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Lock Down

Lock Down


Princeton, NJ: Trapped in the Central High guidance office while violence rages around them, Gwyn, Alaina, Jacque and Delilah struggle with whether to follow school procedures or find some other way to escape deadly, tauntingly repetitive attacks. As the shooting unfolds, it provides a framework for the individual narratives of these four women- a counselor, a parent, two teenage students- and others: Gwyn’s carefully planned life disintegrating around her daughter’s mental illness, Alaina’s spiraling lack of control within her abusive marriage, Jacque’s confusion and guilt about how her mother’s cancer affects her own relentless drive for success, Delilah’s inability to find her place in an affluent and academically competitive school. These stories expose a slice of our society: a society where our frantically protective procedures and policies are often revealed as a flimsy facade.

Valentine’s Dinner?



I portray the wealthy lifestyle and all its appurtenances through experience, having made my first million in the 1980s when that small amount could still buy something.


Summary: In this nation, Humanity is dead.

Isolated from the rest of the world, this nation is a ghost, a rumor, notorious within its walls for its public executions and for the night raids to capture the sinners. In order to survive, you bow your head to the Superior Leader and report any suspicious behavior.

Your loyalty is to the nation, and no one else.

Cecily was captured during the last night raid, taken back to the nation in order to be cleansed. Now awaiting execution by fire, she is visited by the only person she considers her friend. When he requests that she recount her story, she obliges. They are always listening, but a plan has been brewing within her, and she wishes to see it through.

After all, she only has until nightfall before she is burned for her sins.


Based on a true story.

Professional armed-robbers. An inside man. The perfect heist.

A gang of London criminals and two ex-IRA men think they have struck gold when a disgruntled security-guard offers to help them take down an armoured-car carrying millions of pounds. Together they formulate a plan to hold the van-drivers family hostage and make off with the loot. Easy money. Well it might be were it not for the fact that one of their crew is a police-informant.



Henry Hillman is down on his luck. Homeless, an alcoholic living day to day on the treacherous sweat soaked streets of the Overtown area of Miami, Henry is about to embark on a journey. One that will lift him from the depths of poverty and addiction to an improbable life filled with the promise of adventure, love and redemption - but he must first overcome a grave danger that threatens his very existence.
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This is a full length completed novel. Three chapters will be released each Monday beginning July 8, 2019. Please enjoy, vote and comment.



This book is a collection of conversations/dialogues that are based on real life people met by the author during her senior year in high school.


This book is a collection of short writings made by author as she struggled to contextualize the very definition of human existence.



“For the boy who broke my heart, I would have handed you this. I would have handed you my journal, and let you read every single thing i’ve ever written about you - I would have handed you my journal, and I would have left.”


Have you ever fallen in love with someone you’ve never properly met? Ever made eye contact with someone on the train and held it in your mind for the rest of the day? Did you fantasise over them? Were your thoughts at lunchtime all about - them? Did you have dreams about them? Sexual dreams? …Did follow their every move?

Adelaide, a twenty one year old, undiagnosed schizophrenic, finds herself dreaming about the new regular at her local coffee shop. With social anxiety and no confidence whatsoever, she avoids her chances of talking to him and instead, with the help of the voices in her head, writes to him.

“I imagine us roleplaying sometimes, its hot, you’re like my Mr Grey. Although, in reality, I’m just a drug addict and you, you are my drug… and its far from easy to ween yourself off of addiction.”



If you are under the age of 16 and are uncomfortable with such material, this may not be the book for you. Readers will not be warned, nor will chapters containing mature material be marked.

All characters and incidents in this book are from the authors imagination. Resemblance to any real person (dead or alive) or real incident is either entirely coincidental or is being used in a fictitious manner.


In this dimension there live creatures called fay. They look human except for a few minor things like having pointy ears like an elf and they can change their size. They can be human or the size of a skyscraper. This is the story of Ash and Bret. Bret is a young 10-year-old fay who is unwanted by his parents or foster parents, so he spends a lot of time on the street. He runs into a carefree thief who is also a fay. Bret will learn the ways of his kind and life on the streets from Ash and maybe find more.

Facing his own lost opportunities and the inexorable passage of time, he comes to realize that he’s not so different from his aging parents as he once thought.



Title: The Thief of Lost Time

Genre: General Fiction, 1950s childhood, coming of age, aging parents, middle age child

Mark Aherne, a middle-aged man, receives an emergency phone call to come to his parents’ home as soon as possible. Once there he can no longer avoid the fact that his elderly parents need help if they are to continue to live independently. Over time, with equal amounts of love and irritation, he helps with their health problems, the onset of dementia, life in a nursing home, and death. He believes that he will escape making the same mistakes in his old age.

Meanwhile, he remembers his changing relationship with his parents throughout his childhood, his teenage years, and his life as a young husband and father. Facing his own lost opportunities and the inexorable passage of time, he comes to realize that he’s not so different from his aging parents as he once thought.

With alternating chapters between the past and the present, Mark comes face-to-face with a revelation about each parent’s life, information that illuminates how a moment in early life has lifelong effects.

FEEDBACK is appreciated.

The Thief of Lost Time

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WHY ME follows a family of five caught in the thralls of a dysfunctional life in the metropolis city of Sanity, Texas. The unwanted scrutiny of extended family dissects every aspect of their lives, forcing the familial unit to scramble for solid ground.

In a chaotic neighborhood full of nosey busy-bodies, psychotic neighbors & stalkers, and school traffic follies, everyone’s a potential target, even Grandma. As the old saying goes, keep your friends close, enemies closer, and extended family closest of all.

Another chapter will release in a few days

A set of stories of two souls running through time trying to find each other. Rekindle divine bonds and fulfill promises made before the sun was worshiped as a god.

Salvo e Lingua Longa, due vite opposte, divise da un amore desiderato e dal rimpianto. Sono la stessa persona, ma fingono di non esserlo. Uno di loro dovrĂ  morire, altrimenti sarĂ  la fine per entrambi. Due storie parallele che si incrocieranno, e un sogno che darĂ  la soluzione.

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“Why come here of all places?” The brunette asked, her attractive features further amplified by the moon gently cutting through the forest bathed in the dark. The campfire they had set earlier was crackling along the ambient sound of nature a chipper here and a groaning there, though the critters were far from the worries of the blue-eyed maiden. “Your injuries, are they healing?” the blonde asked, though the brunette knew she was dodging the question but she still humored the older woman. “Yes, thanks to your…abilities.” A thousand worries washed away from the blonde’s gray eyes, an audible sigh passing her lips. The brunette’s brows furrowed, annoyed at the avoidance of the question she would ask time and time again. “Priscilla, please answer me.” She urged the latter, as Priscilla dropped her usual demeanor so much that she seemed to be…someone else.

“You’re not going to let me be secretive, are you Eirina?” Eirina kept a steel gaze; she visibly became relieved when Priscilla leaned on against the tree trunk they cut a moment ago, the familiar glint now back where they should be. “Well…” Priscilla placed a finger over her fair-skinned chin, feigning to contemplate that got Eirina even more annoyed.
“I would tell you but that’d spoil the fun, yes?”

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The New Little Princess made it. She got her contract. Now she’s a star in the year 2025. But stars attract even more ICT (new internet) comments and among them are comments by trolls. The Princess is a songwriter but she’s not really a creative writer. The trolls are creative writers, writing about her relationship with a boy actor and all the things they are . . . doing . . . together: including many things that the nine-year-old star has never heard of let alone done! Now what does she do? How does she get them to shut up? Even Anthony won’t come to help her this time. So she goes on the attack, trying to outtroll the trolls and say such insulting things that they go away in tears. Instead, tens of trolls become thousands of trolls, each one with a dirtier mind!

To read it, click here!'shipped

Revenge Of A Nemesis

Leaving her past with her ex behind and a rather tragic bound and shared with her nemesis Maria Fernandez, Vanessa was all set to move on, happy to step into Albus’ life as his new bride. But maybe fate had other plans in store for her as right before the wedding Albus’ ex-lover shows up with a rather charming little gift for him that he won’t be able to resist this time and it might just be enough to end Vanessa and Albus’ newly made paradise.





The Valgrave siblings live lavish lifestyles because of their father’s position as assistant mayor of Boston. Behind the glamorous parties and fake smiles lies festering darkness. Secrets that are so well hidden, if they ever saw the light of day, they would shake the very foundation of their strong family.

Rated Mature
Read This Story Here: Don’t Speak


Title: The Beauty of a Time Limit

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, etc. There’s a lot to enjoy!


When the festive island of Imporia crumbles to an intense eradication, a handful of survivors discover scarves tied around their necks. These survivors live under the presence of an eerie cloth-covered star that is slowly depleting itself. Rumors state that when one of the colorful ribbons expires, scarfs of the same color will excruciatingly evaporate its holder into thin air…

It doesn’t take long for fellow Imporians to realize that the magenta strip shows no signs of leaving the blank skies. Imporia’s silliest guardian, Thevenin, is cursed with the only velvet scarf - a color so valuable that greedy survivors take extreme measures to target him down. Will the lost hero forfeit his scarf and perish under the star’s cursive ribbons or will he be granted another chance at happiness? Truth be told, only time will tell…

In this grand journey, meet scandalous competitors who yearn to exit this spacious void and discover unearthed secrets within the blank island. The Beauty of a Time Limit blends storytelling and visual imagery with over 50+ original artworks, expressive dialogue boxes, and tons of heart-gripping action that’ll heat you up! Visit for more information!

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