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Title: The Bandit
Summary: The soul of the water, yet the heart of the land.

All she has known is water. The way it feels, the way it sounds, and the way it smells. Lilith has been on the water her entire life and begins to wish for something different, possibly seeing land for the first time?

Her prayers are answered, but Lilith goes from one chain to another. Can Lilith survive this new chain on her wrist, or will it be the death of her?

Link to The Bandit:

Note from author: This is my first story/first draft so I apologize if there are spelling errors or plot holes. If you do read my story, please comment any errors! I would greatly appreciate it and will fix it!



Her teenage years opened her up to a world of misery and pain, viciously snatching her innocence and dreams from her.
Barely managing to escape from her captors with her life intact, Havana found love, family and a life she never even dreamt of years later.
But when the shadows of her past threaten this new life, Havana decides to stop running and confront her shadows in a desperate attempt to protect those she holds dear. But will the cost be her life?

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Far From Paradise
Near-fatal accidents would scare some reporters, but a bullet to the chest doesn’t stop Dyani Sexius from hunting for the truth in her corruption-laden community in the US Virgin Islands. But her quest for answers shows her how close is too close and that what’s paradise for tourists is hell for locals

A Feral Affair

Lies and betrayal become the norm for Marissa Coldwell after new relationships throw her into a world of death, despair and destruction. Forced to accept that everything and everyone is not what it seems, she has to learn quickly to become a predator or die as prey…

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Presenting a collection of flash fiction from the Writers of Wattpad!

All based on the writing prompt: “Nothing Went As Planned.”

@ilianasarigo @GretaBrand @CassidySavidi @NaptimeFuntime @BrionyHeneberry @EncryptedWriting @TigerGirl110011 @Xelyn_Craft @AdrianAldrich @karlacrl73 @Nova_Zura and @MathiasCavanaugh


Valentine’s Dinner?



I portray the wealthy lifestyle and all its appurtenances through experience, having made my first million in the 1980s when that small amount could still buy something.


Based on a true story.

Professional armed-robbers. An inside man. The perfect heist.

A gang of London criminals and two ex-IRA men think they have struck gold when a disgruntled security-guard offers to help them take down an armoured-car carrying millions of pounds. Together they formulate a plan to hold the van-drivers family hostage and make off with the loot. Easy money. Well it might be were it not for the fact that one of their crew is a police-informant.

Now, with the robbery-squad closing in loyalties will be broken and double-crossing is the name of the game as the thieves turn on each other. Take an action-packed, taut, white-knuckle ride through the London underworld where the only law is the law of survival.



Aditi Sharma has spent most of her life doing what her parents wanted.
She tries her best to be their perfect daughter, but she yearns for freedom, for her own life. When they take her to back to India for an arranged marriage, she has no choice but to agree.
Her arranged husband, Vivaan Trivedi, has his own reasons for marrying her. As Aditi slowly finds out what they are, she realizes that she and Vivaan have more in common then they thought.
Together, they make an arrangement.
Be the perfect, happy couple in front of their family, and behind their backs, they can be with whoever they really want.
The plan goes well at first, until they have too many secrets hide. Things start to unravel, and Aditi and Vivaan are forced to go on the run to protect themselves and the ones they love.
Follow the story of four people as they learn what it takes to be free in a society that wants to keep you caged.

I have three chapters up so far and I update regularly! Hope you enjoy



From this raw material, enjoy the exuberance, and vicariously experience, the sensational existence of Danny O’Shea.

These stories concern a person born into poverty, an occurrence as a teenager that might be seen as a setback, a pointedly unusual new adult situation, and a job that allowed for true exercises of power. :coffee:

Featured in “Realistic Fiction” in “Short Story” [August 2019]

Find the book here -

Extraordinary Danny

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Tallis is a historian who likes to talk. Once I was able to get a word in I convinced him into just writing down his experiences. You can find all the cool things he has seen and people he’s talked to by following the link.


Lock Down

Lock Down


Princeton, NJ: Trapped in the Central High guidance office while violence rages around them, Gwyn, Alaina, Jacque and Delilah struggle with whether to follow school procedures or find some other way to escape deadly, tauntingly repetitive attacks. As the shooting unfolds, it provides a framework for the individual narratives of these four women- a counselor, a parent, two teenage students- and others: Gwyn’s carefully planned life disintegrating around her daughter’s mental illness, Alaina’s spiraling lack of control within her abusive marriage, Jacque’s confusion and guilt about how her mother’s cancer affects her own relentless drive for success, Delilah’s inability to find her place in an affluent and academically competitive school. These stories expose a slice of our society: a society where our frantically protective procedures and policies are often revealed as a flimsy facade.



The Valgrave siblings live lavish lifestyles because of their father’s position as assistant mayor of Boston. Behind the glamorous parties and fake smiles lies festering darkness. Secrets that are so well hidden, if they ever saw the light of day, they would shake the very foundation of their strong family.

Rated Mature
Read This Story Here:Don’t Speak


Dying thoughts

Have you ever wondered what the animals are thinking? How about the ones living in the polluted oceans? Well, now you will be given a short insight into what goes through the head of one stingray surrounded by plastic waste in its last moments of life.





Ode to the Special Child
No Prize this Year for the Ethically Gifted
Jeremy was a boy labeled by many as “special.” Few knew, however just how special he really was.

This flash fiction is dedicated to all those in the world who have been judged or categorized as “special.” Special in the negative sense that they may lack certain abilities. But it is a stigma unfairly given them by their own myopic society, often limited itself in perceiving other phenomenal potentials.

This is the case of one such boy. It is a short tale with a huge message:
Just how prismatic and rich are the hidden abilities and talents in individuals we never see?

Read this Flash Fiction here:


April 10th, 1964. An Earth not far removed from ours.

The Gorsova Library System goes online.

It is the largest single computer system to ever be constructed at that time, connecting over 6,000 terminals to a massive storage complex via the fastest mainframe ever.

This is the story of its development.
Of the four engineer-architects who designed it and its technologies.
Of the men and women who built it.
Of the government that financed it.
Of the madman that ordered it.

And of the hundreds of thousands who perished attempting to stop it.

Cover image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.


Title: In Love With Mr. Mafia

Ongoing - updates 2 chapters a week


~ Broken hearts win wars. Will his win or will she be able to mend his? ~

Handsome, Broken and a mistake from the day he was born, Bruno Valentino has been running for 10 years, hiding from the one man trying to break his soul completely.
Running became his only option.
His motive.
Until he woke up one day staring into the curious eyes of Isabella North.

She found him in the dark of the night, nearly knocking at deaths door. She helped him recover and get back on his feet.
Bruno did not want that. He wanted to keep her safe and far away from him as possible.
Too bad her curiosity got the best out of both of them.



It’s really interesting on this take on a book of stories. Shorter than a Grim Brother’s tale. However more interesting than it’s being told as if it’s true. (I’m saying that as someone who is considering it all/ most of it to be false) I personally wished that they were longer and more intake on scenery and more character to the storyteller. I’m getting less feel that a person is telling me these stories and more like its just oneshots. I’m excited to see what Tallis has more to tell.



Some times things are a lot different then they might appear. Luna herself lived by that rule. finally getting safe away from her Detainers, she decided to settle in a city and get a job at a big company. “It’s just a secretary job. It can’t be that hard” Her boss and her Detainers will prove her wrong.

Read it here:

*This is my first story since my 3 years of not writing. I’m extremely rusty but I’m ready to dust off and improve. So any feedback and criticism is appreciated. *



Jade Campbelle always got bullied because of her weight, and what hurt the most is that most of her bullying came from her own brother, Shawn and his best friend Damien.

but one day they take it too far and it all becomes too much for her,

her parents decide then to send her to live with her aunt to get better. But now that she’s healed her parents want her back home.

But what Jade wants is revenge…