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In 1958 Saint Louis, Vivian Edwards saw her mother die of a drug overdose when she was a child. Although Vivian’s mother was around, she neglected her. She never knew her father; he ran off before she was born.

She didn’t have anybody except the elderly couple next door that took her in and raised her as their own. As a teenager, Vivian promised her surrogate parents that she would never fall prey to the streets.

By 1987, Vivian had already been married for seventeen years to a hustler name Calvin and they have three children together. The neighborhood they live in is a wild inner city hood, where nobody belongs. A place where Vivian and Calvin is all too familiar with.

As Vivian struggles to take care of her family, she sees herself breaking her promise. She and Calvin become the prey and the predator that haunts the streets at night.

Their children are growing up around drugs, poverty, gangs, violence, and death. Sometimes it makes Vivian wonder if they ever would make it out of their hood alive.



A dark-skinned black female virgin befriends a popular and wealthy guy (he’s black too). One night they both get drunk at a party and she thinks that he rapes her but she can’t remember much about that night.

Only he remembers. She accused him of rape but he vehemently denies it and his family and friends begin to harass her everywhere she goes.

His father is a misogynistic and powerful US senator and he uses his connections to go off on her. The case attracts nationwide media coverage and it divides the black community up.

Her two friends are very supportive of her and stick with her even risking their own reputations. There’s a lot of black girl magic in the story and she and her homegirls are the epitome of it.

PTSD is a story of early adults fighting to survive in modern-day Cincinnati, Ohio. The group’s backbone Maya Carter, the money-man Caesar Taylor, and the city favorite Angelo Love take on the struggle of staying sane, out of jail and productive in their careers in a local basketball franchise, the Cincinnati Baller League.

Humbly, they’re the most notable faces in the franchise outside of the founders of the league, the trio’s old classmates. With some new faces in the franchise, things only become more stressful at times but they have each other to figure it out.

While the city has its moments, it’s not the most dangerous place to live, but one of the most mentally taxing. This is a story of coming up in a dark community told from a young Black woman’s point of view.

*PTSD is a story I’ve had ongoing dreams about for nearly 3 months. I’m not sure why, but I lucid dream almost every time sleep and I have complete control over how these, I guess we’ll call them episodes, turn out. It’s really weird. It’s like I’m living in a movie, and I’ll do my best to put what I’m seeing on paper. -Chanel.