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Title: Birmingham Girl
Blurb: Erin Smitt is a 20 year old girl who goes to play her first Professional football season at Birmingham City W.F.C. Everything is new for her, so she’s a little nervous. It’s her first Professional football deal so she wants to do well. But she’s quite insecure about herself and her football talent, so will she live up to the expectations?

Presenting a collection of flash fiction from the Writers of Wattpad!

All based on the writing prompt: “Nothing Went As Planned.”

@ilianasarigo @GretaBrand @CassidySavidi @NaptimeFuntime @BrionyHeneberry @EncryptedWriting @TigerGirl110011 @Xelyn_Craft @AdrianAldrich @karlacrl73 @Nova_Zura and @MathiasCavanaugh

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Observations on the knowing of ghosts, the origins of dust and how they relate to sick people.

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Hey there :raised_hand:

I am a new writer and have published my first novel called Soaring Crossroads on Wattpad.

My book is a contemporary fiction which tells about a socially awkward Indian women who leaps towards conscience, fear and facing truth when one decision changes her life but not entirely in a good way.


You can find the link here :point_down: if you wish to read.
Soaring Crossroads

The story is still ongoing. Till now I have published eight chapters. The rest will be uploaded on alternative days in a week.

You can comment your thoughts or suggestions on what you think of my story or whether I need to improve elsewhere in my writing.

I highly require your support and feedback because I am aiming to become a published author. With your help, I would be able to fulfill my dream.

I hope you read my novel, until then, cheers!

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In 1958 Saint Louis, Vivian Edwards saw her mother die of a drug overdose when she was a child. Although Vivian’s mother was around, she neglected her. She never knew her father; he ran off before she was born.

She didn’t have anybody except the elderly couple next door that took her in and raised her as their own. As a teenager, Vivian promised her surrogate parents that she would never fall prey to the streets.

By 1987, Vivian had already been married for seventeen years to a hustler name Calvin and they have three children together. The neighborhood they live in is a wild inner city hood, where nobody belongs. A place where Vivian and Calvin is all too familiar with.

As Vivian struggles to take care of her family, she sees herself breaking her promise. She and Calvin become the prey and the predator that haunts the streets at night.

Their children are growing up around drugs, poverty, gangs, violence, and death. Sometimes it makes Vivian wonder if they ever would make it out of their hood alive.



A dark-skinned black female virgin befriends a popular and wealthy guy (he’s black too). One night they both get drunk at a party and she thinks that he rapes her but she can’t remember much about that night.

Only he remembers. She accused him of rape but he vehemently denies it and his family and friends begin to harass her everywhere she goes.

His father is a misogynistic and powerful US senator and he uses his connections to go off on her. The case attracts nationwide media coverage and it divides the black community up.

Her two friends are very supportive of her and stick with her even risking their own reputations. There’s a lot of black girl magic in the story and she and her homegirls are the epitome of it.

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“I said to my folks ‘I’m gonna go spend the day in San Francisco.’ And they said ‘OK, just let us know when you’ll be back if you’re not home before dark.”

Sabrina raised her brows a little. “Wow, you’re one of those ‘free-range kids’.”

“Nah,” Neil shook his head. “More like a spoiled only-child.”

High school senior Sabrina Himmelschein lives in one of San Francisco’s iconic Postcard Row houses, in an Orthodox Jewish family with high standards and expectations. At a speech tournament she meets Neil Cannon, who lives up north among the vineyards of Sonoma County, where his parents happily work in the wine industry, despite being teetotaling Mormons.

They form a bond that lasts until they go their separate ways: college for her, a mission for him.

Four years later, their paths meet again in a San Francisco mall. Their religions and families have been thrown into chaos. Like good wine, maybe good relationships just need time to age.

Ought To & Can is a comedic drama (or maybe dramatic comedy) about what it’s like to grow up and go behind the curtain to see how life really works.

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** Beneath The Willow Tree: The Strange Journey to Discover The Soul by Y.F. Andrews** @Huxleys_World

Beneath The Willow Tree is a semi-autobiographical humorous story. One man’s myth to discover the purpose of life, or at least his life. It is the modern myth for modern society. Similar to the tale of Ulysses by James Joyce in regards to the loose story structure and the modern myth. The main character is dealing with existential crises, and attempting to find meaning in a modern society that deems the individual meaningless. This tale is one of the human experience, all genres included. Our main characters deals with the same issues that plague many of us today: who in fact are we, what is our purpose (if there is one), how to be an individual in a society that attempts to form us all into faceless statistical masses that are considered valuable as only functionary units to the state. The troubled character encounters and recounts an array of events, stories, characters he has met, and lets you inside his internal dialogue and the thoughts that perplex and interest him. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy :0 Much love for all of you! xo :smiley_cat:

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Hey readers! :raised_hand:

I have published my first novel called Soaring Crossroads on Wattpad!

The book is a contemporary fiction which tells about a socially awkward Indian women who leaps towards conscience, faith and facing truth when one decision changes her life but not entirely in a good way.

Here is the link :point_down: to the novel:
Soaring Crossroads

The story is ongoing and as of yet, ten chapters have been published. The rest will be uploaded on alternative days in a week, so if you find it interesting, you can keep a tab on it.

I wrote this novel because someday I want to be a published author and without your feedback, I don’t think I would be able to accomplish my goal.
You can criticize my book however you like because such points would only make me improve my writing skill.

I hope you support my work and guide me throughout.

Till then, cheers!

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