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Description: The world we see isn’t the only world that exists. For centuries, an organization of monsters and demons, called the Oz, and a human organization called the Keepers have been at war in the shadows. The keepers have had the upper hand for decades by putting up a barrier that restricted the monsters and demons’ abilities but that changes this year. Run-away sisters, Deb and Nez, are caught up in the struggle when an attempted human sacrifice ritual changes the course of their lives.

Hey, beautiful people! Well, this is my second attempt at writing and I would really love to hear your thoughts. Thanks and have a glorious day! :grin: :crazy_face:


Title: There’s Something Wrong with Theodora…

Deep down you already knew the truth…

For Theodora life wasn’t going so well. She had broken up with her boyfriend Jason two years ago, and she still hadn’t fully recovered from the toxic relationship. She’s in a job she hates, living in a crappy apartment, and is only finding happiness with alcohol and drugs.

Then, her best friend Katie, along with the rest of Theodora’s friendship group from University, decide to plan a two week reunion trip at a rural Lodge park in Scotland. At first, it sounds like the break that Theodora needs, but the only problem is Jason will also be there, with Jason being ‘part of the group’ it was unavoidable.

Theodora filled with nothing but dread at having to see Jason once again. That is until she gets there and meets Dexter, Jason’s work-friend that he suddenly decided to bring along. Dexter is charming, attractive, and very much interested in Theodora.

With the isolated reunion of friends; tensions are bound to become high. Old wounds are opened, relationships are tested, and with Theodora beginning an affair with Dexter, things can only get worse. Much, much, worse.

*** WARNING: Mature content and themes***

obscure (10)


summary: Rosyne Raven Hayes does not like mirrors.

Even though she’s spent most of her life breathing in front of one, she can’t stand the image of the girl who stares back at her from her own reflection.

Her name is Vanessa and she’s weak.

Rosyne is anything but.

Vanessa was a coward, Rosyne would rather stare into the eyes of everything that scares her with death in her own. Vanessa had always stayed in the shadows, Rosyne walks in the spotlight and makes the entire world hold its breath when she moves.

If Vanessa’s eyes were a burned forest, Rosyne’s are the spark that set the fire.

Vanessa is the past, and Rosyne would stop at nothing to keep her that way.



Summary: ❝"I don’t do straight guys," Art said with the kind of confidence Brady had always wanted.

“I am not asking you to do me.” He scoffed defensively crossing his arms over his chest.

"Then why are you looking at me like you want me to?"❝

Playing off in the year 1984.

Art De Luca is one of those people. The people you cross over the road for, the people you heard being talked about by bored house wives over late brunches, the people nobody wanted to speak to in fear of catching the disease and the damned.

Art De Luca is gay and Brady Hilligon is, well, not.

So why is Brady finding himself falling for him?// © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Collabed with @fiftyshadesoftimmy

Note: This is on hold until at least April, as my co-author is preparing for exams, and won’t be on as much until then.
Much love,

All She Can Take: By Athena Hernandez << Click to Read

Sidney Berry had her life planned out: after high school go to culinary school, become a world-renowned chef and marry her college sweetheart, Aiden. But after her world is shaken at the end of her senior year, her plans derail and she ends up a twenty-three-year-old struggling single mother back on her childhood block in Brooklyn, NY.

Things get much worse for Sid and she’s barely keeping her head above water when she meets Phil, a low-level dealer with a big mouth and a thing for her. When she gets the opportunity to get herself out of her most recent financial bind-- courtesy of a Phil’s oversharing-- she has to decide whether to take the high road and remain in her mess or use it to get back everything she lost.

Link to Read:

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