want to tell you.

What Hayden will tell you, is they are a person with a very specific to-do list in mind: go to some stupid trip to Japan, get a recommendation letter from a professor who is the guide for said trip, get accepted into their dream law school, and become an incredible attorney. However, when things don’t go according to plan, Hayden must face the less than ideal reality that they are stuck on a trip they didn’t really want to go to in the first place, with a professor who clearly isn’t their biggest fan.

But perhaps now would be a good time to warn you, this book isn’t only about Hayden. It’s about you. Because the deeper you dig into Hayden’s psyche, the more you will learn about yourself.

Inspired by “The Catcher in the Rye” and adds a twist to the classic novel’s narration style.

Updates every Monday EST

Story link:

I would really appreciate some feedback on this novel! Thanks in advance. Besos & Blessings! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



“She was a life within a life, an embodiment of chaos within peace and the purest form of destruction he had ever seen.”

In which two souls are different but completely alike.



A mysterious device called the weißgerät transports down-and-out Dick Klaxon to another world, governed by (seemingly?) benevolent A.I., where he is given the chance to live out a more fulfilling life; only, he can’t seem to remember his old life, and a cast of increasingly absurd characters serve to distract him from . . . what was he supposed to do again? Mysteries arise; Allusions to Japanese pop-culture abound; identities implode.

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