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Luck of the Draw

Watty’s 2018 Short List – When love isn’t enough, what is a mother to do?

Stella and her four children live in a 20 foot camper. Stella’s husband, Rolf, is a professional poker player, traveling the country, following the game. While Rolf always says that he has ‘the luck of the draw’ - Stella has doubts. Then one morning Rolf returns, handing Stella the deed to a lakeside property in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

Is this the break that Stella has been waiting for? Or is it another pipe dream?

Cover by @rentachi.




" I’d target the weak, broken ones that couldn’t defend themselves. Easy kills. I didn’t get put on the ropes. "

Marcus. Blunt and neurotic, but charming and hilarious. Undeniably damaged. He lives an isolated, monk-like lifestyle apart from his weekends, which he uses to numb himself, wander the city, and chase women. His predatory lifestyle comes back to him as time runs on.

THIS IS NOT FOR YOU is an honest, blunt look at how past pain can have everlasting effects.

Cover by @Luzzzifer

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Valentine’s Dinner?'s-dinner



This began as a 2000-word entry for a writing contest, and after it won, I was encouraged by many to expand it into a full-length novel. It is now completed, rewritten and edited, and I am polishing it in preparation for publication.

I portray the wealthy lifestyle and all its appurtenances through experience, having made my first million in the 1980s when a million could still buy something.



Everything left him feeling a void.

It was hard to keep moving when every time you looked in the mirror your eyes met with a stranger.

Andrew has always felt disconnected from his real life, his family, his friends. It all feels like an elaborate script he mindlessly follows. He’s always hated the way people take one look at him and all they see is someone else. No matter how hard he wants to scream that it isn’t the real him. This isn’t who he is.

His own body was a cage.

Andrew, terrorized by his own thoughts, and his own mother spirals into depression. Her chronic abuse pushes him to make a drastic decision…

Will his choices lead him to tragedy… or finally not feeling so alone?

+=+Updates AT LEAST once per week! Already 5 chapters with 2k+ words EACH!+=+


‘Nothing lasts forever’
A poetic and charismatic young adult; Sheena Brazel is a conservative twenty-one year old single mother, who obliviously works in a savored café, which is famously renowned, for its costly appetizers and desserts. A comfortable life of paying bills on scheduled time and having a limited social life; Sheena was reserved and optimistic, yet observant and obvious, for the world she lived within was not filled with colorful rainbows.
Having a non-social life of dating; and remaining forever single; Sheena fights tremendous nightmares of her past, which hunts her everyday life like a shadowed cloak.
Introduced through an unexpected meeting with a familiar man, who was the epitome of her horrific past; Sheena tries to overcome her fears with confidently facing him, yet realizes nothing can ever change her broken past, for she was forever unfixable.



As the Holiday season begins, Sammy’s dad, a member of the National Guard, is called to duty to help residents of Texas facing flooding. Having lost his mother the previous March, Sammy must stay with his grandfather in the meantime. But his grandfather isn’t like most grandfathers and Sammy doesn’t want to.



This is a Mature Story, with Mature themes. Please read author’s note!

A wife killer
A homosexual rapist
A drunk rageaholic murderer
A knife thrower who had killed his own crew
Oh, and did he mention the kid who liked to carve people like Halloween pumpkins?

These five people are now Nathan’s roommates at an alternative penitentiary. It was that or rot in prison until he was almost thirty-five, all because he had accidentally pushed some kid at school down the stairs.

Barely eighteen and not quite ready for everything that life has to throw at him, living in the LCPenitentiary is really his last chance at freedom.

But was it worth it if he didn’t make it out alive?


When tragedy hits Harvey, at 10 years old, he is left abandoned and all alone. Harvey manages to navigate through his overwhelming emotions and self-destructive ways with the help of some special people.

Then he is moved into a hostel where he meets some new faces, but things drastically change when they introduce him to skunk an extremely strong cannabis. Not only does it trigger his schizophrenia, he also finds out that his dad was battling with the same illness.

As the voice takes permanent residence in his head, he can’t stop the voice from controlling him. He is the puppet and his voice is his masters.

When the masters say punch, he has to oblige. The only person that suffers the consequences of his master’s, is Tracy his girlfriend. No longer is Harvey her saviour, he becomes her tormentor.



Holas, lectores y escritores me gustaría compartirles mi novela Samples. ES una novela que incluye banda sonora, lo que la transforma en una experiencia multimedia que le pide al lector que escuche canciones a medida que transcurre la obra…

Samples es la historia de Marcos Correa escritor emergente( y amante fracasado ) que se abre camino en el mundo de las letras acompañado de un DJ imaginario que musicaliza sus peripecias vitales.

Samples tiene mucho humor, pero que también tiene un lenguaje e imágenes fuertes.

La novela completa y que busca generar una reacción en el lector, por lo que si quieren dejar sus comentarios y opiniones se agradecerá porque el escritor siempre se debe a sus lectores. Los capítulos se irán subiendo semanalmente.

La novela tiene algunos modismos y expresiones de mi país ( Chile), por lo cual si tienen alguna duda, también pueden consultármela abiertamente.

Sin más preámbulos les dejo el link a mi novela:¡¡¡advertencia-antes-de-leer-samples

Muchas gracias!!!


hi guys!!! :))


check my story and let me know your thoughts and reaction! :slight_smile: xoxo


Secrets and Lies.

Ryan Fitzpatrick:
has a secret. A secret that only her brother and best friend know about. A secret that caused her to be shipped off to a different country. Now over a year later she is forced to move back to the states and is expected to attend her former high school to finish her senior year like nothing ever happened. Will she be able to keep this secret, or will the school’s Queen B find out and expose her?

Axel Mathews:
QB, Wood Port High’s resident bad boy and star player in more ways that one. When Ryan rejects his advances and knocks him down a few pegs, a prank-war is declared. Will he go too far in his quest for revenge, or will he see everything in a new light?

Follow these two seniors and their friends as they navigate their last year of high school with the pain and secrets of the past and lies of the present. What will the future hold for this group of friends? Will Ryan and Axel destroy one another, or will they choose to save each other?

Secret and Lies is full of drama, comedy, a touch of mystery and may take a few twists and turns before its over.



When it’s the day a “suicidal” man planned for his death, he falls into a deep slumber before finding himself in a hospital with a foul-mouthed stranger.


hi guys :smiley:




It’s her third academic attempt. She left the stethoscope, she dropped the paint-brush, and put on the dancing shoes.
It will not work. The reason? She does not lack talent or passion. She lacks the control to deal with stubborn stereotypes, driving her impaired mind to another insane level.
“I should’ve stayed home, really…”
Meet Gwen and follow her in this comic-dumb-dramatic journey and watch her trip her clumsy feet in front of Chanock, the cold guy. Watch her burn her head in front of Traviz, the hormone guy. Watch her fall many, many… Many times.

“He is ice, and the other is fire, I’m drowning in the flames. Blue and Red driving me so Purple.”
“So what’s the next step? Can we break our masks and dance together, 'cause I can’t keep up like that.”

If you enjoy reading + listening to Music, this might be interesting:)

Status: On Going.
Marathon Updates: from December 10 to December 31.



Thea Ellis has come home to Littleton Colorado after spending the last four years with family deeply involved with the IRA in Belfast Ireland. Quickly reconnecting with old friends, her neighbors, and the only boy to ever secretly hold her heart.

When things inevitably go wrong at Columbine, Thea develops a plan. A plan to even the score. Little does she know, she is not the only one with a big surprise for her fellow classmates. They say revenge is sweet.

**Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. A Psychological Thriller that opens a small window into the psyche of a high school shooter. As well as a look at certain historical events in time. A story that shows the portrayal of the negative consequences of bullying, untreated mental health issues, and what happens when ALL the warning signs are missed. Yes, relationships are part of this story, but neither kinship is the main focus of the narrative. This is a chronicle of what can drive someone to such extremes of violence and how a community recovers after. [Extremely graphic/mature chapters are posted elsewhere.]



A famous actor’s life is turned upside down when he is faced with a dilemma. Either stay with his controlling but dedicated girlfriend or give her up for a hateful movie critic with a love for freedom. Will he choose love and slavery or hate and freedom?



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The Valgrave siblings live lavish lifestyles because of their father’s position as assistant mayor of Boston. Behind the glamorous parties and fake smiles lies a festering darkness. Family secrets that are so well hidden, if they ever saw the light of day, they would shake the very foundation of their strong family.

Rated Mature
Don’t Speak



What happens when Flash Fiction meets Lemon Scenes?
Here are Lemon Scenes that are sweet, nasty, sexy, smutty… you name it!
It’s like being a Superhero. I can write them all!
For I am…
But don’t tell your mother…
This content is FOR ADULTS ONLY!