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In 1958 Saint Louis, Vivian Edwards saw her mother die of a drug overdose when she was a child. Although Vivian’s mother was around, she neglected her. She never knew her father; he ran off before she was born.

She didn’t have anybody except the elderly couple next door that took her in and raised her as their own. As a teenager, Vivian promised her surrogate parents that she would never fall prey to the streets.

By 1987, Vivian had already been married for seventeen years to a hustler name Calvin and they have three children together. The neighborhood they live in is a wild inner city hood, where nobody belongs. A place where Vivian and Calvin is all too familiar with.

As Vivian struggles to take care of her family, she sees herself breaking her promise. She and Calvin become the prey and the predator that haunts the streets at night.

Their children are growing up around drugs, poverty, gangs, violence, and death. Sometimes it makes Vivian wonder if they ever would make it out of their hood alive.



A dark-skinned black female virgin befriends a popular and wealthy guy (he’s black too). One night they both get drunk at a party and she thinks that he rapes her but she can’t remember much about that night. Only he remembers.

She accused him of rape but he vehemently denies it and his family and friends begin to harass her everywhere she goes. His father is a misogynistic and powerful US senator and he uses his connections to go off on her. The case attracts nationwide media coverage and it divides the black community up.

Her two friends are very supportive of her and stick with her even risking their own reputations. There’s a lot of black girl magic in the story and she and her homegirls are the epitome of it.


Mercedes Gipson has everything a successful twenty-five year old black woman could want.
A five bedroom house
Black 2019 Mercedes C300
A line of men available for her at any time
And a loyal best friend.

The Los Angeles native plays the game hard. But when her game runs out with attorney Nathan Carmichael, Mercedes becomes desperate to have him for herself and will stop at nothing to call him hers. Even it it means eliminating the woman his body craves for and heart begs for…

her own best friend.

They are here. Together.

The man I love parades her around my family, friends, and colleagues as if a year and a half didn’t happen. She’s moving elegantly on his arms; as if she belongs there.

I am here at my birthday party feeling my heart shatter into millions of pieces.

“Give a woman pain and she’ll turn it into power. Give that woman chaos and she’ll create peace.”
- r.h. Sins
After the death of her father, Mahliah has to cope with a lifestyle she never claims. Looking for a “proper” way to get out of the illegal chain, she stumbles upon Odell Valentine, the son of the man who set-up her father.'-chronicles

When his parents are brutally murdered in their home Blow vows to catch the man responsible and make him pay. Fast forward years later he finds himself uprooting his life in Brooklyn and moving to Atlanta in search of his parents’ murderer, only to find he’s in hiding. Stuck in Atlanta longer than he’d planned, Blow realizes he may have to deal with more than one enemy. But that comes with the territory of taking over a city. As well as the females that jump at the chance to be his number one. So why is he stuck on the only one that doesn’t?

After her father’s untimely death and her mother turning to drugs because of it, Sama is forced to become an adult at an early age. She manages high school and raising her younger sister without missing a beat and her girls are never too far away. If only she could say the same for the man in her life. Just like that her prayers are answered and she finds herself entangled with the notorious Blow. Can she handle his lifestyle?

Nick returns home from college to his old neighbourhood and is quickly sucked back into a world where drugs, all-night parties, casual sex and crime are the norm. As he struggles to cope with a growing sense of alienation he finds himself drawn to his enigmatic best-friend Terry, an amoral criminal dealing with his own demons.

Over the next fortnight he finds himself drawn into a dark web of desire and revenge that explodes in an act of shocking violence on a Halloween night that no-one involved will ever forget.